Mar 052020

Matt Klemin should be fired. He claimed that the massive expenditure in SD23 was to prevent a Democrat Shutout (aka a D vs D runoff). The results prove he was either smoking crack or lying. Lloyd White – who was attacked with over $500,000 of Oil money started the night in First Place before the effect of the massive (almost $1,500,000) expenditure in to Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh was felt.

The results prove the massive expenditure was not needed and the $350K+ of Senate Caucus money that was poured in to Bogh was not needed and should have been invested in other candidates.

What it boils down to is the oligarchy of controlled failure could not help themselves. They had to meddle in a Primary.

There is the disaster in SD15 – where local power brokers are said to have recruited a second Republican to split off votes. The intended beneficiary was Johnny Khamis, a darling of some in the political elite. He denounced President Trump and left the GOP – yet Trump delegate Luis Buhler was said to be supporting him. We also saw a very small spend by Buhler’s once benefactor Charles T Munger Jr on behalf of the second Republican in the race. Yes, I typed that correctly… Luis Buhler was tapped to be a Trump delegate to the RNC by Andy Gimmecandy as were a lot of other supporters of the current CAGOP regime. Being an actual pre-2016 Trump supporter was not necessary this time around.

Johnny Khamis failed so badly as an NPP candidate that he is in 4th place. Two Democrats will make the runoff. The only people screwed were the GOP. It was also rumored that Klemin was rooting for Khamis. Maybe Klemin will launch another expletive-laden tirade protesting his innocence over this stunt.

Matt Klemin and Shannon Grove can not deny culpability in SD05. The Senate Caucus put $100K in to Jesus Andrade. He left the Stockton City Council to run for SD05. Klemin and Grove forced Bob Elliott out of SD05 only costing now GOP CA-10 nominee Ted Howze tens of thousands of dollars dealing with him and their golden boy Andrade is now replaced by a democrat on the Stockton City Council, Howze was forced to spend a ton of money that he has to replace and there most liberal trainwreck the democrats wanted is in the SD05 runoff. YAY TEAM!

Senators John Moorlach and Ling Ling Ling Chang look extremely vulnerable after the early results have come in.

In SD-28 John Schwab, who was a lifelong democrat – re-registered Republican just before filing. It is the opinion of this blogger that Schwab was a democrat plant to split votes and force a runoff in SD-28. It appears that “leadership” was late to the gate and came in late with money for Melendez. Had they not been on a rampage for Ochoa-Bogh – they could have put SD28 away with 50+1. Now they have to deal with a very real threat in the May runoff.

That money wasted by Klemin and Grove on Bogh could have also been spent boosting Moorlach and Ling Ling Ling Chang – both of whom missed the 50% mark.

IN the Assembly – the results were much better, but were despite a feckless Assembly Permanent Minority Leader that did little or nothing.

My how times change

In AD-42, a hat tip to CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson. She did indeed make calls for and attempt to aid Andrew Kotyuk. (after threatening to torpedo him for wanting to hire Nathan Miller) It is clear to me that she helped Kotyuk raise enough money to withstand the swamp who dumped almost $1 Million in to their investment Chad Mayes.

Kotyuk will go to the runoff against the scandal-riddled Chad Mayes and the Swamp will have to disgorge a massive amount of money to trick Republicans and try to cajole angry democrats in to voting for a non-democrat. Waldron? Not much help for Kotyuk as it appears she was afraid to cross swords with the swamp.

AD-38 Suzette Martinez-Valladeras will be in the Assembly. This is by virtue of the democrats uncharacteristically being unable to clear the field for their chosen leftist marionette. Martinez won on her own, she had little help from anyone outside of a few max-out checks. This will be an R vs R runoff as the late ballots are being split at least among three democrats.

AD-73 despite Permanent Minority Leader Marie Waldron running interference with efforts to hold William “Bill” Brough accountable, Brough is in 4th Place and fading. He is done. Waldron has a permanent stain for trying to defend a leadership vote and her role in complicating efforts to bring closure and justice to the victims of Brough’s out of control behavior. BTW – I have been told repeatedly that Jessica Patterson was supportive of Bill Brough’s Victims and Laurie Davies who is the GOP nominee in this safe district while being stymied by Marie Waldron.

AD-72 despite Permanent Minority Leader Marie Waldron running interference ignoring the OCGOP Endorsement withdrawal thus keeping the CAGOP endorsement in place for the corrupt, liberal Tyler Diep… Diep is in major trouble. Diep is up 1900 votes on the Democrat who is in 3rd place. It is likely that Diep holds on to second place, but he will get hammered by Janet Nguyen in the fall.

Remember, Tyler Diep betrayed Travis Allen, endorsing Jessica Patterson for CAGOP chair despite Travis Allen literally setting him up to replace him in AD72. The $3500 Diep got from the now-defunct California Trailblazers stands as striking evidence of the political quid-pro-quo.

