Feb 132019

Yes – THAT Jack Duran.

The Jack Duran that wanted to turn Placer County in to a gigantic Pot Farm.

Apparenrtly, Mr. Duran, a Mazareti Driving Trial Lawyer got sacked by at least one tribe he was “working” for. It involed an ambulance case he took as a plaintiff’s attorney. Whoops.

As a charter review committee member, he could expand the reach of Prop47 and Prop57 soft on crime punishments and lack of jail space.

He will push for district elections that can be manipulated to keep incumbents safe and can pit neighborhoods against each other.

Duran’s fellow leftists at the Press Tribune were basically giving him a pre-employment boost on their publication.

It is clear that a 23% rejection at the polls was not enough to deter him from trying something again.

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  One Response to “Jack Duran Update: Local Leftist Rag Lets Cat Out of Bag – Roseville City Council Getting Ready to Appoint Duran to Charter Review”

  1. The problem with marijuana is that it has evolved from a “recreational” drug to a more serious dilemma. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, the THC in marijuana was only 3%, but now because of hydroponics, the THC in marijuana has increased to 30% or more. And there are not only kids, but grown-ups that can’t go a day without smoking marijuana, which is just as addictive now as other drugs. And initial reports from Colorado is that there have been in increase in traffic collisions as a result of marijuana usage. But the politicians endorse it because of all the money then can get from taxing the sale of marijuana.

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