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Get a good look at CA-03. This is a Northern California Congressional District with all or part of 8(!) Counties in it. The Counties are: Glenn, Colusa, Yuba, Sutter, Sacramento, Yolo, Lake and Solano.

The CRP’s By-Laws state that you need the endorsements of Counties Representing 80% of the Republican voters in said district Endorsing you in order to be considered for a CAGOP Endorsement.

Tamika Hamilton got the endorsement of Glenn, Sutter, Sacramento, Yolo, Lake and Solano Counties representing over 80% of the Republican voters. (I believe it is around 85%)

For some reason, this endorsement is controversial. It is controversial enough that apparently, one CAGOP Board Member is afraid to vote for Tamika because they are afraid of pissing off Shannon Grove. How weak.

Shannon Grove for her own efforts is said to be working with another board member to attempt a procedural maneuver in order to thwart even having a vote on said endorsement – local parties be dammed. (more on that tomorrow) They are going to attempt to “Table” the endorsement – a classic move of cowardice by a political body or a procedural tactic done by a minority that knows they are going to lose a vote.

Herein lies the rub. Shannon Grove is supporting the long-haired freak Sean Feucht. This has a lot of people scratching their heads as to why the Senate Permanent Minority Leader is so invested in CA-03 which is neither a State Senate Race, nor anywhere near any of the “Target” Races Mrs. Grove is supposed to be worrying about.

Yup. That is Sean on the Left and Tamika Hamilton – the Choice of the Local GOP on the Right

I have two theories as to Shannon Grove’s behavior:

#1 Bethel Church has called her and threatened to cut off their donor network from her if she does not get Sean Feucht in to the Runoff. Given some of the bizarre reports out of the Bethel and things I have read from ex-members of that Church I am of the belief there is something wrong there, and Feucht is one of their musicians.

#2 Shannon Grove is on an ego-fueled Rampage seeking vengeance against anyone and everyone that has criticized her. She has indeed received blow-back as it relates to CA-03.

I see a pattern as Grove appears to be making some bizarre and poorly thought-out political decisions. These include doubling down on Jesus Andrade, getting a $25K chunk of the Party’s extremely limited resources. In SD-05, Two Dem Candidates are in a brawl that has seen over a Million Dollars spent already and the troubled Andrade will do well to finish 3rd. Andrade for his trouble was public supporter of Obama in previous years.

In SD-28, evidence continues to mount that Shannon Grove despises Melissa Melendez as insiders are telling me that Grove sees Melissa on the same or near the same level of disdain as Travis Allen. Why did they recruit Melendez to run for SD-28?

Only Scott Wilk in SD-21 appears to be getting real support while Ling Ling Ling Chang (SD-29) and John Moorlach (SD-37) both appear to have been written off along with most in Orange County.

The rest of the meager resources are being poured in to SD-23 for Rosalicie Ochoa-Bogh. Grove has decided that deciding a contested primary is Job one versus bolstering vulnerable incumbents – with a huge helping of meddling in a Northern California Congressional Race.

Note – Sean Feucht does not live in CA-03. Almost all of his donors do not live in CA-03, let alone California. Next to no one actually inside CA-03 actually supports Sean Feucht, in fact, they support Tamika Hamilton. This is what Shannon Grove is trying to subvert. Is it because of her ego or is it because she got orders from on high?

Our series about the suicide Murder of the CAGOP will continue…

Note: SD-XX = Senate District XX, AD-XX = Assembly District XX, CA-XX = Congressional District XX

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  3 Responses to “The Murder of the CAGOP: Shannon Grove’s Rampage Spreads to CA-03 Trying to Thwart a CAGOP Endorsement. Why Does the Senate Minority Leader Care About a NorCal Congressional Race?”

  1. John Garamendi, Sean Feucht, and Tamika Hamilton were invited to speak to the Feather River Tea Party Patriots Monday,
    February 17, 2020, at Crossroads Community Church, 445 B Street, Yuba City. Tamika Hamilton accepted, and this will be her second time No response from Garamendi or his office – the same as our previous invitations. Sean Feucht couldn’t make our last invitation, and he cannot make this invitation either. “Again, we regret we were unable to attend the last meeting and tremendously regret that we unfortunately have to pass on this one as well. I’ve done everything I can to try to make it happen. But Sean was invited by the Dept of Homeland Security to come to the border that day. Given the importance of the border crisis, Sean wants to honor his commitment to DHS and be there to do whatever he can to help improve the situation.”

    Now, I ask you, WHY is Sean being invited before he is elected? Is the fix in?

  2. @Carla – Sean is using the campaign to fund his travel habit and sell records.

  3. I concur with Carla.

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