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I urge people looking for an alternative to the Communist Jackson Hinkle and the Monster Gene James to support Christina Setler for San Clemente City Council. 

Blogger’s Note: It is my opinion backed up with testimony from several of Gene James’ victims that he is a violent man with a temper and an abusive mouth. I’ve been told of him actually physically assaulting one of his exes, in addition to the verbal abuse and hair-trigger rage temper. I’ve spoken to 3 victims + a Homeless Advocate who has provided me with videos and photos and permission from the Homeless men to post said photos and videos. It is my opinion that Gene James has bullied and abused homeless people similar to his ex-wives / girlfriends. 

Please click here to see our first post with details about Judgments and Liens against Gene James.

I despise Jackson Hinkle’s extreme left wing positions on issues. His own words, and I also resent how he is trying to reinvent himself as something different. This, too is the worst that politics has to offer. Hinkle is an #OCCUPYICE, #ANTIFA, Anti-Cop activist. He in his own words supports legalizing prostitution and heroin. This is completely irresponsible and disqualifies him from serious consideration as well. Read More about Jackson Hinkle Here

Pictured – Gene James’ truck (The Sliver Truck) backed in to a stall blowing exhaust in to the shelters of homeless. Also Pictured 8(!) IRS Tax Liens from Gene James refusing to pay 8 years of Federal Income Taxes.

Following is an unedited in writing expose’ from an ex-girlfriend of Gene James. Her accounts are backed up repeatedly by public records: (I am emboldening the incidences verified by public records for validation of her testimony)

Diane met Gene on Match.com in 2003, Gene represented himself as divorced.  He was extremely attentive to Diane and her 2 young sons, 7 and 9 yrs, in the beginning and quickly moved into their home.  They got engaged and Gene spoke to her sons about changing their last name to James.   Gene wasn’t divorced but was separated from his 1st wife, Jane.  Jane and their sons lived in Ohio.  They had 3 sons, about 21+ yrs, about 18 yrs and 15 yrs.  He had a verbally violent relationship with Jane; screaming and cursing at her whenever there was phone contact.  Gene wanted to purchase a large screen TV and stand in 2004 and was unable to qualify for the credit card.  Diane found a court judgment paper under the passenger seat of Gene’s company car and saw that AVI Food Systems, his prior employer, had a large judgment against Gene in an amount close to $50,000It was then discovered that Gene had not filed or paid Federal or State taxes since 2001.  He refused to file taxes or address the judgment.  Collection agencies are now calling and sending letters to Gene.  Gene had defaulted on several credit cards after maxing out the credit limit.  He negotiated a much smaller amount to pay these off and borrowed $25000 from Diane, that she had borrowed against a home equity loan.  He was extremely racist and bigoted; spewing insults at different ethnic groups consistently, regardless of present company. At a backyard BBQ with a group of Little League players and parents, he made a very derogatory comment about Mexicans.  John M. took offense, stating his wife was Mexican and worked at Ralph’s. There was another insult by Gene and an exchange from John.  Gene instantly lunged at John, pushed him back in the chair, put his hands around his neck and started to choke him out.  It took 3 men to get Gene off John as he was starting to lose consciousness. John didn’t have Gene arrested at the time, fearing that it would make matters worse for Diane.   Diane was trying to stay in the relationship until she could get her money back, foolishly thinking that was a possibility.  Gene and Diane started to see a MFT in San Clemente.   The therapist advised Diane separately that she felt Gene was “mentally unstable and extremely dangerous” and when he was finally moved out of the house, she told Diane it wasn’t safe to ever be alone with Gene.  Gene was also very homophobic.  Diane had a party at her home with about 20-30 Catholic school mothers in attendance with a gay man who dresses as a woman character from Alabama who sells kitchen products in a direct sales company.  It is a very funny show and he is a top salesperson.  He now tours nationally doing his shows.  Gene came home early in a rage, threatened the entertainer and scared and intimidated the guests.  Several women stayed behind until Gene appeared to settle down and they were able to escort him out safely.  Gene later tracked down the entertainer, contacting him with through emails and phone calls, threatening to physically harm and/or kill him.  The entertainer contacted Diane to notify her of this as he too was very concerned for her safety.  Diane had to go out of town for business for several days and had her sons stay at their prior nanny’s home.  Gene was infuriated and did not come home when Diane returned.  She packed up his belongings and he was out.  Diane contacted an attorney for legal advise; sold the engagement ring and hired the attorney.  Gene still owed Diane $25000 for money loaned him to pay off creditors.  Gene responded with numerous threatening phone calls and letters to both Diane and the attorney.  The attorney told Diane that Gene was clearly mentally unstable and dangerous (as the MFT had as well) .  The attorney recommended Diane accept the $12000 Gene finally offered and Diane agreed to settle.

