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You read it correctly. We expect democrats to try and forestall development, but in Southern Orange County, I have discovered another batch of NIMBY’s and BANANA’s. This time, I am not talking about the contingent of wealthy loudmouths in Granite Bay (in my backyard) that oppose development anywhere for any reason, I am talking about Southern Orange County. Specifically, as I was looking at the landscape of CA-49, and AD-73 what I found was disturbing. (CA-49 = Congressional District 49 (infested by Mike Levin), AD-73 = Assembly District 73 (infested by Bill Brough))

Some weak people trying to find a reason to avoid the real issues with Bill Brough think that the sudden explosion of scandals are related to this issue. All their stupidity (and that of Maryott) did was cause your intrepid blogger to start looking. And look I did. I’d also like to thank the two San Clemente City Council Members that are publicly defending Bill Brough for their assistance in narrowing my search for information. I found a whole bunch of Republican BANANA’s and NIMBY’s. 

BANANA = Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything.

It appears that San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano Mayor Brian Maryott, Failed Liberal Republican Rocky Chavez, the scandle-riddled Bill Brough, and some other mystery players have joined with the Enviros and Congressman Mike Levin in an attempt to thwart development in Southern Orange County. However, I am not sure any of the previously mentioned luminaries had anything to do with what the City of San Clemente has done.

Research shows that Bill Brough has cashed in from San Clemente Donors in 2019, ostensibly after his aggressive moves against development.

I originally thought I was going to be looking in to the CA-49 race as this one of is the best chances the GOP has to recapture lost territory in California. Once the Citizen’s tribunal meets to re-draw districts in 2021, if we don’t re-take the CA-49 and other lost territory in 2020, you can make sure the new lines will be much worse. With short sighted selfish anti-growth “Republicans” like those in local government in the south end of Orange County including the intransigent Bill Brough and his enablers… they are doing their part to entrench Mike Levin in Congress.

At this point, Maryott is the only known “Viable” Republican candidate for CA-49. He proved in 2018 that he is incompetent with a humiliating 7th place finish in the primary. (Your intrepid blogger could have carpetbagged down there and done better) As I was researching Maryott, I noted that on his website, he calls himself a Conservative. (#YUGE Red Flag, you live it, you don’t have to tell anyone you are)

Maryott’s campaign theme is “Enough Already, Let’s Get to Work”… apparently, except when it comes to congestion relief in Southern Orange County.

This was sent to me by someone that lives in CA-45, not CA-49. Enough already Bryan. Oh and I get these too and I live in CA-04, you may need to look at a map to find CA-04. 

I had family members leave San Clemente because they could not make simple improvements to their property without the NIMBY police approval and a pile of paperwork. So, this behavior did not surprise me in the slightest.

Then of course while researching the CA-241 Extension which this is known as, I found out that one of my favorite Green Republican Cap-and-Traitors Rocky Chavez also opposed the project in his vain attempt at getting elected to Congress (he ran for CA-49 in 2018 and is looking at CA-50 in 2020). Anyone within the GOP will remember that Chavez was elected in an R vs R runoff with something like $2 Million worth of expenditures and attacks against his opponent. Chavez like so many other self-serving and short-sighted politicians repaid the investment by bailing out of office for bigger and better things, then bad-mouthing all of his former colleagues after suffering an almost as humiliating loss as Maryott did!

I am sure once Bill Brough is a former officeholder he will blame his female victims and everyone else that rose up to expel him once the totality of his behavior became known. 

I’d tell both Chavez and Maryott “Enough Already, Get Back to Work”, but Mr. Chavez’ Ego would replenish the polar ice cap and Maryott is clearly bored with financial planning as his stance on development is geared toward shredding the retirement savings of his clientele.

A lot of people in Orange County have told Bill Brough “Enough Already” but he is going to require long-term therapy as his brain function appears to be inhibited. Let’s see how many more leaders in Orange County join in the hit parade.

And, then there is San Clemente. I will refer to it is San-NIMBYte. I stumbled upon this LA Times attack article against the CA-241 Extension project. I’d have been good with a drive-by on Maryott, Brough and Chavez, but this article in the LA Times is quite convenient and deliberate. No one in the California Media has enough non-THC Tainted brain cells to be this effective.

The article was a classic left-wing hit piece all about the money paid to consultants working on the CA-241 Extension. That was all it was about, and in the course of whining about traffic as a backdrop for all this evil money, the LA Times took a position against traffic relief. At least I can rationalize the stupidity of Maryott, Brough and Chavez – they were pandering for votes they didn’t get. (or in the Case of Brough, won’t get ever again)

San Clemente officials, fierce opponents of a proposal to extend the toll road through the beach town, obtained the consultants’ billings through a public records lawsuit and have sharply criticized the payments to the high-priced, politically connected consultants.

Note that the LA Times Reporter used Hyperbole – huge red flag

I was looking for a motive for the LA Times hit piece, the 4th paragraph let the cat out of the bag, it looked like a jealous rage and a desperate city (San Clemente) trying to carpet bomb everything and everyone.

It is not a bad strategy as many in the political world are cowards and fold at the first sign of criticism. Witness how long it is taking to get people to stand up to Bill Brough’s behavior. 

Then, it hit me.

…the source of the problem was an “antagonizing” campaign waged by San Clemente’s own consulting firm, Los Angeles-based Englander, Knabe & Allen, which had lost out to Venture Strategic in bidding for the tollway agency’s contract.

