Aug 172019

That’s right folks, the massive Rate increase that Placer County Treasurer Tax Collector Jenine Windeshausen made all about herself has been forestalled.

In an emergency meeting of the Pioneer Energy Board – on a motion to reconsider, the massive 25% rate increase has been forestalled.

Sitting in for Greg Janda, Rocklin Mayor Joe Patterson voted to forestall. Sitting in for Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler, Supervisor Bonnie Gore voted to forestall. After getting rheemed by his colleagues, Peter Gilbert from Lincoln voted to forestall.

They use weighted voting by population so those three votes represented 64% of the ratepayers.

Under parliamentary rules, someone on the winning side can request a motion to reconsider. Since Lincoln Councilmember Peter Gilbert defied the will of his colleagues in voting for Jenine’s scheme, he made the motion to reconsider after being threatened with removal from the Pioneer Energy Board. I am told Alyssa Silhi and Dan Karleskint were unwilling to kick him off and wanted to give him a second chance.

I was told by two people at the meeting that Gilbert was not the only Lincoln Councilmember in attendance at the meeting. Gilbert defiantly spoke in favor of the massive rate increase before voting to forestall it.

I was also told by yet another attender that Placer County Supervisor Jim Holmes was openly hostile and nearly had a physical confrontation with someone in the hallway to add to this Loomis Town Councilmember Jeff Duncan was also combative and berated people at the meeting. (Loomis Mayor Tim Onderko came and spoke as a citizen against the massive rate increase)

It appears that people like Jeff Duncan and Jim Holmes have made this rate hike about themselves as much as any cover issues behind it.

The cover story for the massive rate increase was debt repayment and reserve requirements. What this means is that the Massive Rate Increase could come back at a later date. The staff, who along with Windeshausen were pushing for this massive rate increase were given direction by the board to come up with a plan for debt repayment and saving money in reserves systematically.

Given the way these things usually work with bureaucrats, expect them to come back with another rate increase proposal hidden behind some sort of halfway reforms and debt repayment plan. I hope I am wrong, but 22 years in this game tells me otherwise. Staff always wants more money.

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