Oct 072019

Clean up San Francisco she said!

Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? Deanna Lorraine (Tesoriero) is going to make love great again! She is going to mimic other popular conservatives with a clean up san francisco effort!


Just the cameraman. Where is Tom Del Bacardi? #EPICFAIL…

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  5 Responses to “CA-12 Update (Pelosi): Deanna Lorraine Tries to Mimic Other Candidates and Flops Horribly. No One Shows Up to Her Community Clean Up Event”

  1. Wow you are a LIAR! I was there at the clean up, along with 10 other people. You must have been that do-notjing grey haired douchebag in the lavender button down and khaki pants taking videos of us. Get a life! What a loser site this is LOL get real, give it up.

    Blogger’s Note: 10 people! Wow, that would not constitute quorum on most Central Committees #EPICFAIL

  2. Sally, Aaron is many things…but he is not a ‘do-notjing grey haired douchebag in lavender button down and khaki pants’….LOL

  3. Dear Sally, please do not embarrass yourself by displaying your level of ignorance. Aaron Park was able to help take down the Sheriff of Riverside County, and his entire command staff. And yes Aaron may be a lot of things, but he helped the residents of Riverside County get rid of a corrupt regime. And I don’t think Aaron has ever owned anything lavender colored in his life.

  4. Sally, from reading your comment, it would seem that rummaging through garbage is an appropriate past time for you.
    BTW, Aaron is a well-respected member not only of his community but the conservative community as well.

  5. I was there. The people that showed up were the RIGHT PEOPLE and the people that God sent to us for the cleanup. Why do lie so much on this blog? You will reap what you sow Aaron.

    You will see it is not what Mr Satanic Clint said it was…you have aligned yourself with some despicable people Aaron.

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