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Ask yourself, who in the Republican Party defends Women? We expect this crap from the godless amoral democrats as it appears there is one GOP loser for every democrat. It’s an absolute shame that we have seen zero leadership on the GOP side, even with the recent light handed solution to force Bill Brough into retirement from the OCGOP. When interviewing victims of Sean Doherty, a former Chief of Staff, I finally met a male Republican Staffer that demonstrated extraordinary courage unlike the OCGOP.

Sean Doherty is now a registered lobbyist in Washington D.C. and is trying to reinvent himself there. See his filing here, the second filing is here and here is another filing. He is recently advertising opening an office in Washington D.C. With that kind of power, I am convinced that Mr. Doherty will resume his pattern of verbal, physical and sexual abuse of people he knows are subordinated to him. Mr. Doherty needs to be removed from any position where he has power and control over anyone.

As one example – Sean Doherty has been known for imbibing in copious amounts of alcohol after work. I have first hand eyewitness accounts of Sean Doherty actually drinking in his office during business hours and forcing staff members to drink after hours as well (with zero regard to their wishes).

How did Sean Doherty force staff to drink after hours with him? Read on. Understanding the why is key to understanding almost every story of misconduct you hear about any legislator or senior staffer that comes out of Sacramento.

An ugly fact is the perception that the Assembly Rules Committee has a reputation for being a cover up factory (at least until 2-2-2018) so people had no incentive to tell their story. Given the culture of retaliation and fear it is quite easy to understand how some 20-something staffers in one of their first jobs (if not the first) would feel trapped by Sean Doherty. I will develop this theme, but the patterns I have seen time and time again suggest to me why some people like Lisa Bartlett wait 8 years (despite the fact that she had complained 7 years ago to no avail) to tell their story with hope for some sort of redress.

I’ve now spoken to 6 former staffers that worked for Sean Doherty and at least two more are depicted in the redacted Assembly Rules Reports related to Doherty’s termination. In the last three years, I’ve had other staffers of other legislators tell me Sean Doherty stories.

One staffer I spoke to indicated that Sean threw a stapler at him in a fit of rage. Another Staffer Indicated that he would throw people’s business cards on the ground and then he would throw them on the ground a second time after they were picked up. Included in these bizarre events would be expletive laden tirades and graphic sexual innuendo – which included calling male staffers pu–ies and bitches.

Worse – similar to other abuse victims that have been outed, the former legislative Staffers that spoke to me are very much concerned that their stories need to be heard to prevent future abuse, but also fear the consequences of their names getting out in public. The two females in particular still work in politically-related jobs and fear the ever present culture of fear and retaliation. It still happens despite meaningless rhetoric that it does not.

I could hear male and female alike, despite these events being from 2015, 2016 and early 2017 with their voices trembling and palpable fear. This is similar to the trauma exhibited by the victims of Bill Brough and others I have written about in the past. Sean Doherty may well be the worst I’ve ever written about as years later the victims were almost all experiencing legitimate anxiety while talking to me.

The reports of the victims of Sean Doherty follow the way too familiar pattern of a predator. Based on what I’ve learned, I believe that he appears to have preferred young women from broken families that he could play father figure to. He’d get himself way too close way too fast and gather all kinds of information from the unsuspecting staffers or interns before they knew that he had crashed their boundaries. Doherty would use the information as leverage and control later as his true manner would start to reveal itself. People with a psychological background would understand the type of person I am describing.

If anyone attempted to speak up or threatened to quit because of the abuse, Sean Doherty immediately threatened to destroy them and make sure they could never get a job in the capitol or anywhere around again.

In this case I get why the member of the legislature did nothing. The current and former staff that I spoke to believe that it is because Sean Doherty knew all about the member’s personal issues and personal business and strategically used it as leverage to keep his job.

It is interesting too, because Sean Doherty attempted to sue that legislator in 2018 – timed deliberately before the June primary to make news headlines— for wrongful termination. Talk about brazen and arrogant, and I just learned that lawsuit is still active. Perhaps the State of California can avail themselves of the Right on Daily Blog to convince the judge to toss the suit.

This pattern of psychological warfare and control is a pretty consistent thread I see in the monsters I write about in politics.

Most of the former staffers I spoke to needed therapy and some medication to move on from the trauma they endured from working under the abusive Sean Doherty. In future posts, I will be telling some extremely graphic and disturbing stories. This needs to stop at all levels in the body politic. 

Please note that the pattern of Sean Doherty – including the nightmares and the need for therapy by the victims – tracks a lot of the same with Bill Brough.

I had the privilege of speaking to the employee who was responsible for getting the Assembly Rules committee to take the Sean Doherty situation seriously. He was okay with going on the record and currently works the same sitting legislator’s district office. It was during a Sean Doherty rampage where he was trying to terminate one of the man’s co workers in the district office that he intervened.

This employee, Trevor, went to the Assembly Rules Committee, where he proceeded to unload everything he knew about the office culture, along with the illegal and disgusting happenings. He resigned following this, as he could not justify working another day with Sean Doherty as the Chief of Staff. He returned as staffer to the original member of the legislature’s office roughly seven months after Sean Doherty was terminated for cause. His courage meant that he was without a job for over half of the year.

Had Trevor not come forward, it is likely that the abuse would be continuing to this day as it appears that the member lacked the temerity to remove Sean Doherty. Trevor, who is much younger than your intrepid blogger, demonstrated more courage, character and leadership than dozens of so-called Republican Leaders I’ve been writing about.

Many Republicans in leadership choose to ignore information because it is much easier or simply they live to avoid conflict at all costs. The expose on the severity of acts committed by Sean Doherty will continue in the next installment, (please be prepared for extremely disturbing content) while other posts will cover Bill Brough. Your intrepid blogger will continue to blow the whistle. Let them both be a cautionary tale of what happens when you ignore conflict and avoid dealing with the monsters in your midst.

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  1. I say we have an “Octagon” where we throw Bill Brough, Gene James and Sean Doherty into the mix and see which one comes out on top.

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