Jan 152020

Not only am I a RINO, I am a HACK and part of the establishment. I don’t even think Travis Allen could talk this woman off the ledge.

That part of California does indeed yield some characters.

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  3 Responses to “Today’s Absurdity! I’m a RINO RINO RINO. LOL (Team Donnelly, Whirled Police)”

  1. Well, it would be nice if you could attack Democrats with the same ‘glee’ that you attack Republicans!

    Blogger’s Note: That is what a General Election is for…

  2. Hey Aaron, Thanks for covering my post. I appreciate the extra publicity. It’s always interesting to me when men try and mock or demean a woman. It shows their true character. So according to you, I need to be talked off a ledge for simply sharing my thoughts on dirty politics in our district? That sounds pretty misogynistic. Actually, I think my post struck a nerve with you because you sure reacted quickly. Hey, lets make a deal. I’ll keep posting and you keep sharing my posts.

    Blogger’s Note: Sounds like fun, but you need to stop whining because I am an equal opportunity mocker.

  3. It’s funny because CA-8 borders the rural parts of Southern Nevada and that part of my state produces a lot of oddball candidates. Remember, the people of Pahrump (NV AD-36) elected a dead pimp to office.

    Blogger’s Note: I remember that. Wow.

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