Sep 202019

Some of you will remember that Choi spoke on behalf of Bill Brough and voted against the OCGOP Resolution calling on Bill Brough to retire. This morning, your intrepid blogger received this from Stephen Choi’s camp: (Emphasis added by RightonDaily)

Assemblyman Choi Reports His Investigation Results on Allegations Against ASM Brough

Since Orange County Republican Central Committee’s recent action regarding Assemblyman Bill Brough, I have talked with three women (two in person and one over the phone) who indicated that Bill Brough sexually harassed them. I find their accounts both credible and disturbing.   I applaud their courage to stand up and share their painful experiences. I also want anyone who has not gone public to know how I feel.  I also have communicated with Assemblyman Brough to hear of his position.

Furthermore, I researched the explanation provided by Assemblyman Brough and am no longer convinced that he was as forthright as he should have been. I have let him know that I am disappointed and disturbed by the charges leveled against him

Some have viewed my vote against asking the Bill Brough not to run as some sort of defense of his behavior. That is categorically not the case. I do not condone or defend sexual harassment and believe those who perpetrate must be held accountable. I just didn’t think it was the time or place for a fair hearing and I did not have all the facts in front of me, making me feel at that moment “uncomfortable” about the proposed resolution, as I stated.

The fact is I co-authored the “Legislative Employee Whistleblower Protection Act”  which grants to legislative employees, past and present, protections against retaliation for reporting unlawful conduct. I also backed AB 2713 to require the state to compile and release information on sexual harassment complaints involving state employees, including information on any settlements. 

I plan to work on legislation extending those protections to campaign workers as well as locally elected officials who may fear retaliation from a state legislator. I hope to work closely with previous victims so we can have a new law to better protect women who have the courage to come forward in these situations. 

Steven S. Choi

Assemblyman 68th District

It is the opinion of this blogger that Bill Brough lied to Stephen Choi to get him to help on Monday Night. The world of Bill Brough continues to collapse.

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  2 Responses to “AD-68 / AD-73 Update: Dr. Stephen Choi Email Blast: Assemblyman Choi Reports His Investigation Results on Allegations Against ASM Brough”

  1. Choi is on the “Endangered Legislator” List.

    Not sure who is advising him, but his appearance with Brough was beyond “Felony Stupid”

    How do you say “Hasta La Vista, Baby” in Korean?

  2. No wonder the Republican Party is in shambles with buffoons like this representing us. We need to clean house, starting with these cretins.

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