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I have zero regrets regarding signing up for Travis Allen’s Campaign. It has been a great experience to get to know him a bit and his people. I will say that I previously believed a lot of things about Travis Allen that are not true. I will also say that Travis Allen is the most misunderstood Republican Party fixture this side of Tom McClintock. I am not going to explain further, but I feel comfortable that I know Travis Allen well enough to know that I got him 100% wrong when I was helping John Cox. BTW – people don’t know John Cox either, he is a good dude that I am proud to have helped.

3/15/2016 while at the Bill Halldin for Assembly HQ, my guy Ben Carson endorsed then Candidate Trump

As I sit here reflecting on over 20 years of involvement in CAGOP politics, I am struck by a few things. In 1998, I was given a convincing argument after Dan Lungren laid an egg in his Governor Campaign that the CAGOP needed to moderate because Lungren was just too conservative for California.

It was people like Luis Buhler making that argument. This is the same Luis Buhler who 20 years later is pulling levers of power in an attempt to continue the dominance of the moderates in CAGOP Leadership.

I fear for the future of what is left of the CAGOP. While I am not an innocent party, as I’ve had my own personal body-count in campaigns over the years, the people that I call the “Oligarchy of Controlled Failure” seem to be completely immune to understanding their part in the decline of the last 20+ years of the CAGOP.

My Birth made the Front Page of the Paper in 1971, I guess it was an omen of the future

There is a price to be paid for standing up to the small, insular crowd that control CAGOP Politics. In 2010, Jeff Randle and his crew ran a media drill to discredit me that resulted in two stories in national political outlets attacking me for being paid to blog. In 2011, David Reade and his crew ran a media drill culminating in an article quoting Doug LaMalfa accusing my brother of felony money laundering. In 2012, Luis Buhler directed $100,000 of Charles Munger’s money towards the Placer County Republican Party Central Committee Race (He bragged about it to a lot of insiders which is how I found out he did it specifically to come after me). If you pull a lexus-nexus report on me, it is 100 pages due to their constant barrage. It is Not a bad sized report considering I have never held office. (I don’t count cent com as an office)

As I type this blog, I have become aware that they have sent opposition researchers to look in to my background as well as Travis Allen’s.

In December, 2009, www.rightondaily.com was born. This was because people continually kept getting me expelled from other platforms, due in no small part to bullies like Jeff Randle and David Reade harassing platform owners. The constant attacks, aimed at destroying me only gave me a louder bullhorn. Right on Daily got 2.2 Million hits in 2018.

Now, here we are in 2019. Those men have been making 6-figure salaries for years and the results have been a disaster. Before 2010, I had never made any money in politics, but after these people helped market my services I’ve made a lot of money in politics. So for that, I should thank them.

Jeff Randle, Luis Buhler, David Reade – the three people I have done battle with and written about specifically and personally are all prime movers in Jessica Patterson’s campaign for chairman of the CAGOP. There have been others that I have highlighted in a dispassionate way, as the purpose has just been to educate people about all these power brokers that try to function in the shadows.

Some people will try to dismiss my support of Travis Allen because he is paying me. Do understand that I started talking to his campaign people back in September of last year. I had decided to support Travis Allen for Chairman before I knew I was going to be paid.

After the shellacking in November of 2018, it became clear that the vision (or lack thereof) of the liberals in the CAGOP had fully metastasized. They were content to blame Donald Trump, when it was their own ineptitude, their tactics, control issues and refusal to adapt that was toxic. A generation of John McCain, Meg Whitman, Arnold, Mitt Romney and the like had devalued our brand so much that someone like a Donald Trump was too different to be accepted.

Remember, it is all about control and the status quo. I’ve also learned over the years that a lot of these people currently attempting to manipulate the levers of power would be quite fine if the CRA, the Women’s Fed, the CIR, the YRFC, etc. just went away.

I have watched as David Reade has shredded volunteer clubs, bullied others, and directed massive expenditures to affect elections all over the north state. The results are several cent coms stripped of their delegates to state convention and many of the remaining cent coms are shells. Most volunteer groups have no chapters north of the Sacramento Area. That seems to suit David just fine.

Reade is the man who is Jessica Patterson’s campaign manager. BTW – I am not the only one he has drug in to the local media in an attempt to wreck either.

