Feb 152020

Ladies and Gentlemen – BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Not only did Special Stevie rack up the following impressive record of malfeasance:

4 Lawsuit Judgments totaling $139,000
2 Evictions
$74,000 in Federal Tax Liens
A lien from Elsinore Valley Municipal Water
2 1241 PC Failures to Appear

But it turns out that Steve Manos was not done. In 2013, yet another bankruptcy. Case #1310050 County of Riverside. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharged on 5-2013.

In addition to the 2013 Bankruptcy – Steve Manos, who wants to manage the California State Budget mind you, added a default in 2007. Litton Loan Servicing took this one in the shorts:

What’s worse is that it appears that Mr. Manos walked away from the property allowing it to go to a Trustee Sale.

Now for the most ironic set of documents of all. Steve Manos who seeks to manage the finances of the State of California was Liened 5 TIMES by the State he seeks to manage!

2003, $6575.86

2004, 2006 Combined for $12,730.88

2008, $4,028.90

2010, $4482.06

That’s 5 State Tax Liens totalling $27,817.70 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010.

Steve Manos can not claim any excuse like the mortgage crisis as his financial issues and lawsuits started in 2002. In 2002, Special Steve Manos was liened by the federales and the one Bankruptcy we found was Discharged in May of 2013. That is an 11 year pattern of fiscal destruction

Records show that Manos just finished paying off the massive $71,000 Federal Tax Lien in 2018 – meaning that the problems are likely still ongoing as I only see evidence that the 2004, 2006 State Tax Liens were paid off.

Steve Manos has been on the Lake Elsinore Council since 2012. He was evicted from an office in 2012 with a $14,837 Lawsuit Judgement as part of the package. His Bankruptcy was about six months after taking office.

Manos claims to be a business owner since 1999. While on the surface that claim is true – it is grossly misleading as he has been sued 4 times successfully and evicted twice from commercial office space he was renting. 

Steve Manos talks about lower taxes and lower regulation – perhaps he supports lower regulation as he has spent 20 years dealing with regulators because of his personal conduct?

Mr. Manos also touts awards from the local Chambers of Commerce as a claim to buttress his business acumen. I guarantee you that if the Murrieta and Lake Elsinore Chamber of Commerce knew about $74,000 in IRS Liens, $28K in State Liens, 4 Lawsuit Judgments totaling $139,000 for a total of $241,000 before you add in the value of the defaulted loan in 2007 and the Bankruptcy in 2013, no one would give him the right time of day for at least 10 years for an award.

I can’t speak to Steve Manos’ character, I don’t know him. What I can say is that his life history screams that he is not who he says he is. If people still question his integrity absent knowing what I have revealed in the last three posts about him then this is validation that their skepticism about him is well founded.

It is my opinion based on the evidence I have presented that Steve Manos should not be taken seriously as a candidate for any office until at least 2025 maybe even 2030 and at that – he should be able to demonstrate a pattern of ethics and integrity in business that has never existed in the past.

If you are a voter in AD-67, please consider yourself warned. Do not vote for Steve Manos.

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  5 Responses to “AD-67 Update: 2 Evictions, 4 Judgements, 2 FTA’s, 2 Federal Tax Liens, 1 Utility Lien, 5 State Liens, a Default and a Bankruptcy and the Realtors Will Pump Money in to you!”

  1. I’m not a fan of Mr Mano’s “conservative” stance, do I think he squandered money? Nah. I may not agree with Steve’s policies and practices, but I can attest he is the dedicated heart & soul of the Elsinore Valley. I attended primary & secondary public Elsinore education with Steve and he’s been involved with Elsinore politics since he was old enough to vote. I’m more like his abuelita and wish he would go back and finish his degree.

  2. Thanks… I’ll now vote for Steve Manos because he is just like everybody else. See you in November.

    Blogger’s Note: remind me not to get a loan from this guy! Yikes…

  3. I will never vote for him for especially now I know the facts.

  4. I met Steve as a result of he and I sharing a common interest in protecting our respective communities. So, I’ve found him to be genuine and thoughtful, the kind of thoughtfulness I’d like to see in State government. These are personal qualities based on my experience. Thank you. John Garrett, Wildomar

  5. When I see mud being thrown by a candidate or by a candidate’s surrogates, I don’t vote for the mud throwing candidate. I want to hear positions on issues. I figure if they have to resort to mud throwing, if that is what occupies their election effort, they have nothing to offer but rancor.

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