Sep 182019

I received this redacted email from a confidential informant who did not know who Richie Greenberg is. Greenberg is on the SFGOP Central Committee and reputedly hates SFGOP Chairman John Dennis with a purple passion.

If anything, this email proves that Greenberg is cyber-stalking John Dennis. John Dennis is running for CA-12 as is Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero. Obviously, Omar Navarro is the crazed CA-43 candidate that has misdemeanor convictions and an active restraining order due to his issues. (an affair with Deanna Lorraine amongst them)

Since I have been the victim of Social media complaint drills I know what this stuff looks like.  It appears that John Dennis’ Twitter Suspension and Omar’s Website getting hacked, (If you try to visit it, you get a security warning – a clear sign of hacking – similar to what happened to Right on Daily in July of 2018) occurred on the same day. It is not unreasonable to wonder if Ms. Relationship Guru and/or some of her sycophantic supporters had something to do with either of these issues.

That said, back to Richie Greenberg. He was once the SFGOP Vice Chair, and was in charge of volunteer recruitment – only to quit his post when he could not find a parking spot for an event. Greenberg was her Majesty’s tour guide when she came up from her Redondo Beach Address to visit San Francisco. (for those of you that need geography – that is about 380 miles apart) That’s correct, the last address for Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero is in Redondo Beach. It is alleged she is using a Walnut Creek address now. Who knows, I have 6 addresses for her in my research.

When Greenberg ran for Mayor of San Francisco, he mustered 3% of the vote. Please note that a sugar pill polls at 4%.

I’ve been told that Greenberg is going to file for a State Senate Seat in the area. Perhaps he will quit that too when he can’t find a parking spot at an event in San Francisco.

I did manage to prove that Dennis’ account is still live but he is indeed locked out of it and Twitter is playing games with unlocking it for him as a result of the issues.

I will write it again, I believe Deanna Lorraine is a disaster and a complete fraud. I’ve seen her making religious statements and promoting the national day of prayer on her social media. If I was not used to this sort of behavior from my years in the GOP (see also Bill Brough for the latest example) I might be more upset by the con game than I am.

Nevertheless, our series on Deanna Lorraine (Tesoriero) will continue.

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