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My list of grievances with Jim Holmes is quite long and complex. Along the lines of my series on Kirk Uhler – let me lay out some insider knowledge that informs my strident opposition to Jim Holmes.

Mike Murray at the Placer County Elections Office

I was on the Placer GOP Cent Com when Jim Holmes and then Rocklin Councilmember Peter Hill stomped out of the GOP and re-registered DTS in disgust after the Placer GOP opposed a $500 Million Sierra College Bond. You read that correct – over a decade ago, a $492 Million Sierra College Bond was floated.

I remember helping Alice Dowdin against Jim Holmes back 16 years ago when Holmes won his original election. Holmes re-registered Republican at that point before running as it was believed it would be to his advantage. Holmes was a democrat previously and had served in local office as a democrat. Alice was a liberal Republican, but was viewed much more favorably by the business community. (Dowdin is on the board of the Western Sierra Collegate Academy and voted for the Rocklin USD style homosexual indoctrination protocol that was so controversial with the parents of the WSCA – the Charter School that Dave Patterson helped found)

Holmes has a reputation for being a “nice guy”. What I remember was how difficult he was to deal with when the Placer County Board of Supervisors was split 2-2 with the two leftist democrats Jack Duran and Jennifer Montgomery versus Kirk Uhler and Robert Weygant. Jim Holmes relished being the swing vote and the attention that came with it.

Holmes is no longer the swing vote after Jack Duran was humiliated in 2018, losing to Bonnie Gore (who Kirk Uhler recruited) by over 20%. In addition, Jennifer Montgomery got appointed to a cush job by Gavin Newsom to destroy the California Economy under the guise of environmental protection and Cindy Gustafson was appointed to replace her.

The most recent example of how unprincipled and difficult Jim Holmes was to deal with involved the Pioneer Energy Debacle. Kirk Uhler was basically forced to run a drill to threaten Jim Holmes position as one of the two supervisors on that board to get him to back off of his support of the 27% rate increase. Only after Holmes knew three of his colleagues were opposed to the massive rate increase did he back down. While Holmes ultimately got to the right conclusion most of the time – the amount of effort it took from Kirk Uhler and Robert Weygandt to cajole Jim Holmes for years was absurd.

I can understand why Kirk and Jim traded endorsements. It smacks of a non-aggression pact more than some sort of mutual admiration society. Many of the NIMBY’s and Democrats in Kirk Uhler’s district are Holmes supporters. The Unions are Holmes supporters – having Jim Holmes endorsement is likely holding a lot of the leftists at bay. Note that Suzanne Jones is still carrying a ton of the Placer County Democrat Central Committee and leading environmentalists in to her campaign against Uhler.

Mike Murray gives us a real chance at having a reliable supervisor once again. His roots in Placer County are nearly lifelong, he went to school here, his kids are in school here.

Murray is 34. Holmes is around 70.

Mike Murray was and is a leader in the Rocklin Parent’s movement against the extreme policies their board adpoted. Contrast this with Internet searches that reveal a slew of local tax measures Jim Holmes has endorsed.

Murray opposed the Pioneer Energy Rate Increase, Jim Holmes supported all 27% of it until he was faced with public humiliation.

Murray opposes Sanctuary State, Jim Holmes supported it by refusing to support Kirk Uhler’s motion to oppose Sanctuary State at a board of supervisors meeting in 2018.

Murray opposes commercial Marijuana Production in Placer County, Holmes supported it. (Holmes is an alumni of Humboldt State)

Murray is a lifelong Republican. Holmes has switched party affiliation twice in the last 15 years.

Many of Holmes supporters are a who’s who of leading leftists in Placer County.

When Jim Holmes first took public office, Mr. Murray was in grade school (and your intrepid blogger was tapping kegs in the fig orchards around Fresno)! I think 25+ years in public office is long enough.

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  3 Responses to “Mike Murray For Supervisor Vs Jim Holmes. Right on Daily Endorses Mike Murray for Placer County D3 Supervisor”

  1. Holmes has been “squishy” about sanctuary. Making an error, to ‘side with U. S. citizens’, makes GOOD COMMON SENSE ! Mike Murray will look-out for citizen’s; and, that is what I want to see !

  2. I knew Jim Holmes in High school, and yes he is in his seventies or nearly there as I will be 70 soon. A couple years ago I asked him to support a “push back” against sanctuary cities and he questioned that as a goal and refused to help! I will be voting for Mike Murray!

  3. I attended several Board of Supervisors meetings when the issue of sanctuary county was discussed. Jim Holmes was the Chairperson. Jim is a nice enough person, but lacks the fortitude to make a decision that protects the citizens of this county. There was a motion made by Supervisor Uhler to withdraw Placer County from the illegal dictates of sanctuary county status. No one had the guts to give him a second. Also, Holmes was asked several times to put this up for a vote and declined. Just look at the horrid things happening in our State and we must, if we value our this state to start taking an aggressive stand. I do not vote in the district, but if I did my vote would go to Mike Murray!

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