Nov 202019

Tim Donnelly: “Charlatan, Not Just a Fraud” announced his candidacy for Congress (This time) at the immediate prior meeting of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots.

Blogger’s Note: Tim Donnelly is a Right on Daily Blog Nominee for Grifter of the Decade (2010-2019), He is leading Chuck DeVore for the honor because he (DeVore_ has had fewer runs for office and Devore cut and ran to Texas. Also nominated for Grifter of the Decade is Karen England who cut and ran to Nevada.

Donnelly is mounting run #6 for office and figured he’d visit “His People” to launch his campaign:

As promised, here are the poll results from our Thursday meeting of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots. 
This poll is unscientific. Here’s how we did it:
  • We went to great lengths to keep the secret about the straw polling. No candidate appeared to pack the room with their supporters.
  • Every person attending was offered one ticket each for CD-8 (Donnelly and Obernolte) and State Sen. 23 (Puraci, White, and Bogh) before the meeting. We collected those tickets during the meeting. We made announcements to the crowd that we were cutting off voting.
  • At the end of the meeting, we offered everyone one more ticket in each race.
  • We counted and recounted each container of tickets just to ensure we were correct.
  • We announced the results at the end of the meeting.
So what’s newsworthy? Compare and contrast the before and after. Lloyd White did well in the state race. Tim Donnelly won the  pre-poll but lost the post-meeting straw poll. 

We ran straw polls before and after the forums.  None of the candidates were informed we were going to run straw polls, although we did so previously for Travis Allen & John Cox, Travis Allen & Steve Frank, and Andrew Kotyuk & Gary Jeandron. 
Cristina Puraci                                17%
Lloyd White                                     51%
Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh                    32%
Tim Donnelly                                   52%
Jay Obernolte                                  48%
Cristina Puraci                                 11%
Lloyd White                                     64%
Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh                    24%
Tim Donnelly                                   33%
Jay Obernolte                                  67%

This is people’s exhibit A for why it sucks to be Tim Donnelly. Even his “own people” are wising up to his game. The tape of the forum between the two is equally as amazing. Tim Donnelly was still talking in sound-bytes and one-liners. Jay Obernolte demonstrated encyclopedic and in-depth knowledge in detail of the issues as he always has. It is clear from the before and after that this forum was devastating as Tim Donnelly folded like a cheap lawn-chair on the same stage as Jay Obernolte.

Note that Donnelly attempted to lead a “Build the Wall” chant at the event and the audience was not feeling the vibe. Perhaps Tim Donnelly’s long sordid history of unstable behavior is starting to finally be acknowledged by groups that once revered him. (Criminal Record, Credit Issues, Mental Health Issues – all documented and verifiable)

Don’t worry, Tim Donnelly’s goal is not winning based on what I have seen in the past. It looks like he has bills to pay – so send him yo’ monaaaay. (Blogger’s Note: unlike state of California level campaigns, it is legal to pay yourself a salary (under certain circumstances) out of your federal campaign money. Given Donnelly’s long record of financial issues, it is always a nexus for any political effort on his part.)

33% in his own backyard. Ouch. Could the end of the 2010’s mean the end of Tim Donnelly’s Grifting?

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  1. I saw Jay at RNC 2016 hobnobbing with gay RINO Paul Ryan. Jay SOLD OUT private physicians on call all night with his “across the aisle” vote. He stood by and watched silently while U California taken over by Globalist Left and our schools taken over by pedophiles, typical Cuck behavior. Maybe he will start voting for Liberty when he gets into Congress, IDK.

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