One year after Gene moved out, he married Jacqueline on 7/1/2007; a single mother of 2 minor children who owned a home in Carlsbad.  He had met Jacqueline on Match.com and had quickly moved into her home.  About 3-4 months into the marriage, Jacqueline found a “disturbing and threatening” letter to Diane’s attorney on the computer Gene had given her children to use, Jacqueline called Diane.  She wanted to know “who the heck did I marry”?   Jacqueline had started to see some disturbing behavior from Gene was suspicious of his motives.  Diane shared some information regarding Gene.  Several months later, Jacqueline again called Diane and said that she had witnessed Gene’s violent aggressive behavior, threatening temper and now had confirmation that he had been cheating.  She had spoken to a woman from Las Vegas that was “dating” Gene after they met on business trips.  This woman told Jacqueline that Gene told her he had been divorced for 6 years when he had actually been married for about 6 months.  Gene was on a business trip to Palm Desert and Jacqueline and her children were going to join him for the weekend.  But instead she spoke to him on the phone, told him that she was divorcing him and he needed to get his things out of the house.  Jacqueline had to call Carlsbad P.D. to stand when Gene came to get his belongings.   Jacqueline was extremely upset as she had loaned Gene a lot of money.  She filed for divorce in June 2008, North County San Diego case# DN15895.  Jacqueline had to file in court to have Gene’s wages garnished for the remaining $6000 that that he was ordered to pay in the divorce.  The final judgment  was recorded as paid 2009-0155167, for a total  $12000.  Three weeks after her divorce was final on 12/11/2008, Gene married his current wife, Emmanuelle Hugentobler, a financially well off cardiologist research doctor originally from France, whom he met on an on line dating website.  He moved into her home in Escondido, until they sold it and moved to San Clemente.

Note the consistent patterns – Gene James is physcially and verbally violent.

Gene James is racist and homophobic.

Gene James cheats on his relationships.

Gene James has terrible credit and does not pay his bills.

11 Tax Liens, 4 Civil Judgements, a Foreclosure, Wage Garnishments and 3 Marriages – and the OCGOP Endorsed this guy.

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  One Response to “San Clemente Gene James Update: Graphic Details That Confirm Many of His Liens and Judgements + Establish His Pattern of Violent Behavior”

  1. Little Jackson Hinkle has a lot of so-called answers to the social problems affecting us, but he does not list his financial plan to implement these changes. So whose’s going to pay for these programs? How much are our taxes going to go up for his “social justice programs” that are already costing us a bundle? And who is going to be in charge of the leadership and financial management of his programs? His high school chums?

    As for Gene James, he should never have been nominated for San Clemente City Council by the Republican Party based upon his past bad behavior and financial irregularities. The Republican Party is creating a situation where someone in financial difficulty will be responsible for the management, investing, borrowing, lending, budgeting, saving and forecasting of public funds that can’t manage their own financial obligations. What do you think is gonna happen when Gene James gets his hands on a city credit card? Does Bill and Stephanie Brough come to mind?

    Keep up the good work Aaron, the residents of San Clemente (both Democrat and Republican) deserve better than these cretins. And while your at it, we need to rid ourselves of Fred Whitaker and Patricia Bates if they continue to back losers like these.

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