Apr 072020

The news had leaked out on Friday as based on accounts from Whistleblowers and Insiders – the department was told on Friday that Morgan Gire had been the selection of the Placer County Board of Supervisors to replace departed DA Scott Owens.

There had not been a public readout of the closed session – this told me that the leak had to have been someone with a need to know as preparations had to be made for Gire to be sworn in today.

That said, the appointment of Morgan Gire which was announced publicly today around 11AM indicates that the Placer County Board of Supervisors got the message loud and clear there was a problem in the DA’s office and someone needed to be brought in from the outside. So, thank you to the Supervisors for making what looks like a sound choice based on the applicants and the overall decision.

I wish Dave Tellman well. By all accounts he is a decent man and an excellent prosecutor. It was just not the situation to appoint another person from within the existing management. I also believe that the local Law Enforcement Unions that endorsed him largely did so because Tellman was a known quantity they felt comfortable with.

I do want to thank the employees of the Placer County DA’s office that got a hold of me via a mutual friend on the Placer GOP Central Committee. It appears that the local media did not care about the story and your intrepid blogger was happy to pick it up to help out. I would have never known about the disaster in the Placer County DA’s office without you guys reaching out to me.

I do hope that the employees that have suffered under the regime of Jeff Wilson get some relief and are able to regain the original passion for law enforcement that led them to the Placer DA’s office in the first place.

To District Attorney Morgan Gire – you have a mess to clean up. I hope that you make wise decisions and exercise justice tempered with an appropriate level of mercy. Here’s to you fostering an environment of merit-based promotion and true principles of effective management.

To the Readers of Right on Daily – this is how it is supposed to work and this is why I blog. Working together with informants and concerned citizens we altered the outcome of the Placer County District Attorney appointment. Add this to the list of elections that Right On Daily has impacted. To all that contributed, Thank You.

P.S. I was not paid by anyone for anything related to the Placer DA series of posts.

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  1. See URL attachment, can provide google photos link if needed but I don’t trust those bastards anymore hahah can you help me get my story out? The DA at the Tahoe City “courthouse” has a severe case of LMS. That’s why people call him Chris Little-Man Cattran….

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