Mar 062020

How many times have we, the delegates of the CAGOP wanted to oppose Prop 14 only to have people like the above run proxy drills to defend it?

Joe Collins raised $700,000 and his campaign is completely broke.

  • The California GOP endorsed former Green Party presidential candidate Joe Collins in his bid to unseat Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters.
  • Collins claimed his bodily fluids were worth $15 million in a lawsuit he filed against San Diego in 2017.
  • Collins has switched political parties four times since entering the arena in late 2016, Federal Election Commission records show.
  • Collins had $22 in his checking account in April 2018, court documents show. Now he’s running a congressional campaign that has raised $761,000.

Well – Omar Navarro who now has a 21 Vote Lead to make the runoff is in Jail. He is awaiting trial on at least 5 Felony Counts for Stalking CA-12 Disaster Deanna Lorraine (who got 2.1% of the vote in CA-12)

Congressional Candidate Omar Navarro Arrested For Violating Restraining Order

Then he made bail and was arrested again and has been sitting in Jail Ever Since.

BECAUSE OF PROP 14, THE GOP CAN NOT REPLACE OMAR NAVARRO ON THE FALL BALLOT. Thanks Jessica Patterson, Jeff Randle, Luis Buhler and the rest of the “leadership” that brought us prop 14 and continue to stymie efforts to oppose it. You own this.

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  One Response to “#CA43 Update – How’s that Prop 14 working out for you “Republican Leadership”? The Man Who is a “Sovereign Citizen” gets overtaken by someone in Jail on 5 Felony Charges”

  1. If I did not run for SD 20 we would of had the same issue in 2018. Two weeks after the election the guy I beat died. I want Prop 14 amended to deal with this issue as soon as possible. I will likely submit my ideas to the likely AD 33 winner to perhaps be one of his first bills.

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