Given that insiders told me GOP leaders were attempting to black list and retaliate against Consultant Dave Gilliard over his management of the successful challenge by Janet Nguyen (in first place by a mile), Diep got hammered. I have never seen a candidate get 26% in a 4-way primary and win a runoff election against a first-place candidate with 35% of the vote.

Once again, it was fealty to incumbents and/or protecting leadership votes.

In AD-36, Tom Lackey (considered extremely vulnerable) ran a strong effort and looks to be in very good shape for re-election as a late burst of money from the swamp boosted the perennial candidate Steve Fox in to 2nd Place. Fox is a slimebag that had #METOO issues causing him to lose (to Lackey) after only one term in the Assembly. I am upgrading Lackey to the watch list from vulnerable.

In AD-55 Phillip Chen appears to have successfully established himself for a strong re-election campaign in the fall. He did not need help and proved it. Chen is also being upgraded to the watch list from vulnerable.

AD-67, similar to AD-38, the party endorsed candidate won with basically no support from GOP Leaders. Kelly Seyarto is poised to make the runoff against the democrat, AD-67 is safe R. One of Seyarto’s opponents, a complete disaster Steve Manos received $150K in support from the Realtors. Waldron? you guessed it. Nothing.

This will give us two Assemblymembers with zero loyalty or motivation to help the current leadership of the Assembly or the GOP.

Also note that Dave Gilliard – who was specifically targeted by GOP insiders for blacklisting is the consultant for Kelly Seyarto in AD-67 and Janet Nguyen in AD-72. It also took over $1Million to defeat Gilliard client Lloyd White.

IN AD35 – Jordan Cunningham decimated his democrat opponent. It makes his rumored move out of the GOP less likely. I guess we will see after he is re-elected. Yes, I believe Cunningham is going to be OK in the fall.

Under Marie Waldron’s watch, two Republican Members bolted the GOP after the GOP lost 5 members in the 2018 election. In the 2020 Primary, we regain AD38 by accident while one incumbent was smoked due to scandal. Add to this, AD42 where the GOP candidate received little or no support, but appears to have survived the onslaught. In AD-72, in the unlikely event Diep survives he bolts the GOP almost for certain as he will be dependent upon labor union money to compete with Janet Nguyen.

Don’t look now but Stephen Choi is still vulnerable in AD68. (Though less so than the two Senators) He is #1 on the list of incumbents not named Tyler Diep that I think could lose.

In AD-74, Diane Dixon looks to have held off Kelly Ernby who ran much stronger than I expected. (kudos to her by the way) The question is what will Waldron and others be able to do if anything to assist her? (especially now that AD-38 is off the table for 2 years)

The big losers are Marie Waldron and Shannon Grove.

Waldron because she did next to nothing. Grove because almost everything she touched blew up in her face – this includes her endorsement of Sean Feucht in CA-03 which featured her challenging 6 county party committees and having Congressman Doug LaMalfa attack the GOP endorsement process. (Note: Feucht got annihilated by Tamika Hamilton who was endorsed by the CAGOP despite Grove’s efforts)

Fire Matt Klemin. Replace Shannon Grove and Marie Waldron asap. Please. I am tired of losing.

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  3 Responses to “Post Election Update #1: Permanent Minority Leaders Shannon Grove and Marie Waldron Are Big Losers As is Senate Caucus Director Matt Klemin”

  1. I’m looking at the results for the 5th Senate District and the second place finisher is former Modesto Mayor, Jim Ridenour, a Republican. He is far ahead of the 3rd place finisher. It’s not going to be a D vs D race. The combined turnout numbers for candidates of both parties look even. 50.7% Republican to 49.3% Democrat.

    Congratulations to the CAGOP and the voters for flipping AD38 this easily, as well as keeping AD33 and AD72 Dem free. I wonder how the peanut gallery commenters who support the grifters are feeling now since Feucht, Deanna and Timmy got beaten.

    Blogger’s Note: I did update the post based on Ridenour’s solid performance, making the Andrade trainwreck even worse.

  2. “Luis Buhler was tapped to be a Trump delegate to the RNC by Andy Gimmecandy as were a lot of other supporters of the current CAGOP regime. Being an actual pre-2016 Trump supporter was not necessary this time around.” Being a Trump supporter, or active in the actual Trump campaign, was overlooked as some payback by the current CAGOP leadership. Amazing how CAGOP, who did not endorse Trump in the primaries, advocates “not to talk about Trump,” yet is placed in a position of heading the state Trump campaign.

  3. Instead of replacing Grove and Waldron, what would you say about keeping them in name, but reducing their roles to figureheads. It does Republicans good to have women in high profile positions. Let others have real power behind the scenes.

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