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Did you know that CA-28 Grifter Jennifer Barbosa “Worked” for CA-43 Grifter Omar Navarro? It us alleged that they were also dating at some point as well. No one has directly challenged this assertion.(CA-28 is Schiff and CA-43 is Mad Max) It looks like some of the $1,000,000 plus that Navarro raised was invested in CA-28 disaster candidate Jennifer Barbosa.

That’s a lot of money through 5-2019 paid by Omar to Jennifer Barbosa. (She is running against Eric Early for Congress in CA-28). Eric Early deserves better than having a late-filing freakshow candidate running against him as he seeks to unseat Adam Schiff.

Jennifer’s “Publicist” who contacted your intrepid blogger has his own issues:

If this is Barbosa’s “Publicist” she has hired a nimrod.

Click here to see the email thread between your intrepid blogger and Ajay Bruno. I had asserted that Barbosa and Omar had a relationship – the above is proof, now Mr. Bruno can get back to his regularly scheduled trainwreck.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve relapsed when I deal with these people. It is the only way I can feel the brain damage necessary to understand the breed of grifter infecting the body politic in 2020.

Speaking of which, this gets me back to the man and woman of the hour. Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero and Omar Navarro. Deanna is running for CA-12 against Nancy Pelosi and it is my opinion that she is a complete fraud and is running to pay off debts as it appears she has had no source of income in the last several years.

Your intrepid blogger is in possession of evidence (think Phone records) indicating that Deanna Lorraine has called Omar Navarro multiple times since the restraining order was issued. If true, and I believe it is true – Ms. Lorraine may well have shredded her own restraining order or at the very least given Navarro cause for a solid legal defense against the misdemeanors and felonies he is charged with.

Perhaps the stuff I have is the basis of Omar’s claims that Deanna “set him up”. Sorry Omar, you’ve been stalking Deanna for a while… but the wrinkle is that it sure looks like Deanna is far from innocent and may well have been contributing to Omar’s psychosis.

Why call someone who has been stalking you repeatedly? This is what it appears Deanna has done based on the stuff I have in my possession. If true, then my supposition is that Deanna is calling Omar and triggering him.

Given that Deanna has been using Omar’s incidents and behavior to smear her primary opponent John Dennis, there is a clear nexus. She has also attacked your intrepid blogger blaming me for Omar’s actions. I hope to God this sort of projection, deflection and triangulation is not part of her relationship advice services or the men she works with will be suicidal.

My personality profile of Deanna is as negative as anyone I have ever profiled in politics. In my opinion she is in the Rodney Stanhope / Tim Donnelly realm. Worse, she is somewhat attractive and is smarter than either of those two meaning she can maintain the lie much more effectively and for a longer period of time. Only the two men’s absolute lack of shame makes up for their lack of intelligence compared to Deanna.

Only in the mind of a very sick person do you take the actions of a madman (Omar) and then use them to smear a political opponent (John Dennis). Worse, if my theory about her using her training in relationships and men in general in order to trigger Omar is true – then it suggests we are dealing with a different sort of craziness.

We have a woman campaigning on God by day, partying by night. She talks abstinence yet is out past 2AM with different men according to photos I have posted and firsthand accounts of her sitting in the lap of more than one man. She presents herself as a relationship expert and appears to be plying her trade in a manipulative and sinister manner in order to invoke political sympathy.

Good Lord.

P.S. In a facebook thread, Deanna made it clear that she thinks because I am a sober alcoholic that it makes it ok for her to campaign on God by day and party at night. If life worked that way, I’d be dead in the hypocrisy as I’d have never seen a good reason to quit drinking.

Dealing with people like Deanna makes me wonder if perhaps I have relapsed after 6,200+ days sober. Then I see my stuffed animals in my office and realize that they are the only thing sane in my office… (It sure isn’t anything I see in my computer) Between Deanna Lorraine and Sean Feucht (CA-03 Televangelist wannabe) I am really getting sick of seeing God used as an empty prop in people’s campaigns. (Oh and Tim Donnelly is invoking God, too…)

To be continued…

Literally 2AM in Florida just a day after a “God and Family” Campaign event

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  5 Responses to “ICYMI: Multi-District Grifter Disaster Update: Omar’s Girls: Has Deanna Lorraine Been Violating her Own Restraining Order Against Omar Navarro? Jennifer Barbosa has ‘Splainin To Do Herself”

  1. Keep on letting your fellow Californians know about these garbage candidates. In Nevada, we had a pretty bad roster in certain races the past few cycles.

    2018 had some of these gems:

    US Senate- Sarah Gazala: A teacher and conspiracy loon who had her kids taken away from her due to her erratic and aggressive behavior after being pulled over by police.

    CD-3- Danny Tarkanian: A perennial loser and angry man child who lives off his late dad’s name (Jerry Tarkanian who coached the 1990 UNLV Basketball Champs).

    AD-5- Mack Joseph Miller: A con artist and fake lawyer who was convicted of deserting his unit in Iraq in 2006. He was defeated in the primary by an unknown candidate (Jason Burke) after SHTF during early primary voting.

    AD-11- Gianna Miceli: A crazy fitness blogger who made online threats against David Hogg and his fellow left wing activists from the M.S. Douglas HS shooting. She moved out of state soon after the primary, despite being the nominee for the deep blue seat.

    AD-13- Steve Sanson: Another perennial loser and host of the podcast “Veterans in Politics”, which is mostly about railing on the family court system.

    AD-15- Stan Vaughn: Perennial loser and unaccredited chess instructor.

    AD-20- Michael L. McDonald: Not to be confused with the NVGOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald. This unemployed loser had a restraining order against him by his estranged ex-wife.

    AD-29- Stephen Silberkraus: A Former Assemblyman and foot fetish video star who helped vote for RINO Governor Brian Sandovals tax hikes before being ousted in 2016.

    AD-41- Paris Wade: An unemployed former clickbait blogger, who moved into the Vegas Valley only months before his run. Apparently he made a botched attempt to run for CD-4, which is on the opposite side of Clark County from where he lived.

    Clark County Commission G- Cindy Lake: A perennial loser and all around wacko activist.

    Clark County Public Administrator- Aaron Manfredi: A former prison guard who was fired after molesting a 15 year old female inmate and ultra douchebag who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “no”.

    Governor- Jared Fisher: Bike shop owner and pretentious eco-warrior, who tried appealing to the virtue signaling suburbanite voters in the Republican primary.

    Lieutenant Governor- Brent Jones: A former Assemblyman and owner of Real Water, a Scientology based alkaline water company. Jones was accused of withholding raises and promotions from workers if they didn’t study the works of L. Ron Hubbard.

  2. Oh Good Lord. Thanks for the list… I may be doing some stuff in Washoe, so I will definately have my antennae up

  3. Oh Lawdy…Lawdy….

    I see the “Californication” of Nevada has brought out more Whack Jobs than just Karen England?

  4. BTW…

    Danny Tarkanian has always used that GOP Powerhouse consultant friend of yours Aaron Park…Namely…Jamie Fisfis….ROFLMAO

  5. Pat, I believe Nevada has had it’s share of goofy candidates for a very long time. That being said, a lot of these candidates did live in Cali at some point.

    Tarkanian- Fresno
    Silberkraus- Santa Monica
    Wade- LA
    Jones- Ojai

    The Dem candidates/office holders from Cali who move here are even bigger potato heads. “Like, I hated everything that I voted for in Cali, but you should be more like them anyways, like yeah.”

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