Feb 042020

In our first installment of the Tour-De-Manos we learned:

Successfully Sued for $87K by a former Real Estate Franchisor he had a contract with.

Successfully Sued for $25K by a former Real Estate Landlord

Successfully Sued for $3100 by the Riverside Press Enterprise for not paying his bills.

In our research on Special Steve Manos, we have discovered a pattern of Liens for Not Paying his bills going as far back as 2002.

While Manos was in and out of court getting sued in the mid 2000’s, He was getting liened time and time again for over 10 years.

In 2008, the man who wants to influence water policy in the State of California got a nice Lien for trying to skip out on a Water Bill to the County of Riverside.

IN 2010, Special Steve Manos got lit up by the IRS. They liened him for $2081.38 for avoiding income taxes from 2002. Note the lien number of 20100569837.

It gets better, I have evidence of a second lien #20100569824 filed on the same day by the IRS for get this $71,218. This is for several other years that Manos attempted to skip out on paying his federal income tax.

Mr. Manos was finally to get the lien released in 2018 and was dealing with it while on City Council in Lake Elsinore. I suppose he figured if no one found all this stuff in his City Council Campaigns, why would they now?

$125K in Lawsuit Judgements.

$74K in Federal Tax Liens.

On 4-9-2004 Steve Manos was evicted from an office he was renting, research shows that this eviction was related to the $25,000 Judgement in 2008 by the same trust referenced in part one of our series on Manos. You have to be a complete deadbeat to get evicted in California – that is not easy to pull off.

As a bonus, in between our first installment and this installment, we discovered yet ANOTHER Civil Judgement. (That’s now 4 for those of you scoring at home) It also brings Manos’ lifetime Eviction Total to 2 (that we know of).

In 2012 Brea Imperial Center, LLC Case # TEC1109696 evicted Steve Manos aka Quantum Direct Capitol (based in Temecula) for failure to pay. The judgement totalled $14,837. Steve Manos is a business owner, don’t you know.

Now we are at 4 Lawsuit Judgments totaling $139,000, 2 Evictions, $74,000 in Federal Tax Liens and a lien from Elsinore Valley Municipal Water.

What does Steve Manos do for an encore?

A check of his criminal records only shows one Traffic Ticket in the last 20 years (finally some good news for Stevie Boy…) but there are two 1241 PC’s noted. It looks like Stevie Boy likes to duck out on Court Appearances. Now that kind of makes sense since we have established a 12 year (2002-2012) Track Record of skipping out on paying his bills. A 1241 PC is a “Failure to Appear”.

2 Evictions, 2 Failures to Appear, 2 Federal Tax Liens, 4 Lawsuits.

Since Mr. Manos knows a thing about selling stuff to people, BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE coming on the Tour-De-Manos… DON’T TOUCH THAT REMOTE! Your Intrepid Blogger will be back soon with another installment.

P.S. AD-XX = California’s XX Assembly District

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