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Blogger’s Note: I am 100% aware that Jessica Patterson the CAGOP Chair has been making calls on Kotyuk’s Behalf and trying to help him. It is my belief that Assembly GOP Leadership has done nothing because Mayes was once a leadership vote for the current Assembly GOP Leadership. What a conundrum. 

Special Message from 
FlashReport Publisher Jon Fleischman
I just made a $250 online donation to elect conservative Republican Andrew Kotyuk to the State Assembly. This contribution was made both to elect a strong conservative, but also to help ensure that ideologically devoid Assemblyman Chad Mayes is booted out of office this year by voters. Mayes has quit the GOP (good riddance) and is now running as an independent. Andrew is the only Republican in the race, and there is also one Democrat. In order for Mayes to get re-elected in November he has to first come in first or second place in March. Special interests are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep him in the top two.
I am asking YOU to join me in making an online contribution to Andrew to help fund one last mailer in his campaign, and after that to increase digital advertising through to March 3rd. LET’S SHOW CHAD MAYES THE DOOR!
I gave $250 and if you could match that – awesome. But even $100, $50, $25 or $10 would help – and go a long way!
Andrew is running a strong campaign – check out this mailer he sent.
We all remember Mayes. He was the Assembly Republican Leader who rallied to pass a “cap and tax” plan in Sacramento that amounts to a massive gas tax increase for a decade. It was a vote to extend a program that shifts billions of dollars annually from the private sector into state government. And the largest program paid for with these dollars? The high-speed rail fiasco. If we all knew Mayes was going to do this, maybe he would never have been the Leader.
Mayes was lauded by the Governor, Democrats and the media for his “leadership” – no surprise!
Below is a photo of Chad grinning ear to ear – and who is he with? The liberal Democrats running our state – at the time Governor Jerry Brown, Senate President Kevin de León and Speaker Anthony Rendon!
Is it any surprise that when Republicans legislature were opposing AB 5, Mayes was nowhere to be seen? He couldn’t find his way to vote against the worst business regulation to hit this state in a generation.
But we should all be proud of the fact that thousands of GOP activists around the state and in the legislature rallied to the cause of Mayes being dumped as leader. If state government is going to be big and awful it shouldn’t be with GOP votes.
With your help Mayes will come in third place, and we will be able to celebrate his retirement at the end of session.
Please take a moment and go to Andrew’s web page and make a contribution. If you do make a donation, of any size, please reply and let me know so I can thank you myself!! Also please consider pasting the link to Andrew’s web page to Facebook and asking people to join you in sending a contribution. And please FORWARD this email to loyal Republicans.
Thank you for what you do – and I can safely say after watching the Democrats debate in Las Vegas this week – we’re in for a great year for Republicans!

Jon Full Sig
Jon Fleischman

Former Executive Director, California Republican Party
Former President, California Republican Assembly
Longtime GOP Leader and Activist
P.S. Please go to www.kotyukforassembly.com and give. We’ve routed Mayes from GOP Leadership and from our party altogether. Now it’s time to route him from public office!
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