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People that read Right on Daily will remember that DUI Debbie Pauly is one of my FAVORITES.

Deborah Pauly is one of my favorites in politics. I will give her credit for making her opinions known. Loudly. Repeatedly. Aggressively.

Apparently, she has “Top Gun Envy” or something against Greg Raths, because it certainly does not appear that she is enamored with Don Sedgwick. Her unscrewed rants (normal for her) against Greg Raths are hysterically Funny. (And just plan hysterical)

This remains one of my favorite screenshots of all time.

Lest Don think that DUI Debbie is a hardcore supporter – she decided to support Travis Allen for Governor 100% based on the fact that I was being paid to assist John Cox.

Does this photo mean DUI Debbie doesn’t like Travis Allen anymore. I’m everywhere MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

With people like Deborah Pauly supporting Don Sedgwick, Katie Porter probably can cut back on her budget for opposition research. And Mr. Sedgwick should be advised to not let Pauly volunteer to drive for precinct walks or campaign events.

As far as the differences between DUI Debbie Pauly and Greg Raths, here’s just one.

Greg Raths has served two terms as Pro-Tem and one as Mayor of Mission Viejo. Deborah Pauly on the other hand couldn’t get the Villa Park Council to ever give her the right time of day.

Don Sedgwick is a practicing Mormon who is alleged to be an elder/priest of some sort in his local stake/district. If so, I am not sure how having surrogates such as Deborah Pauly keeps in adherence with the admonition of the prophet Joseph to “Stand in Holy Places”. It appears more like a the back end of a Mazda Pickup in Northwest Anaheim. From the DUI Queen of Orange County:

ANAHEIM, Calif. – At around 1 a.m. on Sep. 12, Deborah Pauly, a candidate for assembly and a former Villa Park city council member crashed into a parked, unoccupied vehicle and was arrested for driving under the influence.

Pauly, 56, was behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 when she collided with a parked Mazda pickup truck in the 100 block of Minot Street in the early morning hours of Sep. 12, according to Anaheim police Lt. Eric Trapp. Pauly’s whereabouts before the crash has not been released.

According to Trapp, an Anaheim police officer had Pauly submit to a field sobriety test at the scene of the accident, but she failed the test.

Pauly was arrested and booked into the Anaheim Temporary Detention Facility under for DUI and driving under the influence with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or greater, said Trapp.

Due to the pending criminal case, Anaheim police would not provide Pauly’s exact BAC.

Trapp said that Pauly was released from jail on a written promise that she would appear in court. Her arraignment is scheduled for Oct. 26 in Orange County North Justice Center in Fullerton.

On Sep. 28, Pauly claimed that “personal issues” contributed to the incident.

In a written statement, Pauly said that in the midst of launching her campaign for assembly, in August her husband filed for divorce after 32 years of marriage. She stressed that this very painful personal circumstance was no excuse to take full responsibility for her lapse.

She said the incident was a reminder to stay focused on her campaign and to maintain her high personal standards of character and conduct.

Pauly called her DUI “completely uncharacteristic” and asked for understanding, compassion, prayers and forgiveness. She said that this shall pass and she’ll be stronger because of it. Ultimately, she said, persevering through this challenge will make her a better person and legislator.

Pauly, a Republican, is running against Harry Sidhu in the 2016 election to replace Don Wagner, R-Irvine. The district spans from Anaheim Hills to Lake Forest.

In our next installment of DUI Debbie, we are going to discuss her High Personal Standards of Character and Conduct. (Note: I have not had a drink in over 17 years…)

Dear Don – you may want to hire a PHD level shrink to medicate Deborah Pauly as it may be the only way to keep her from costing you votes. Just a friendly suggestion from your intrepid blogger.

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  One Response to “CA-45 Update: Dear Don Sedgwick – Why Are You Allowing DUI Debbie to Campaign For You? That is Kind of Like Defending Fidel Castro…”

  1. This woman is a cancer on the body politic of Orange County, and the entire state of California.

    The time has come for political filth like her to be run out of the OCGOP and the CAGOP.

    While I have had issues with Mayor Raths over zoning decisions he’s made in MV, he is a true blue through and through patriot. His service to our Republic is flawless.

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