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Well isn’t this special. As in Special Steve Manos. We’ll be writing about his $1,300,000 Bankruptcy in 2013 in a bit – including a VERY interesting list of creditors. The California Real Estate Association should be embarrassed – they are pouring money in to a man who was evicted from two Real Estate Offices he ran in to the ground, sued by one landlord and also successfully sued by ERA Real Estate who he had a franchise with.

You’d think CREPAC would have done some vetting – or perhaps Assembly Republican Leadership Green-Lighted them because CAGOP Endorsed Kelly Seyarto did not do what he was told.

It appears that Steve Manos while in the midst of several lawsuits, Tax Liens and Judgements also had his fingers in the political cookie jar. He was involved up to his neck in a dirty recall effort that landed someone he worked closely with in jail.

There was a botched Recall Effort Manos was behind in Lake Elsinore that resulted in one of the perpetrators going to jail. Manos rolled over on the people he was advising and doing political work for in order to save himself. The Press Tribune picks up in 2011. The deed was done in 2010 and the story is from May of 2011.

Caron also said Knight met regularly with consultants, including Steve Manos, who challenged Buckley in the recall election.

Caron testified that Manos met with Knight 20 to 25 times during the effort and that it was Manos’ idea to change the name of the committee from Elsinore Voters Against Corruption to the Committee to Recall Thomas Buckley.

Caron also testified that Manos filled out a campaign finance form and emailed it to her for her signature and to be filed.

Manos has acknowledged supporting the recall but Wednesday denied being a consultant to the campaign or filling out a campaign finance form for the recall committee.

“That’s completely inaccurate,” Manos said.

Manos added it sounds like Caron is “trying to diminish her responsibility.”

Chad Firetag, Knight’s attorney, questioned Caron on why she struck a deal with prosecutors. He pointed to her move to Florida and the fact she must return to California for the hearings, and her concern over a jail term if convicted of felony charges.

“You knew that the district attorney’s office wanted to prosecute Mr. Knight,” Firetag said, challenging her testimony.

Prosecutors said no promises or guarantees were made for Caron’s testimony.

Meanwhile, Buckley said nothing in the testimony came as a shock to him.

“But I am glad that Miss Caron is cooperating and telling the truth,” Buckley said. “It seems like she realized her mistake and is trying to atone, and she deserves credit for that.”

The bottom line is that Caron who went to jail told the truth about the recall effort that involved Steve Manos. You can see here that Manos tried to lie his way out of responsibility – since there was no paper trail, Manos was able to get off scott free.

A business owner who was angry over Thomas Buckley and others on the Lake Elsinore City Council denying a permit for live entertainment at his establishment. He is the Michael Knight referred to above. Knight’s business Trevi failed in 2014. The San Diego Union Tribune had coverage of the initial raid on Knight’s home in 2010.

The filthy Dirty Steve Manos got elected to Lake Elsinore City Council after this caper. In fact, his massive $1.3 Million Personal Bankruptcy was discharged just a few months after he was sworn in to office.

The Weak CAGOP Leadership has its’ consequences – a slimy third-tier candidate and swamp rates are picking an Assemblyman. I guess I should go have a derelict get a Real Estate License so CREPAC will fund his campaign too?

Meantime – there has been no member communication, intern calls, emails, social media – not a peep from the Party to support Kelly Seyarto. The Democrats will pick Steve Manos off if he gets through the primary.

Don’t Forget:

Manos has 5 State Tax Liens totalling $27,817.70 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010.

Steve Manos can not claim any excuse like the mortgage crisis as his financial issues and lawsuits started in 2002. In 2002, Special Steve Manos was liened by the federales and the one Bankruptcy we found was Discharged in May of 2013. That is an 11 year pattern of fiscal destruction

Records show that Manos just finished paying off the massive $71,000 Federal Tax Lien in 2018 – meaning that the problems are likely still ongoing as I only see evidence that the 2004, 2006 State Tax Liens were paid off.

Steve Manos has been on the Lake Elsinore Council since 2012. He was evicted from an office in 2012 with a $14,837 Lawsuit Judgement as part of the package. His Bankruptcy was about six months after taking office.

Manos claims to be a business owner since 1999. While on the surface that claim is true – it is grossly misleading as he has been sued 4 times successfully and evicted twice from commercial office space he was renting. 

Steve Manos talks about lower taxes and lower regulation – perhaps he supports lower regulation as he has spent 20 years dealing with regulators because of his personal conduct?

Mr. Manos also touts awards from the local Chambers of Commerce as a claim to buttress his business acumen. I guarantee you that if the Murrieta and Lake Elsinore Chamber of Commerce knew about $74,000 in IRS Liens, $28K in State Liens, 4 Lawsuit Judgments totaling $139,000 for a total of $241,000 before you add in the value of the defaulted loan in 2007 and the Bankruptcy in 2013, no one would give him the right time of day for at least 10 years for an award.

I suppose I could go to the rescue mission and recruit a better candidate for Assembly…

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  2 Responses to “AD-67 Update: That Time Steve Manos (Assembly Leadership and CREPAC’s Pick in AD-67) Was Involved in A Campaign Finance Felony – A Dirty Recall That Led to a Conviction”

  1. Oh gawd. You’re trying to trash a good man because he refuses to espouse an agenda that isn’t good for his constituents. You don’t like him because he does as he believes is right, instead of always voting with the Right. The man has more character and good sense in his little finger than the contributors to the page have in their whole bodies. He is the best candidate for the job. He’s going to win. This pathetic smear campaign is only proof of how low and desperate you are.

  2. The best candidates for the job are winners like Jeremy Smith or Kelly Seyarto. Proven records of success and honesty.

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