Nov 082019

I just wanted to let my readers know that as a Conservative Christian, that the candidates I like the least are those that abuse their faith for political ends. CA-08 Grifter Tim Donnelly and CA-12 Grifter Deanna Lorraine are God-soaking their campaigns as well. (CA-XX = XX Congressional District in California)

Your intrepid blogger has learned that Feucht is something of a musician who likes to take overseas trips for short term missions. Neither of these are a bad thing, but grifting in to a Congressional Campaign to sell some CD’s is ridiculous. (At least I did not type records)

I am alternatively getting treated to Sean’s Jesus-told-me-to-tell-you emails and solicitations for his Non-Profit. Send me ‘yo monaaaay.

Sean Feucht lives in Redding – smack in the heart of CA-01 (LaMalfa) – thus requiring him to grab his amp and his gheetar and go to CA-03 whose extreme northern boundary is 50 miles away in sparsely populated Glenn County. However, the population center is in Vacaville/Fairfield – both 150 miles away.

I am reticent to call Feucht a fake Christian or a Narcissist as some of his detractors have on twitter. I’ll have to investigate him further, but at this time I see a lot of indicators that suggest Sean’s campaign for Congress is not what it seems on the surface. Having grown up in the Church and seen my fair share of pseudo-religious movements and just plan religious manipulation – Mr. Feucht has my antennae up.

He started his campaign by staging an event at the Church of his Republican Primary Opponent Tamika Hamilton (who I am supporting) without disclosing to said Church he is running for Congress against her and it also appears he is church hopping mixing ministry and politics in a manner that may be a violation of applicable campaign law.

Sean Feucht for CA-03: Grifter Alert Issued.

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