The firm’s strategic proposal to San Clemente invoked Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” in explaining how it would battle the toll road extension, and mentioned filing public records requests for consultants’ fees as one of its weapons. City records show the firm in late 2017 was paid nearly $100,000.

Hell hath no fury like a jilted consultant. Is Harvey Englander behind the LA Times Hit Piece?

Adam Englander lost the contract to the consultant quoted about in the LA Times. Adam and Harvey Englander are now “employed” by the City of San Clemente. I know Harvey Englander by reputation and in my opinion, he is not a good dude at all. 

So did Adam get his daddy to come in and bully local government in South OC?

So – you have Harvey Englander, Leftists, a leftist Congressman, a leftist Cap and Trade warrior Rocky Chavez AND a self-identified trans-conservative Brian Maryott with the scandal-riddled Bill Brough trying to scuttle the CA-241 extension to keep I-5 clogged? I can’t get drunk enough to imagine how the hell that helps the environment. 

Apparently, the San Clemente City Council post closure of their hospital is A-OK with it taking 45 minutes to get to the next closest hospital during rush hour? And, they are working with Harvey Englander who appears to be racketeering the whole thing by bullying and harassing anyone and everyone affiliated with the project? What did Bill Brough get out of this deal? Given that Brough appears to have been living off of his campaign account, it appears he would be vulnerable to being sucked in by the San Clemente anti toll-road racket… 

Who is Harvey Englander? What is he doing? Stay tuned as in our next installment, we introduce you to Rocky Chavez, Bill Brough and Bryan Maryott’s good buddy. Oh, and all of this is paid for with your tax dollars courtesy of San Clemente – the NIMBY capitol of Southern Orange County.

Is the OCGOP smoking crack? Do you really think you have a chance at re-taking CA49 or holding AD-73 with nimrods like these guys? Please do something about this!

To be continued…

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  4 Responses to “CA-49+AD-73 Update: Why is a “Republican” City Council, Bill Brough and a “Republican” Congressional Candidate Trying to Kill Freeway Construction in South OC?”

  1. First of all, it is not a “freeway,” It is a toll road. And an extremely expensive one at that. You might want to do some research that is not feed to you.

  2. Blogger’s Note: Someone got triggered.

    Uhh… to anyone who has been involved and knows the facts, this blog is just silly. Sophomoric. Assumptions and factoids (true and false) absent any context. And on key facts, the blogger is simply wrong. At least the blogger has used a jr hi style narrative tone so he/she/they have that going for them.

    Timelines and driving forces in this distorted view are terribly wrong. Jump to assumptions and name calling if you don’t bother to get both sides. (Don’t bloggers have any intellectual honesty?)

    TCA extracts billions over decades and hasn’t built a roadway in over 20 years… but the spending ramps up for no return every barren year. The hard truth this blog misses… any 241 extension will do nothing appreciable to impact traffic regionally. TCA and 3rd Party traffic studies prove it. Population and work centers are NOrTH of San Clemente, and extending 241 to the 5 simply doesn’t reroute any significant traffic or change any rush hour congestion.

    Conservatives and liberals alike see failure in TCA as another reason to oppose this roadway: traffic relief and financial commitments made by TCA decades ago for 73 and other pieces were so woefully wrong that what should have long ago become free non-Toll roadway with retired debt has instead been re-“mortgaged” time and time again until costs to taxpayers to TCA have grown in multiples and the chance to have the debt retired gets pushed out as much as the National Debt. (Not in ours or our children’s lifetimes). Meanwhile, TCA is rewarded with more money, expanding budgets and no accountability – all for failed traffic relief. It doesn’t work but at least it’s costing 5 times what they sold us! Blogger: “Let’s buy ANOTHER unneeded and financially ruinous TCA project!

    Then, yes, there’s the annoying facts of 241 and severe imminent domain plans literally taking many many homes and businesses… to which the blogger ignorantly bleats “NIMBY!” “BANANA!” Damn, San Clemente homeowners and business owners are complaining? Just because TCA wants to take homes and businesses?

    Also, aside from ‘not nearly enough people to make it viable’, who uses TCA toll roads? Who cannot? Students… seniors… working class people… disproportionately, lower socioeconomic groups who might need transportation the most cannot afford double-digit daily rolls. (For that matter, middle class can’t afford hundreds each month, so even if there ever could be enough potential users, only the wealthy can afford any weak benefit TCA could hope to deliver.

  3. There’s a cabal who have been using the TCA as their gravy train for decades. Hell, if the Leftists can do this on a statewide level with the bullet train to nowhere, why not us, right? Anyone who doesn’t agree with this monumental waste of money is vilified and their reputation trashed. Bill Brough’s problems (besides his multiple sexual harassment episodes and personal corruption) was that he offered no-nonsense legislation (in exchange for influence) under the cover story that it was meant to protect the taxpayers, and Maryott agreed. Never mind that the data is there to support a toll road connecting 241 with the 5, somebody still needs to spoon out the gravy. This forum has decided to help by publishing this hit piece. Congratulations.

    Blogger’s Note: So the people fighting the TCA have aligned themselves with a left-wing donor and political consultant. Got it.

  4. Gosh, there is some heavy duty editing going on with these comments. I wonder what Aaron will do with this comment? 40,000 registered voters in San Clemente are laughing at the “Freeway Construction” headline. Thanks for the chuckle.

    Blogger’s Note – be creative about where you are commenting from.

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