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Dan Trimble is a long time GOP Activist from the Bay Area. He is dedicated to pulling the Pro-Life Plank out of the CAGOP Platform. He is also quite liberal for a Republican on a variety of issues. Mr. Trimble sent out an email recently, allow your intrepid blogger to help with editorial comments:

Trimble for Secretary

We cannot simply fix the party by tweaking our message.

Or by publicly fighting with each other. Blogger’s Note – this sentence is commonly used and typically before a big, fat whopper.

Or by focusing on things that are irrelevant to California.

We cannot fix the party by repeating the same mistakes we’ve made over and over again — year after year. Blogger’s Note: Mr. Trimble’s solution for the 10 years I have known him has been the shred the CAGOP Platform.

The party’s problems are not new. Most have been festering and deepening for decades. The CAGOP’s leaders have ignored the warnings and this past November, we reached the end of the road.

We must unify our party, preserve what we have left, and focus on growth where it matters most — blue and purple California.

If we fail to compete there, we’re finished.

I am the only candidate for CRP Secretary who has elected Republicans and raised hundreds of thousands in deep blue California.
Blogger’s Note: That is what we call a whopper. Mr. Trimble might have raised a few bucks for a burger from the drive-thru, but that is about it.
Unify the party. The healing starts when we elect party leaders more interested in registering and electing Republicans than in making a name for themselves. We must lead across geographic and ideological divides so we can elect Republicans anywhere in California.
Preserve & grow. Growth means voter registration programs and bounties.

Fundraising. But more than anything, it means regularly engaging individual communities to cultivate relationships, share Republican solutions to the policies they care about, and mend broken trust. We must rebuild from local races on up. If you don’t even show up in people’s communities, you cede everything to Democrats, including their ability to control the message and tell the people what WE stand for.

If we want to be a majority party EVER again, we must be competitive in deep blue and purple California.

That does not mean being Democrat Light. Blogger’s Note: I guess it means just being democrats given Mr. Trimble’s History. It means showing up. Talking about the things we ALL have in common no matter what party one affiliates with — catastrophic housing costs, need for better schools, excessive taxation, inefficient government services. It starts with a conversation and sharing our ideas and why they work. If you are not embedded in the community, you cannot hope to be taken seriously, let alone elected.

California’s growth is entirely in its blue and purple areas. If we do not compete there, we’re finished.
I am the only candidate for Secretary who has done this.As Executive Director of Lead21, I raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for free-market and conservative programs even within ground zero of socialist cities — San Francisco. As a board member of the Republican Leadership Council, we drove candidate recruitment, raised thousands, and elected Republicans to important local offices. As a consultant, I have also helped other local and regional efforts, including the successful election of a Republican serving simultaneously in two elected local offices, deep in blue Silicon Valley. Blogger’s Note – some of these claims are grossly exaggerated.

The role of Secretary is an important administrative and fiduciary role, and ensures the accuracy of organizational minutes and records. My experience in the Intelligence Community, military, nonprofit boards, and private business has repeatedly brought to bear the skills needed to do this. But it is also an officer of the board, and that means having a voice in shaping strategy and priorities. AND SHREDDING THE GOP PLATFORM – EMPHASIS ADDED.

Our priority must be growth where it makes or breaks our future. And no other candidate for Secretary has that experience.
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