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Meet Saulo Londono he is the Chairman of the Butte County GOP. He was elected in 2016 when Charles Munger at the direction of Luis Buhler and David Stafford Reade were directing millions in establishment dollars in to local Central Committee Elections. (You will recall those names from my expose’ on the CAGOP Chairman’s race. Reade is the campaign manger and political adviser to most of the GOP electeds in the North of California as well as CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson)

Saulo Londono is alleged to have engaged local media and local electeds in a mad-dash to try and trash a series of events coming up on Thursday 11-21-2019 in Chico. He called the organizers and the participants in the events white supremacists. Why would he attack these people? Read on…

Saulo, like most of the people Mr. Reade and Buhler boosted is a legislative staffer. His social media indicates he is a district director for a State Senator. A quick check of Transparent California indicates that in 10-2018 Londono’s Salary was $3,350 a month. (side note, as I scanned the document I was noting the relatives of several GOP legislative candidates or local office that are staffers. That is no coincidence – and is the basis for the term I coined “The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure” to describe the shrinking world of consultants and staffers in the CAGOP that are trying to control everything)

The Butte County GOP situation is a fantastic illustration of where being a legislative staffer and a party leader at the same time is a problem. No one ever knows which master you are serving. It is completely possible that the partisan GOP electeds know nothing about the following:

A couple of local mothers concerned about their community set up a meeting and a series of events for Brandon Straka – the leader of the #WALKAWAY movement to come headline.

Event number one is at 11:30 AM at the Chico Elk’s Lodge with the Chico Republican Women Federated:

Event #2 is a community meet and greet in a local park near Chico State and a High School. The location was chosen so that the High School students could have a chance meeting with Straka on their way home from school. The group hosting the event is called “For the Love of Chico”.

Event #3 is with the Chico State College Republicans. It is from 7PM-10PM at Chico State’s Campus. Details are here so you can get tickets if you like.

Saulo Londono has attempted to thwart all three events.

I’ve been receiving reports about Butte County since the 2017 consultant takeover of the Butte GOP from multiple people. It is small, insular and they have next to no public footprint. (This is a stark contrast to the Butte Dems whose Headquarters is right on Esplanade in downtown)

My personal experiences with Saulo are negative. I’ve known him to be arrogant and abrasive. Given that I have been a thorn in the side of his Boss, David Reade and others for years I dismissed Saulo’s rude behavior towards me as a function of politics.

However, several others have come forward with similar stories with a similar theme in the last 3 years. Unless you were a friend of Saulo’s or the staffer cartel, you were treated as a non-entity.

Enter the organizers of the above events. Once push-back started occurring from the local Democrat Socialists (aka the DSA), it caused these events to hit the radar screen of Saulo. One of the organizers describes a conversation with Saulo where she was describing the issues they were having and the success as well. It was in a good faith attempt to see if the Butte GOP Establishment would help.

The organizer described how she recruited security assistance from the Proud Boys among other groups. Within a short time, it was put to me that Saulo threatened the organizer with media exposure if she went forward with the event because the “Proud Boys are White Supremacists”.

The problem for Saulo is that the Proud Boys are a lot of things, but the Black, Asian and Mexican members would contest the notion of the Proud Boys being White Supremacists. They see themselves as a remedy for ANTIFA. Given that the organizers where threatened with physical violence in local Chico DSA Facebook Groups, the organizers asked for help. Saulo was told about this, something he used to eviscerate these well-meaning volunteers.

Remember, the Organizers are two younger Mothers who have never done anything political in the past…

… and Saulo Londono went to local media, local electeds and anyone else he could get to pay attention screaming about White Supremacists. I wish Saulo would be so passionate about the crap going on at Chico State. This is apparently, how the local Butte County GOP deals with undesirables that did not solicit permission.

Saulo is alleged to have called and pressured the Chico State CR Leader in an attempt to scuttle their event. It has been put to me by several sources that he attempted to do the same to the Chico Women’s Fed. The two women who are facilitating these events have fielded several calls, text messages and emails due to the tempest Saulo created for them with his desire to destroy anything he can’t control. Saulo took advantage of their naivete and used it in order to try and destroy them and their credibility.

The unfortunate fact for those of you that read the Right on Daily Blog is that I have written about the tactics of the “Oligarchy of Controlled Failure” for years. I have been targeted by all kinds of political operatives (at least some of the time I had it coming though) and I am sad to see it happening to others for no real reason other than to exert control of a shrinking political universe.

Saulo Londono is a poster child for why a paid political operative should never be allowed to sit in a position of authority in the Party Structure anywhere.

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  1. I’m interested to find out where you gleaned this information? What date was this posted?

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