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Originally Posted 9-17-2018, but becomes relevant again now that the crazed Tim Donnelly is launching yet another suicide run at CA-08. CA-XX = California’s XX Congressional District. Tim Donnelly is a three time loser and a wannabe career politician. was put up by someone who did a ton of research in to Tim Donnelly and asked your intrepid blogger for permission to use our research in to Tim Donnelly as well. It has been up since 2018 as a permanent record of Tim Donnelly. Fasten your seatbelts as Right On Daily is going to re-introduce you to our nominee for Grifter-Fraud of the decade 2010-2019 Tim Donnelly. His maladies have eclipsed every other candidate I have written about that is not named Rodney Stanhope.

On the website you will see a complete history about Tim Donnelly, including his wife referencing a felony conviction. It also includes references to a DUI, and other misdemeanor convictions.

Tim Donnelly’s personal history which includes alcoholism and multiple relapses is on display as well.

As a sober alcoholic (17+ years in) – I know there is nothing worse than an addict that can not keep their sobriety together. Anyone with a pattern of relapsing and dishonesty associated with covering up for the relapsing has no business anywhere in office. Ever.

In addition, Tim Donnelly has had the cops out to his house 14 times. This includes him running out on his family in 2016 after on of his political defeats.

I had known about all of this stuff for years and did not have the where-with-all to follow up on trying to run down the records.

In addition, I was aware that Tim Donnelly owed several people in his district a lot of money.

One of his victims has come forward with her story of how Tim Donnelly conned her out of money, then refused to pay it back including threats and intimidation.

As an exclusive for Right on Daily, I have a copy of a cashier’s check from the elderly victim to Donnelly. I have filed an FPPC Complaint against Tim Donnelly regarding this as it is a violation of contribution limits and the loan(s) were not disclosed on Tim’s form 700’s.

You can read the details about the elderly widow that Tim Donnelly scammed on the website.

Excerpted here are some key facts that lead to our exclusive reveal here on Right on Daily.

Donnelly used Anna’s money illegally on his campaign, to pay off other debts, to pay off his misdemeanor fines, and to fund his lifestyle – all despite earning $91,000 per year in salary and over $30,000 per year in tax-free “per diem” pay as an Assemblyman for four years (December 2011-December 2014).

In 2011, while an Assemblyman with a huge salary, Donnelly’s wife Rowena even sent Anna the bill for their children’s private school tuition

In 2012, while still an Assemblyman, Donnelly borrowed Anna’s 2008 Nissan Xterra and damaged it. The bill came to over $2500. What did Donnelly do? He sent the bill to Anna

While Donnelly lived on the high horse, Anna suffered. Donnelly never reported the loans on financial disclosures, nor did he disclose all monies Anna provided for his campaign efforts (a clear violation of California law).

Anna now lives on credit cards and can no longer afford her rent. Donnelly has yet to pay her back.

The Dirty Donnelly Website has a lot of emails, copies of bills and receipts – but does not definitively prove that Tim Donnelly directly got money from the Elderly Widow. As an exclusive to Right on Daily, we are presenting the proof of Tim Donnelly’s scam.

Embedded is a Cashier’s Check for $10,000 to Rowena Donnelly. When combined with the emails posted on the website from Tim Donnelly acknowledging the debt (which totals over $60,000), this is airtight proof of the scam.

I had been told back in 2014 when Donnelly ran for governor that he owed / owes several people from his district a lot of money. I had a lot of stories and conversations, but this courageous widow is the first to actually go on the record.

It is because of knowing the truth for so many years about Tim Donnelly that I continued to chase him.

The account was in Rowena Donnelly’s name because Tim’s credit score is poor and he may be subject to collections activity. He has also left Roweena several times during his frequent mental episodes and/or relapses. Also note that this check was issued while Tim Donnelly was an incumbent assembly member.

It is time to make sure that Tim Donnelly is removed from the public eye forever. We conclude with a quote from the website:

In the exchange, Donnelly states plainly, “Rowena and I were separated, and I did sleep in my truck and studio. We are no longer separated.” One wonders what his wife learned about Tim that caused the latest separation.

Donnelly’s perpetual office seeking becomes clear when he says, “If I do get back in office or get more steady work, I’ll get a loan, and pay you off in full immediately.” Simply put: he can’t find work, so he keeps running.

Donnelly closes by threatening Anna, “You need to decide if you want to harass me to death, or get paid a little each month, until things improve and I can pay you off.

Is this the Congressman you want? One who needs to be elected to address his monetary woes? One who threatens an elderly woman who he’s scammed for tens of thousands of dollars?

Tim Donnelly is a sick man and is a complete fraud and one of the original grifters that has been loved on by Right On Daily. Since Tim Donnelly has no shame for what he has done with his life, the only way to protect people from him is to keep him out of public office and never do business with him until he has a true life-change.

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  1. This is well known in certain circles.
    Its a shame that Tim resorted to this level.
    Our prayers go out to Anna.

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