I am not optimistic for the future of the CAGOP if Jessica Patterson wins. I could care less if Jeff Randle, David Reade and Luis Buhler attempt to retaliate against me after this CAGOP Convention. They will only end up getting their asses hammered on this blog repeatedly for years to come. I’d prefer not to have to continue hostilities as several people have attempted to broker a truce, only to be refused on their end. These people will be in serious positions of influence should Mrs. Patterson win. This is not a good scene for the CAGOP.

My sincerest hope would be for Jessica Patterson to tell these people to stand down and stop scorching the earth “just to win”.

It is Travis Allen VS the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure

I am clear that I will help Mrs. Patterson succeed should she win, even as I fully well expect to get retaliated against, and black listed along with other Travis Allen supporters. I’ve personally spoken to 5 long time delegates that were blacklisted and are no longer delegates and have also been made aware of at least 10 others that were snubbed.

I do not know Mrs. Patterson. I’ve taken pains to not attack her personally, rather focusing on things she has done as a paid operative. Some people have absurdly tried to defend what she did as “Just following orders”. Throughout history, people just following orders have been held accountable along with their commanders.

It is also a fair conclusion to state that she is close to these folks and is unlikely to cross swords with them as they continue to destroy party groups and organizations they can’t control. They have done it for the 20 years I have been around, there is no reasonable standard whereby you could conclude their future behavior will be anything different. I have little hope that she will intervene as they form new black lists of undesirables.

Please also be clear – What has happened to me over the years was not about me, they would have done it to anyone that got in their way. What they are doing to stop Travis Allen is not about Travis Allen, it is about control and fealty to the status quo. Travis just had the audacity to run for Chairman, in that regard he and I are fellow travelers. Their lack of situational awareness and moral bankruptcy is borne out in the fact that they refuse to make peace with adversaries preferring instead to attempt to isolate and/or destroy them.

Some people think it is a big deal that few if any legislators do not support Travis Allen for Chairman. When I look at that, it is a clear message, they want to keep control even as our registration numbers spiral and incumbent legislators jump parties. The facts don’t matter, the only thing that does is their next election. It is also known to this blogger that some legislators have been leaned on hard by their leadership to fall in line.

The main part of my pessimism about the aftermath of the CAGOP convention is due to basic human nature as I have seen exhibited in an extreme way amongst legislators. Some legislators, despite having hundreds of thousands in their campaign accounts refused to financially assist vulnerable colleagues. In my 20 years, I have seen a class of term-limit babies most of whom could care less if the CAGOP Caucus falls to 5 members, as long as they are one of them.

As such, there is no oversight of out of control operatives that are eviscerating the party, wasting millions, losing elections, settling petty personal scores and alienating large swaths of voters. The sit in their safe seats pretending to ignore the forest fire around them, because they don’t care. I defy most of these folks to prove otherwise.

There is no standard where you can excuse someone like Luis Buhler directing money against sitting Republican electeds (Donnelly and Mansoor), or $3MM chasing after 44 County Parties. That money could have been spent on voter registration. Then when I tell you about conversations I have had with sitting electeds who have told me flat out that they “researched” running voter registration drills and found it to be unproductive – you wonder if the Republican Caucus in Sacramento swear out a suicide pact once sworn in to office.

These same people are telling you how bad it will be if Travis Allen is elected CAGOP Chairman. How can the results be any worse than those brought to us by the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure?

The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure spent millions of dollars manipulating the results of safe Republican Seats. AD05, a Conservative Foothill District is represented by a Pro-Choice liberal Republican Frank Bigelow due to about $2MM in Independent Expenditures. AD12, a Conservative suburban / foothill district is represented by Cap and Trade Vote Heath Flora. (NOTE: Bigelow appointed Jessica Patterson as a delegate.)

AD76 Trainwreck Rocky Chavez. Yup $2Million. AD40 Marc Steinorth, $3Million. Both rewarded the investment by voting for Cap and Trade then bailing out of office after the firestorm that ensued. SD12 Anthony Cannella who voted for the Gas Tax, gone and replaced by a democrat.

These same people poured in over $3Million attacking Andy Pugno, the author of Proposition 8 because as social liberals they resented him.

Since Meg Whitman’s disaster of a Governor Campaign, I have watched Luis Buhler, Jeff Randle and others rampage statewide hunting down conservatives and shredding the base of the party. Then, they have the gall to blame Donald Trump for a net loss of 13 seats in the legislature in the last decade.

