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The day I endorsed Donald Trump 3-15-2016

2002 was quite a year in politics for me. I spent hundreds of hours volunteering for then Assemblymember Sam Aanestad against the late Assemblyman Dick Dickerson. Dickerson’s heinous crime was voting for the Gray Davis Budget of 2002. (It seems like child’s play when compared to today’s tax increases)

Back then, there was no Ed Rowen in Placer County either. I walked tons of precincts out of an old, converted Gas Station that was on what is now Lincoln Blvd. The old service station that traced its’ roots back to the days when main street in Lincoln was US 99E (long before CA-65) was torn down in favor of a fast food place not long after that 2002 Primary. In the backdrop of the all-out war in CA SD-04 in 2002 was the Bill Simon Campaign against Gray Davis (think Pre-Recall).

During the Congressman John Doolittle-led effort to pour an unheard of $60,000 in to a Central Committee Race in Placer County, your intrepid blogger was left off of the slates of candidates for both the moderates and the conservatives. Even then, the powers that be saw me as a loose cannon. (I can’t imagine why)

Suffice to say, Sam Aanestad won the Senate Primary by 16 points. Rick Keene took his Assembly Primary by 14 Points and the Placer Congress Club Slate got slaughtered largely because they were cast as people that opposed Congressman Doolittle for being too conservative. (Which they did, by the way) Also note that Doug LaMalfa beat a crowded field to win his Assembly Primary at the same time as Keene won his. 8 years later, in 2010, Keene and LaMalfa would clash in a State Senate Primary (to replace Sam Aanestad) that was for the ages.

The late Sam Aanestad would later run for Lt. Governor in 2006 and would attempt to walk out on two months of pay he owed my brother who traveled the state with him. My Brother George had to sue Aanestad to get paid some of the money – this despite what your intrepid blogger had done for free for his Senate campaign just a few years before.

I had not seen or heard much from Paul Hrabal (the Placer Congress Club leader) since 2002. I’ve run in to Tom Jones a few times. Many of you current Placer GOP Members may remember Jon Green or Cheryl Maki or Murriel Oles. They were part of the 2002 crew for the moderates.

In 2002, current Auburn Councilmember Bill Kirby ran against John Doolittle in the Republican Primary. In 2004 and again in 2006 – it was Mike Holmes. (some of you should remember him) Both attacked John Doolittle for being too conservative. Many of us believed then-Auburn Councilmember Mike Holmes was working with the national dem operatives that were running Charlie Brown’s two campaigns for congress in 2006 and later 2008. While Bill Kirby has since reconciled with John Doolittle and others, Mike Holmes spent years disrupting the Placer GOP Cent Com and attacking conservatives. Mike’s Brother, Jim Holmes was always held in much higher regard because he is a lot easier to deal with.

I got myself appointed as an alternate for someone on the Committee (I can’t remember who) but as such, I had a front row seat to see the dynamic of the 2003-2004 Central Committee. It was not healthy. I recall Kirk Uhler, Susan Rohan and Kathy Lund, amongst others, having arguments with Ken Campbell and others in leadership about payments of voter registration bounty and other items without the consent of the committee.  I can not remember all of the facts of the matter – as this was 15-16 years ago – but this is the genesis of the issues between Ken Campbell and Kirk Uhler. The only other member of the Current Placer GOP Cent Com that remembers those days is Thomas N Hudson.

In 2004, Kirk Uhler told me he was not running for Placer GOP Cent Com. So I ran and got elected to my first of three elected terms on the Placer GOP Cent Com. Also in 2003, I was elected President of the Placer CRA. I was president of the Placer CRA for 10 years.

It was in my capacity as President of the Placer CRA that I got to know many of the local electeds in Placer County. These include Kirk Uhler, although in 2004 he was still out of office.

It would still be another 6 years before I or anyone else came to know Suzanne Jones, but in the next 4 years from 2005-2008 I’d get a front row seat to know who Kirk Uhler is, especially when juxtaposed against many of the other so-called Republicans in local office.

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