Jan 262020

Steve Frank has been all over the SD-15 Race. I will quote his blog:


It looks like the SCAM of this election can be found in the 15th State Senate District.  There are seven candidates, only one does not give a phone number or phone, per the Secretary of State.  Only one candidate had been a Democrat for the past ten years, then just in time, changed his registration to Republican, to qualify to run as a GOP’er—even though there was already a Republican filed.  What is the story of this abuse of the voters—especially Republicans?

The Democrats have several big name big buck candidates in the race.  The first GOP candidate has little money.  But “King Makers” are backing Johnny Khamis, a San Jose City Councilman, who until recently was a Republican.  He held a press conference, left the GOP and became an NPP—and stated the reason was his dislike of President Trump (I am cleaning it up).  Yet some “king makers” prefer an anti-Trump, non-Republican to a Republican.  Why did they add a Democrats turned Republican in the race?

Since it is a TOP TWO, by having TWO GOP’ers in the race, they divide the Republican vote, making it easier for Khamis to make it to the Top Two for the November ballot.  This is why folks are leaving the GOP or refusing to register as Republican, they see those responsible for winning elections opposing Republican getting onto the November ballot.  How many Republicans in November will choose between an anti-Trump former Republican and an anti–Trump long time Democrat.  This is how vote suppression happens—they see games played and stay home.

This is how the Secretary of State, on the web site lists this Democrat turned Republican:

Ken Del Valle

370 N 4th St #4

San Jose, CA 95112

Army Staff Sergeant

No phone, no email, no web site.  Anybody know him or his phone number?  Send it to me, I would like to speak with him.  Thanks.

I am 100% convinced that the orchestrated exit of Khamis from the GOP, complete with the hysterics against the President have the fingerprints of the Oligarchy of Controlled failure on them. Until I prove otherwise, I am also of the belief that this phantom candidate was put on the ballot in a desperate attempt to help the NPP Khamis make the runoff. The trump-haters in positions of influence desperately need one of these non-Republican stunts to work. In the 20 years I have been in the GOP, I’ve listened to one squish after another talk about how too Conservative the GOP is, now they are outright trying to drive it in to the ground.

Khamis is employing the executive director of the Santa Clara GOP as his campaign manager.

SD-28 – as many of you know, Melissa Melendez is running to replace Jeff Stone for Senate. She was to have been the only Republican in order to clear the decks for a World War Three general election.

It looks like Chad Mayes has struck again:

John Schwab filed at the last minute and has a very interesting pedigree which shows 10 years as a dem and then a two-stop-switch to Republican just before filing.

Since, I have started my campaign to run for the 28th State Senate seat in California many things where not on the top of my list. One such thing is for an endorsement from a particular group or organization. I have received multiple pages of questions pertaining to many groups and organizations. Some have even asked for a non disclosure agreement. The safe bet is do Endorsements really make voters decide one way or the other. I know that voters will decide who wins and not some organization or group. I am endorsed by my children, wife, and friends. I hope to receive your endorsement as a good and faithful servant.

The above snippet from his website (Schwab) suggests he is an incompetent candidate with zero political acumen. He could simply be a gadfly – or he could have been recruited by Chad Mayes specifically to get back at Melissa Melendez for challenging his authoritah when he was spiraling out of control as the Assembly Permanent Minority leader.

Given that Chad Mayes has been on a self-destructive rampage ever since getting ousted as Republican Leader, his quest to prove how right he is is following the textbook for Narcissistic Personality Disorder almost to a tee. Trying to damage a GOP candidate in a competitive race would fit that profile perfectly. Note – Chad Mayes has received $100 from psychotic ex-GOP consultant Mike Madrid, $250 from Recalled Dem Senator Josh Newman (who is running against Mayes’ former Colleague Ling Ling Ling Chang) and $1000 from extreme left-winger Assemblyman Mike Gatto.

Mayes was also endorsed by Equality California, typically they don’t give people of Christian Faith the right time of day, which makes me wonder if Chad Mayes got his 30 pieces of silver. (and, if he is actively working to sabotage GOP candidates – similar to the power brokers trying to promote Khamis.)

To be continued…

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