Oct 042019

Is this the Axiom difference.. again? I’ve ridiculed Bryan Maryott for sending me Facebook and Instagram ads, now I am getting mail from him!? Allow your intrepid blogger to help:

For the benefit of those of you not versed in the terminology: CA-49 = California’s 49th Congressional District. AD73 = Assembly District 73, etc. I live in CA-04 and am less than 10 miles from CA-03 and CA-01. The numbers start in the north of the state. This means there is a TON of real estate between your intrepid blogger and Bryan Maryott’s area.

Perhaps his campaign manager (based in Virginia) does not know the geography of California. Allow me to help with this handy map.

If Bryan Maryott ends up winning CA-49, there will have been a landslide for Republicans Nationally with coattails all the way down the ballot. CA-49 is the least competitive of all districts considered swing in California. There is another fun fact, the Republicans have not retaken a lost congressional district since the 1970’s in California. The closest we came was CA-07 in 2014 when Tea Partiers left their ballots blank (something like 8,000 GOP ballots were undervoted for congress in that tilt) for both Doug Ose (who lost by 6,000) and Neel Kashkari.

Maryott certainly is not helping his cause by associating with Bill Brough, Gene James and sending campaign mail all over hell and gone.

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