Oct 042019

This is an easy call. Jay is one of the few Republicans in Partisan office that I respect. Anyone that reads this blog knows that I am not shy with my criticism of Republicans for their leadership failures or hypocrisies and am deign to respect Republican officeholders in general.

Jay Obernolte had the courage to be the first to stand up to Chad Mayes during the Cap and Trade Disaster. (Note: Mayes has endorsed Jay) He has also been available to almost every Republican Group and has been a fixture at conventions. Jay has been solid on issues of conscience and has been consistent with the Republican Party Platform in his record.

I believe Jay Obernolte is one of the few Partisan Republican Officeholders who is what he says he is. Beyond Jay’s impressive resume and life – his authenticity alone would be reason enough to support him.

I strongly urge any Republican thinking about running for CA-08 to get out of the race and support Jay.

Here is some recent stuff from Jay’s Campaign:


Contact: Ross Sevy
[email protected](760) 553-3028

Local Taxpayer Associations Endorse Jay Obernolte for Congress

HESPERIA, CA – Today, Assemblyman Jay Obernolte announced he has received the endorsement of prominent taxpayer associations in California’s 8th Congressional District, which includes all or portions of Inyo, Mono and San Bernardino Counties. Assemblyman Obernolte received the endorsement of:

The Inland Empire Taxpayers Association

The High Desert Taxpayers Association

President of the Inland Empire Taxpayers Association, Chris Collier stated, “Jay Obernolte has always opposed new or higher taxes. Whether it was fighting against the cap-and-trade carbon tax, the gas tax or the proposed tax on drinking water, Jay Obernolte has been a champion for taxpayers. In Congress we know he will not only work to keep taxes on working families low, but also cut wasteful government spending, force the government to balance its budget and pay down debt. Jay Obernolte is exactly the kind of taxpayer advocate we need in Congress and that’s why he has our support and endorsement.”

“I have always fought to put taxpayers first, and make sure our government was efficient and effective, not wasteful,” Obernolte stated. “In Congress I will work to reduce the national debt and the federal deficit so we pass on an effective and solvent government to future generations.”

Jay Obernolte started FarSight Studios, a software development company, in his college dorm room. Since then, he has created hundreds of well-paying, livable wage jobs and today, his local small business employs dozens of residents in the 8th Congressional District. Jay also has 14 years of experience in public service.  He is currently serving a third term representing the 33rd Assembly District in the California State Legislature, which includes over 65% of the 8th Congressional District’s voters. Jay has been married to his wife Heather for 23 years and they have two sons, Hale and Troy. More information about Jay can be found on his website at www.ElectJay.com

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