Apr 012019

I am going to preface this post to say that I believe Jessica Patterson is NOT involved in this effort to shred the California Republican Party Platform. I have also spoken to one of her close associates, a Congressional Chief of Staff, a CRP Board Member and an Assembly Chief of Staff and none are aware of an organized effort within their own ranks.

Some may be wondering why your intrepid blogger is making a big deal out of Platform Committee Membership for the CAGOP. Take a look at this manifesto called “Reframing the Message“. This was the result of a reputed $250,000 expenditure and this document was produced some time pre-2018 elections.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeees Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Several Calls with several activists confirm that Luis Buhler is on a rampage in the Bay Area. He has recruited some social liberal Trump Supporters in at least two Assembly Districts, while recruiting some known platform destroying never-trumpers in other districts.

If the previous four party insiders I spoke to were/are unaware of an effort to shred the Party Platform – it appears then that Luis Buhler is on a rampage by himself. It seems non-nonsensical that party leadership would want open warfare over the party platform after the shellacking in 2018.

Luis Buhler does not play well with others and he is obsessed with eviscerating conservative values from the California GOP.

Your Intrepid Blogger has been briefed about efforts in AD22, AD29, AD30 and several other districts in the Bay Area peninsula – led by Buhler.

It has also been reported that Mr. Buhler is active in the Santa Clara and Santa Cruz GOP Central Committees assisting the liberals on said committees in ousting Conservative / Travis Allen supporting committee members. This is also consistent as since I have known Luis, he has raised money to purchase slate mail cards in an attempt to control the outcome of Central Committee Elections in the Bay Area.

We have confirmation that one Travis supporter in Santa Clara and Santa Cruz County have been ousted from their local committees. (and there are efforts to oust others) In Santa Cruz the ouster was for two absences (their bylaws state two absences, in a Buhler led modification to standard language) in 2018, not 2019 and in Santa Clara, the ousted member was in the hospital. This sort of ruthless behavior is also consistent with the Luis Buhler I know.

In the North State, someone who may or may not be David Stafford Reade has made calls in at least AD01, AD03, AD05, AD07, AD08. In AD06, right-wing Conservative Ken Campbell is running and will have no serious opposition.

We are following up on leads from the Central Valley as well. In particular, Kern / Tulare which are controlled by the McCarthy Machine. Also, of interest is South Sacramento County / San Joaquin which is home to a top lieutenant in the leadership proxy drills.

The information is coming in piecemeal, we are looking for info from anywhere south of Fresno County. Please email [email protected] with your tips. Let us know if Conservatives are being run off of Central Committees, and if “leadership” types are pushing people for Platform Committee.

Thank you to the confidential informants that have been coming forward, there are a lot of you. Together, we can save the California Republican Party from itself.

In 2011, the liberals led by Luis Buhler and others came within inches of shredding the California Republican Party Platform. I wrote volumes about that. It looks like history is repeating itself in 2019. This time, we are not being taken by surprise.

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  1. Let us give jobs to the home less or training so they can do a job.AKA education to pass an apprentice ship test. We republicans want to bring back self worth to our society.

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