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There is a disease in politics, maybe people in general. When shocking information comes out, the first instinct is denial or glazing over. I nearly had that happen to me as it pertains to San Clemente. I found myself agreeing more with liberal democrats than with the other Republicans. I had to process the issues and realize that San Clemente is a case study in human behavior.

Please note that there are people promoting these blogs in an attempt to help elect Jackson Hinkle who is a cop-hating, extreme leftist who supports legalizing prostitution and heroin. I will have plenty more to say about him shortly.

Gene James’ behavior towards the homeless in San Clemente is reprehensible. It appears that James, a new resident in San Clemente saw that the people there hated the toll road and also have seething contempt for the homeless. Thus, James flip-flopped on the toll-road. His appalling actions toward the homeless are a completely different issue. Both issues appear to be calculated decisions on Mr. James’ part.

The embedded Text thread is related to an allegation that Gene James backed his truck in to a parking stall near a former homeless encampment location and was blowing exhaust in to one of the tents. The allegations against Gene James are many. I have additional text message threads and screenshots from Facebook Groups in San Clemente celebrating the harassment of the homeless. I also have a video interview of two of Gene James’ victims, plus videos of even more. At the request of the source, I am holding off publishing them until the people in them give their consent. Suffice to say, Gene James is in most all of the videos doing what he does best – bullying and harassing people.

As an alcoholic with nearly 17 years sober, I’ve met many people in recovery that used to be homeless. They tell me that many have passed the gates of insanity and are un-treatable, many others are perfectly happy using and drinking and leeching off the system, while only a small group really want out. Trying to separate the three is nearly impossible, with the situation being made worse by liberal activist judges that render decisions tying local government’s hands. When you add in the NIMBY-ism on San Clemente, there are no shelters and any planned shelter is shouted down.

The solutions to the homeless problem will remain a debate for many future years.

However, what is not debatable is Gene James’ history of driving down to the beach where the encampment was and yelling at and harassing the people there. Several people have spoken to me on background indicating that they know several incidents of Gene James driving down to an area called “North Beach” and rousting up the homeless camp there. Again, if challenged legally, I have videos and photos substantiating everything I am writing. Frustrating such as it is, it is not the role of an individual citizen to abuse people because you don’t like them. It is certainly illegal to assault people – which Gene James is also alleged to have done. (again, the source is eyewitnesses)

Ironic isn’t it as he holds himself out on an expert witness in violent crime. He must have been practicing on the homeless and disabled in San Clemente.

One of the homeless advocates I talked to had their car vandalized

James’ pattern of abuse was even captured in a local news story. Given that Gene James has a history of physically violent behavior, I can only imagine what he really did to the people camped on the beach. In his own words, Gene James said he assaulted a homeless veteran to make a point. The disabled veteran is in another video being interviewed detailing at least two incidents with Gene James.

What I find disgusting is that the people defending the human dignity of the homeless are trump-hating liberal democrats – and several people on the Right are cheering Gene James’ actions. I also take note that the local police department did nothing to Gene James. Does this mean Gene James was backed up by City Hall in his behavior? Did the Orange County Republican Party know about Gene James pattern of abuse and aggressive behavior? Did they care?

In addition, the same people on the left are accused of coddling and enabling the drug use, trash and other environmental issues created by the homeless encampment. No one is innocent here. The enabling includes transporting people and dropping them off at the encampment, giving them needles, tarps, tents, etc. This is where the lefties are wrong, you can’t defend human dignity while at the same time enabling their behavior, that is a form of torture.

Gene James is also on video leading a group of people who showed up at north beach the day that the police / social workers picked up the came and moved it to a vacant lot somewhere near the outlet mall. A group numbering somewhere around 200 were cheering and applauding as these people were moved. James was wearing a large golf hat and a XXL Hawaiian Shirt so he was easy to spot. No matter how angry you are, denying people human dignity is also reprehensible. This appears to be all in a day’s work for Gene James as he wormed his way in to the cool kid’s club in San Clemente.

