Mar 062020

From a confidential informant:

UPDATE: “We’d like to get you to be a talk show host on air. We want to hire you. It will cause a media frenzy.  I’m courting you to be a talk show host.”

“Deanna was on the Alex Jones show for an hour. Alex said he has billions of listeners and would help her run for office again”

Next up, Alex and Deanna get engaged. Don’t laugh, the fact that this is the first thought I had when I got the above email is a clear indicator of the trainwreck. Given that people like Tim Donnelly and Carl DeMaio get slaughtered repeatedly at the ballot box, have zero shame and keep running for office again and again should inform everyone about the archtype of fringe candidates. DeMaio and Donnelly prove it is a psychosis, not an ideological issue as they are on opposite ends of the GOP.

In this video, she literally calls herself a “Master Man Decoder”.

It was rather disturbing, but not at all surprising to see her speaking at churches after attempting to re-brand herself for purposes of her campaign. People are called sheep in the Bible for a reason. They make mistakes all the time and get played all the time by con artists.

She’s a victim don’t you know

I hate to disappoint Ms. Deanna – but I have no Italian in me. I am German. However, seeing her playing the victim and claiming class is a hallmark of a candidate in denial and victim-hood. These sorts of candidates usually return to campaigns repeatedly as they are incapable of grasping why they lost.

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  2 Responses to “CA12 Update: Warning to All, Deanna Lorraine Is Not Going Away”

  1. Alex takes sloppy seconds off Navarro and Del Becarro???


  2. Omar Navarro was setup by Deanna Lorraine and her 2 guy friends who were at the Torrance court on August 1st 2019.

    One of the guys told Mr. Sharma – who was also at the court house in dept. H that Deanna Lorraine will make good on her threat to Mr. Navarro that she will ruin his political career and put him in jail because Mr. Navarro did not give her the money she demanded from him.
    See some evidence at this link:

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