Nov 092019

Note that half the people in the picture are with a wedding party.

Heaven forbid I miss the 10 whole people that were at Deanna “the Grifter” Lorraine’s last event. It looks like we had the same again.

We had posted about Deanna Lorraine who talks about God and Values when people are paying attention, yet was partying like a rock star in Florida the night before an event. When she was in Florida we identified that guy she was partying with as a Proud Boy.

I have no idea who the proud boys really are as they appear to have all races among their ranks and they appear to be some sort of quasi-secret society. I know that two of them were lynched in New York by a leftist judge and prosecutor that let Antifa members go free while giving the two proud boys 4 years in prison after a fight.

If Deanna wants to sleep with Proud Boys and Snort Lines and was not a Congressional Candidate, I’d not be writing about it. But since she is a candidate for Congress campaigning on values and invoking God, this makes being a slut who uses drugs and/or who gets wasted a problem. That is called being a scam artist – aka a Grifter.

Also in attendance are people that are connected to Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman. He pled out to a felony related to weapons and felony battery charges. Chapman is a reputed part of the bay area proud boys crew that were almost all of the people in attendance at the 11-7 “event”. Champan has had several run-ins with the law. Why Mrs. Make Love Great Again hangs out with this crew is beyond me.

What we do know is that DeAnna Lorraine wants to stop Imeachment. What is Imeachment? Leave a comment on this post if you have any ideas.

Who is the brain surgeon that picked a photo with no one in it? Who spellchecked this? Why am I having to waste space on this blog writing about this trainwreck?

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  2 Responses to “CA-12 Grifter of the Year Nominee Deanna Lorraine’s Campaign Kickoff. 3 People and a Bunch of Proud Boys #EPICFAIL”

  1. The Proud Boys are rather hard to define, but they are sort of a larping chauvinist gang of douchebags who just want to keep getting into fights with Antifa at this point, even if it means making Trump supporters look like brutish apes. They also want total drug legalization, abolishment of prisons and a return for all married women to the kitchen. Their manifesto is like an ongoing sketch from The Man Show long after people stopped finding it funny. They also dress the same and have an obsession with telling it’s members not to masturbate. In that sense, they are like a retarded frat boy version of the Jesuits.

  2. Imeschment is a typo. She meant to say impeachment.

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