My Brother in Law died in his addiction at Age 46. He was homeless many times and seeing things like this make me wonder how many people like Gene James abused my late Brother in Law. Meantime, the Orange County Republican Party endorsed this monster. To Be Continued…

P.S. Some of the people angry over what Gene James and Others did have filed a lawsuit against the City of San Clemente – citing the absurd decision by the Obama Judge that basically tied one hand behind the backs of municipalities in dealing with homelessness. (The “Judge” ruled that arresting homeless people when there was not adequate shelter space in the municipality was cruel and unusual punishment – thus giving Homeless people the “Right” to camp on or inhabit sidewalks and other public places)

I am not going to debate the merits of their case. Rather, I direct your attention to pages 33 and 34 of the lawsuit: (Bold for emphasis as Gene James is identified as one of the people that has engaged in these actions, (and looks to be proven as such by the videos I have in my possession) and said actions are in legal documents filed in a lawsuit under penalty of perjury)

Over several months, the CITY OF SAN CLEMENTE, through its employees and agents, fostered a climate of fear directed at people experiencing homelessness in the city. Homeless individuals were barred from locations where they previously stayed, largely out of sight. They were told by the OCSD, the contract LEO for San Clemente, that they could not be at the train station except limited purposes, could not stay at the beach or a public grassy area where they had stayed, and other similar relocations every time they moved. They were forced into more public spaces where they became the target of residents virulently opposed to the presence of homeless individuals. For example, as part of a concerted campaign to force homeless individuals out of public view and out of the city, several individuals parked their trucks in such a manner as to have the fumes from the exhaust blow in the direction of homeless individuals on public sidewalks, where they have a right to be under Martin v. City of Boise in a municipality that lacks any shelter beds, and where they have a right to be at any time like any other member of the public. These individuals left their trucks running to maximize the toxic impact of the engine exhaust. Others made it a point to transit the sidewalk with wheelchairs, challenging ADA compliance.  Some, if not most or all of the individuals are able-bodied as evinced by the fact that these individuals are observed rotating who is being pushed and who is sitting in the wheelchair. Still others scream at the homeless individuals in public spaces while law enforcement does nothing. Since unsheltered persons were forced to move to the camp on Avenida Pico, the community harassment has continued with housed residents throwing firecrackers into the camp, standing outside the fence and shouting at people and similar harassment.

Based on my research – which includes public records, interviewing people that have interacted with Gene James, I am of the opinion that Gene James is a “Malignant Narcissist” (google the description) and may even be a Sociopath. Since I am not a trained Psychologist, I have to rely on my experience in dealing with Alcoholics and Drug Addicts in recovery groups. It appears that Mr. James has a pattern of going from one relationship to another, starting out with “Love Bombing”, then using them (for loans and or debt payment) and when he has gotten what he wants the victim is destroyed and discarded. Please keep this analysis (aka my opinion) in mind as you read the series of posts on Mr. James.

To Be Continued… (Please see below for an unredacted photo of Gene James’ truck. Note the personalized license plates, and the license plate frame. Image folks, Image.) Note the position of the truck relative to the tarp, suggesting that he was caught in the act of propelling exhaust in to the homeless people’s shelter.

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  3 Responses to “San Clemente People’s Exhibit A For Why Gene James Should be Locked Up, Let Alone Ever in Office – Abusing and Harassing Defenseless People”

  1. Mr Park , I didn’t not give you permission to use my name or this photo and I would like you to take both down .The fact is I had a meeting with Gene James and was happy with his explanation of the photo
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation
    Kelly E Chapman

    Blogger’s Note: I did not get the photo(s) from a Kelly Chapman. I’ve never talked to a Kelly Chapman. Please try again later. Once stuff is in the public domain, that is all she wrote. By the way – stay tuned there are more coming as the camera does not lie.

  2. Why would he need to back into a stall to make a point. Wouldn’t it make sense to just pull in? And the brown Tundra who accompanied Gene James, was he making a point as well? The SC Homeless bashers talked and joked about blowing exhaust into the tents on FB. Gene also knew that the occupant of that tent was a disabled homeless vet and Mr James must know what carbon monoxide does to a person. A crime indeed and horrifying that anyone would consider doing something that low.

    Blogger’s Note: I have a picture, I think of the two trucks. I have a huge pile of stuff about Mr. James and his lifelong pattern of abusing people. However, stuff from 2018-2019 is much easier to relate to. I will say it again – I disagree with the state of california coddling homeless people, but abusing defenseless homeless people is evil. It also makes a terrible problem even worse.

  3. If you really want to get rid of Gene James, those involved should turn this information about the assault on the homeless veteran to the D.A.’s Office. And I bet the V.A. would also be interested in this as well. I wonder if any of the local politicians (like Bill Brough) will take a stand for a homeless vet being assaulted by a bully. I wonder if VFW Post 9934 and American Legion Post 423 (which are local south O.C. organizations), will stand in solidarity with the homeless vet against this punk Gene James. And just because a candidate (like Gene James) tells you what you want to hear, don’t take it as gospel because all he is doing is leading you down the garden path. I guess Gene James forgot about the brotherhood of veterans, or else he was one of those veterans that slipped through the cracks and never sought that bond of brotherhood. I bet the local news media would run with this story as well, “and the top story at the 5 O’Clock hour, how a political candidate is accused of abusing a homeless vet.”

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