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Full Disclosure: I know Jim Bieber. I’ve known Jim Bieber for 15+ years. I am not close to him, but I know him through affiliations in politics. He is a campaign consultant and will work for people that hire him, as he generally works for pro-development and Republican causes. His job is not unlike selling real estate or insurance.

In the case of Gene James, I believe that Jim Bieber did not do his due diligence and allowed the sociopathic, narcissistic Gene James to manipulate him. The Jim Bieber I know would never take a client like Gene James if he did proper research on him. The only explanation is that James plied his life long pattern of manipulation and false imagery to seduce Mr. Bieber.

I will write once again – I do not care about the OC Toll Road. I live 450 miles away from San Clemente. It seems to be the only issue people in San Clemente care about (that is until I started talking to people down there, which added to the information related to Gene James being an abusive bully). I intervened in the Toll Road project to defend a friend of many years Jeff Corless from the smears being paid for by the City of San Clemente VIA Harvey Englander. Jeff has a right to earn a living, and he performed the duties that the TCA paid him to do.

Jeff Corless and Jim Bieber are being unfairly smeared. You can oppose the toll road all you want but attempting to destroy people for doing their job is morally wrong. The focus should be Gene James, then if Jim Bieber runs for office himself, then start the meat grinder. I got the following blast email sent to me:

Gene James is the puppet of the TCA and Toll Roads. Encourage your friends to share this information on social media (Facebook and Nextdoor), forward this email, and oppose Gene James in the 2019 San Clemente City Council Special Election.
“Toll Road” Bieber (a longtime Toll Road consultant) is supporting Gene James’ campaign for San Clemente City Council. Bieber has worked hard as a “241 Connector Outreach Consultant” to lobby for the SR-241 Toll Road extension that would cut through the heart of San Clemente and destroy our community.
1. Gene James accepted “Toll Road” Bieber’s endorsement of his campaign — they even posed for a photo together that Gene displays on his campaign literature (see photo above).
2. In 2015, “Toll Road” Bieber was listed as a 241 Consultant on official TCA documents (Click here to view). He was working to build the 241 toll road through San Clemente, now he’s working to get Gene James elected to City Council.
3. “Toll Road” Bieber’s contracts with the TCA stretch as far back as 2008, where he was awarded $125,000 from the TCA (Click here to view).
4. For years, “Toll Road” Bieber has been paid off by the Lincoln Club to support pro-TCA candidates for local offices (click here to view those payments). Gene James took the Lincoln Club’s endorsement for the upcoming 2019 San Clemente City Council Special Election and they are working to get him elected!📷
Don’t believe us that Bieber makes a living off of creating pro 241 Toll Road graphics like the one above? Click here to view the flyer on Bieber’s website. Why is this guy working to get Gene elected?
Don’t believe us that Bieber makes a living off of creating pro 241 Toll Road graphics like the one above? Click here to view the flyer on Bieber’s own website. Why is this guy working to get Gene elected?
Why is a Toll Road consultant campaigning for Gene James?
Do you trust Gene to fight the Toll Road or does Bieber trust Gene to continue his overpaid contracts?
Gene has only been in town for 3 years… is HE the fool or is he making YOU the fool?
If you don’t want San Clemente to end up like this… OPPOSE GENE JAMES IN THE 2019 SAN CLEMENTE CITY COUNCIL SPECIAL ELECTION
I am embarrassed to be a Republican given that the Orange County Republican Party refused to call on Bill Brough to resign.
I am embarrassed to be a Republican given that the Orange County Republican Party rammed down an endorsement of Gene James.
I am ashamed of OCGOP Chairman Fred Whitaker for being an active participant in stiffing complaints about Gene James’ behavior and for being so weak as it pertains to Bill Brough.
I am ashamed of Senator Pat Bates for her willful dismissal of facts and refusal to defend women. (as in the victims of Bill Brough and Gene James)
From a strategy standpoint, confusing the issue between Jim Bieber and Gene James is a loser. Focusing on Gene James’ behavior is a much better issue – which includes a history of physically violent and abusive behavior. The exposure of these will take him down faster.
All this said, Jim Bieber should terminate his contract with Gene James and withdraw his endorsement of him – as I have a laundry list of items as it relates to Gene James that are inexcusable and impossible to explain away. To be continued…

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  3 Responses to “Gene James, San Clemente and Jim Bieber: Focus On The Real Issues – Gene James Needs to Go, Jim Bieber is Hired Help”

  1. It wasn’t the worst video, but it was far from what you would expect from a campaigning candidate. And he would have done a much better job in explaining his positions instead of mentioning the negative aspects of the campaign. The GOP is so desperate they will endorse anyone (just like the Democrats) in order to maintain power. I too am embarrassed for the Republican Party. I just can’t wait to see Bill and Stephanie Brough’s video, Bill passing out cigars as Stephanie passing out drinks from their bourbon barrel.

  2. Since the OCGOP and Fred Whitaker were mentioned, it should also be mentioned that Gene James has been endorsed by Scott Baugh, the former chairman and one of the principle architects of the GOP loss of Orange County. I feel for the anti-toll roads people in San Clemente who think that this guy is some sort of savior.

    Blogger’s Note: Yeah no kidding, and the main alternative is a 20 year old communist.

  3. Poor Jim Briber…looks like he met his match on this video stunt he bungled. Briber is a tool for the Republican Party of Orange County. San Clemente residents like “at large” voting rather than “districts” favored by the OCGOP and their stool Briber. (cross between a stooge & a tool). After Briber collected signatures and it went on the ballot…residents voted overwhelming against him…aka go pound sand.


    Good for a laugh!

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