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In a previous post, we detailed Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero’s Dating Service from 2008 in San Diego. It appears that Ms. Tesoriero had to shut said dating service down in 2014 due to a still outstanding $40,000 Federal Tax Lien.

Deanna L Tesoriero
Address: 1670 Kettner Blvd Apt 506, San Diego, CA 92101-2560
Filing Location:San Diego, CA
Total Lien Amount:$40,257.14
Deed Category Type:Placement
—– Document Type: Federal Tax Lien
Court Case Number: 534519
Federal Tax Lien Area: Small Business
Tax Lien Serial Number: (redacted) 
Tax Type: 1040
Tax Lien Location: Oakland, CA
Tax Period Dates:Dec. 31, 2007 – Dec. 31, 2012
Extension Date: Jul. 29, 2019 <<<< (MEANS IT IS STILL ACTIVE AND UNPAID)
Tax Lien Date:Nov. 21, 2014
Recording Date: Dec. 5, 2014
LIEN (SEP. 13, 2014)
This explains clearly why she appears to have not had a w-2 Wage job where her wages could get garnished. It also explains why she had to shut her business down in 2014. An accompanying $2,500 tax lien from the State of California suggest she had an incompetent accountant or that she got caught trying to not pay taxes.
Whatever the reason, the lien is there, all $40,000+ of it to the IRS and $2500+ to the State of CA.
The liens also suggest why Deanna Lorraine has dropped her last name of Tesoriero from pretty much everything I have seen in research on her since 2014 as well. I recall another “candidate” for office with similar issues who always worked cash jobs and who moved around a lot. (Rodney Stanhope)
In 2017, Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero started a Go Fund Me Page for her “Make Love Great Again” business. IT appears that page got little or no traction. (However it’s continued existence may be a violation of campaign finance law.
Somewhere in that time-frame the affair between she and the crazed Omar Navarro occurred. It is the opinion of this blogger that once her attempts to launch “Make Love Great Again” trying to profit off of the emergence of President Trump – that she saw a mark in Omar.
When you plot these issues out on a straight line it appears to make a lot of sense. She was an unknown lightweight until her dalliances with Omar Navarro who had caught lightening in a bottle raising an ungodly $1MM due to the animus against Maxine Waters.
Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero had one business fail apparently due to not paying her taxes, is having to modify her name, had attempted to re-introduce herself as a Red-Pilled Dating Coach, and they all appear to have failed. However, once she connected with Omar Navarro, it appears she got a platform from which to launch her latest effort to promote herself.
Her campaign is laced will all kinds of pseudo-religious emotional appeals. These are eerily similar to what I have observed from reading all of her websites and the information I have gleaned from them. Emotional and Religious manipulation in order to get what she wants. If you are donating to her campaign ask yourself why? Ask yourself if your money is going to be used to pay back her tax liens or will it be used to finance a lifestyle she has not earned nor deserves as she is jet-setting around the western US talking to unsuspecting audiences.
If you honestly look at all of this stuff- you will move on from Deanna Lorraine to more ethical and real candidates for Congress. This series on Deanna Lorraine will continue…
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  One Response to “CA-12 Update: Is Fruadulent Congressional Candidate Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero Avoiding the IRS? An Active $40K Tax Lien Renewed on 7-29-2019”

  1. Seems like so many grifters and hucksters looking to make a quick buck off of President Trump, want to be the next “Jeff Johnson” and con their way into Congress.

    Deanna claims to be running a community cleanup in San Francisco on 10/7. This most likely serves as a means of drawing more attention to herself. She is basically copying Scott Presler, a young Trump supporter who actually does good things like help clean up dilapidated neighborhoods in addition to teaching conservatives how to effectively register new voters and get them on our side. As for Deanna, it sounds like she will more or less use it as an opportunity for photo ops, while other volunteers do the actual work.

    The fact that she ran a dating service based on New Age woo-woo, claims to be a strict abstinence Christian and then jets off to Florida to party like a sorority girl and fund raise for what is 100% likely an unwinnable race, is proof that something is afoot. She also does a disservice to candidates running in swing districts who could use that money.

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