Feb 012019

I like Peter Kuo, I always have. I have however come to the conclusion that he is not qualified for a senior position in leadership of the CAGOP.

Corrin Rankin is articulate, brilliant, and accomplished. She is capable of thinking on her feet and is able to deviate from the script in order to answer people’s questions directly. It is my observation that Peter Kuo lacks the depth of knowledge and expertise on how to run an effective political organization.

Corrin Rankin is a self-made woman who made the decision to close her business due to the extreme leftist policies enacted by those currently controlling California (When they abolished Bail, this ended Corrin’s Bail Bonds Business). Fortunately for us, this means she can take on the role of Vice Chair full-time.

I have concerns about Peter Kuo’s business ventures in China including dealings with Russian business interests to build aircraft, among other projects for two reasons. It isn’t because I think Robert Mueller is going to send 29 FBI Agents with MP5’s, M4’s, M92’s and the like to his house… rather, Mr. Kuo has a frequent habit of being out of the country for extended periods of time which may inhibit his ability to perform his duties.

This is in China where Mr. Kuo is about 50% of the time.

Our party needs a full-time Vice Chair now more than ever. Corrin will be available to lead precinct walks, phone banking, train volunteers, raise money, help our affiliated organizations, and the like.

Will Peter Kuo even be able to make it to all the CAGOP Board Meetings let alone be an active participant in operations to reclaim lost ground?

I’ve also yet to see Mr. Kuo expand his reach outside of the Bay Area sphere. It is my professional opinion that Mr. Kuo’s failure to expand his reach is due to his extended periods of time away from California. In just the last few weeks, he was in Las Vegas and Indonesia amongst other places.

Kuo is long known for his shtick of playing his violin for groups after giving the similar verbal presentation he has given for years. The violin presentation does indeed leave and impression and may well have influenced two statewide grassroots groups to endorse Mr. Kuo.

Before I accepted an advertisement on Right on Daily from Corrin Rankin, I spoke to her at some length. I’d encourage any of you with a vote in the CAGOP Convention to take a few minutes to visit her website. Reach out to her as well. She is compelling.

Peter Kuo is not a bad guy. I just believe that he lacks the depth and availability that Corrin Rankin has. Corrin offers us a unique combination of talent, experience, resume and availability that a group of unpaid volunteers (with the exception of the Chair who can be paid) sorely needs.

I have had a rule for years, I won’t work for a candidate or accept advertising from a candidate I would not support or work for as a volunteer. Corrin Rankin won me over, she will win you over too.

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  2 Responses to “It is an Issue of Qualifications, Substance and Availability: Why I Switched from Peter Kuo to Corrin Rankin”

  1. Ms. Rankin was the statewide chair of African Americans for Trump and the statewide chair of the California Bail Agents Association. She has true statewide reach. How she achieved that while also raising three daughters are nothing short of amazing.

  2. I appreciate Kuo’s involvement, if it leads to a 2nd ballot I will move to Corrin if its Kuo v. Corrin.

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