Now we are being told to vote for Jessica Patterson by these same people. I can’t get past the failure to even try to figure out who Mrs. Patterson is as a person. So, if you are Jessica Patterson and you are reading this, understand that my support of Travis Allen and opposition to your candidacy has nothing to do with you personally, I’ve laid out the reasons above.

I will conclude with this. This is the only comparison I can draw between myself, Jessica Patterson and Travis Allen. For years, I saw Travis Allen promote Campaign events for various candidates in various areas of California. I spent the last 4 years of my life getting the California Impact Republicans built from the ground up with new people. BTW – Others helped out a lot, and the CIR is now up for a full charter with the CAGOP. The only things I have seen Mrs. Patterson do is paid work as a consultant. Even without the litany of issues I have raised, is she committed to building the party at the ground level? I can not see evidence of that from her past history.

I turn 48 today. I’m older and wiser (I think) but no less passionate about politics. The above is what has really been on my mind since I started helping Travis Allen with his Chairman Campaign. Thanks for reading.

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  4 Responses to “CAGOP Update: Today Your Intrepid Blogger Turns 48. After 21 Years in the CAGOP – my turn to weigh in on 2019 CAGOP Chairman Race”

  1. Under California Election Law, each of the 58 counties is authorized to form a Republican County Central Committee (CCC), independent of the State California Republican Party. Many counties do not have a functioning Republican CCC.

    If Republicans are going to be competitive in California, we must have effective CCCs in every county coupled with activists clubs and coalitions that are relevant locally.

    Each candidate for CRP Chair and Vice Chair should articulate what they would do to insure that each county has a full compliment of central county candidates qualified on the March 3, 2020 ballot. BTW – filing period is Nov 12 – Dec 6, 2019, (this year).

    Skill people need to be recruited to run for CCCs who can lead, train, teach, plan, organize, gather data, do opposition research,and raise money. They have to be able to check their agenda hat at the door. People who only polish a seat with there ass once a month should not be an elected member of a CCC.

    The three pillars of the party are elected legislators, donors and grassroots activists. All need to be strong and work together. One fails – we all fail.

    Chair & Vice Chair Candidates, please articulate your plan to insure we have well functioning CCCs in each county.

  2. For those of us who know the pendulum will swing one day and are life long Republicans in California and believe in the two party system where compromise can work, who is not bankrolled by anyone, I know that our values are right. I lost a grass root effort at the last Convention for Southern Section VP because I was considered an outsider and not capable for the seat. I lost. But not dis swayed because I believe in this party. It’s not about power but integrity and transparency. It’s time for the good ole boys to find a new venture and let others transform our party to the people. It can be done. Actions need to be taken to eliminate the proxy. If you wish o be a delegate, you must be there to vote. Yes things happen and you may not be able to attend because issues of life occur and change plans. That’s to be expected. We won’t have nearly half the non attendees voting as we do today. I’ve asked this directly to all three know candidates. Travis agreed; Jessica doesn’t want to change and maybe upset an absentee delegate who hasn’t paid dues or convention fees to participate; and Steve is focused on registration-as all candidates should be. Like our president, we need to start delivering on promises to our voters. See you at the Convention. I’ll be there to VOTE and hope Voter Integrity applies. We’re told voting is private. We’ll see.

  3. I am so excited to be working the convention. We have our own swamp in CA. We have woken up from a deep sleep and now understand. Our local Republican Women Federated Group had no idea what was happening all these years and thanks to the Gov race we dug a bit deeper and now we know. If there are any swamp creatures reading this be ready for a fight that will be so intense you’ll need to slither away very quickly .

  4. Draining the swamp is not the only problem Republicans in California have, but also keeping voter support. There are a lot of die hard “Red voters” that are leaving California for what they consider to be a “True red state,” and are taking their retirements and influence with them. Look at what happened in Orange County, they voted Democrat, which had not occurred since 1946. So what is Jessica Patterson’s plan of action if she is elected to reverse this trend? And moving to a red state will not help the party because let’s face it, how much influence will a state with 3, or 4 or say 11 electoral votes will have compared to California’s 55 votes? All this petty in-fighting needs to be set aside, or else we will end up with California’s version of Ocasio-Cortez, which will be hideous for California. Please keep up the good work Aaron, we need people like you to expose the truth.

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