May 152020

Irony Alert: 44% of current CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson’s Votes were Via Proxy. Kevin McCarthy actively solicits proxy votes before every CAGOP Convention. Now this:

Kevin McCarthy controls the CAGOP. Senator Shannon Grove was basically put in office by McCarthy’s Crew. Jessica Patterson is an acolyte of McCarthy with Romney / Whitman roots. Jeff Randle, the control agent behind the curtain of the CAGOP goes so far back with the McCarthy machine he remembers McCarthy in local government pre-assembly.

It has been clear to me from talking to operatives and consultants that Kevin McCarthy likes to control things CAGOP. Some of you may remember the lawsuits related to the YR-YAF-CYR Merger for example. While Kevin McCarthy is remiss to raise a whole lot of money for any of his crew – he does make sure his orders are carried out.

These include stiffing CA25 Congressman-Elect Mike Garcia out of a CAGOP endorsement despite 100% of the underlying counties endorsing him pre-primary. Why? McCarthy had recruited Steve Knight out of retirement for a second attempt.

Now – Kevin McCarthy was on the floor of Congress arguing against Proxy voting in Congress.

A Vote for Proxy Voting is a Vote to Abandon This House

Amen, Kevin. Does this mean you will tell Jeff Randle, Luis Buhler, Deborah Wilder, Jessica Patterson and the rest of your crew within the CAGOP to back Harmeet Dhillon’s attempts to reign in the Proxy Voting at the CAGOP?

It is well known, and having been paid a few times myself to harvest CAGOP Proxies that running and controlling the CAGOP makes a few people a few bucks. Proxies are the only way the smoke-filled room maintains control of the CAGOP as the delegates present always outnumber the proxies.

Anyone that cares about the CAGOP should save Congressman McCarthy’s video and remind everyone of McCarthy’s words the next time Deborah Wilder or Luis Buhler argue from the floor in favor of the current (and corrupt) proxy voting system in the CAGOP.

I will also lay odds that Jeff Randle and others that are profiting off of the CAGOP behind the scenes (and setting up shop to support chosen candidates only despite the will of the CAGOP delegates) either missed the significance of the fight against proxy voting at the congressional level or ignored the sick irony as it relates to the CAGOP.

Meantime – they had a “victory party” but it cost $10 a ticket mind you – to celebrate the victory of the guy Kevin McCarthy, Jessica Patterson and others screwed out of a CAGOP endorsement Pre-Primary.


P.S. From the above linked blog post:

I determined that 29% of the current delegates, based on the list I got in January fit the list of people with financial interests in CAGOP politics (don’t worry CRP, I am not publishing the list nor am I spamming it either). It took me a few hours to look up names, but I am 99% convinced this number is accurate.

What this means is that Travis Allen, Steve Frank or anyone else seeking to dethrone Jessica Patterson starts with a 27-2 deficit. (Not all 29% of the aforementioned are part of the machine, just most of them)

The system is riggedAny candidates running for CAGOP office have to win 2/3 or more of the 71% of renaming delegates in order to win election against the establishment.

It gets better. In case you are wondering why any efforts to reform the proxy system are eviscerated, this is why. The rules committee, stacked with establishment, will torpedo any attempts to reform. Then you have to get 2/3 from the floor to adopt reform to override the stacked Rules Committee – which is also impossible due to the rigged system.

Proxies? Jessica Patterson got 584 Votes for CAGOP Chairman. This was 54% of the total vote. 257 of those 584 votes came by proxy. (This assumes that every proxy I thought was a Patterson vote actually was a Patterson vote)

257 out of 584 is 44%.

You can literally draw the conclusion that Jessica Patterson is a Proxy Chairman and that the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure are in complete control of the CAGOP.

This is not a representation of real Republicans. This is Failure, Inc.

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