Feb 102019

There is an office within the CAGOP called the CCA Chairman. It is the “Chair of Chairs”.

Basically, all 58 County Chairman meet on the Friday of the convention and elect a County Chairman’s Association Chairman. That person is currently Mike Osborn.

Randal Jordan is a top lieutenant of Candidate #3 in the CAGOP Chairman’s Race. He helped Candidate #3 form the Tea Party California Caucus, an unsuccessful effort to monetize the Tea Party by Candidate #3.

Randall Jordan’s Announcement Email was a trainwreck:

Hello Fellow Central Committee Chairs.

I think we all know, it’s time for a change

on the CRP Board.

On that note, I am asking you to elect me your

next Chair the Chairman’s Committee.

Our State Party needs to get back to our Roots.

* Support our President

* Repeal Prop 14

* Fight for our Constitutional Rights

* Act instead of react

I feel along with a new CRP direction, we need to be

more in tune with our other Central Committees.

There has been no coordination Statewide of

Committee Chairs and this has hurt our Party.

What works in Del Norte County could be exactly

what is needed in Fresno County.

As a body we need to work and help each other…

When I become your Chairman, I will not only have

regular meetings with our regional representatives

but coordinate an information dialogue with all

County Chairman.

We will all know one another.

This is where we all should have heard about  the

Progressives plans for “Voter Harvesting” and had

A Statewide plan of our own.

We will not be caught off guard in 2020.

CRP needs change and I would like to be part

of that change.

Please call me with any questions.

Thanks and see you at Convention.

Randall Jordan

Chairman San Luis County Central Committee


If you note the odd sentence gaps, it is because I re-posted the email exactly as Mr. Jordan Sent it. He also compared Fresno to Del Norte County. I lived in Fresno County for 11 years and it is really hard to find anywhere that compares to Fresno County, especially not a semi-remote coastal enclave.

Omitted from Mr. Jordan’s email is that his county benefited to the tune of 30,000 door hangers paid for by money raised by Mike Osborn, the man he is running against.

Perhaps Mr. Jordan forgot what county he is from as I do not see a San Luis County in California.

There is a San Luis in New Mexico, a census designated place with 59 people. There is a San Luis Colorado, the oldest continually populated town in Colorado (about 600 people). There is a San Luis Arizona, right across the border from a Town with the same name in Sonora Mexico.

I think Mr. Jordan may be referring to San Luis Obispo County. I am not sure though. Perhaps he needs to clarify in his next email. Perhaps at the same time he should explain why he had to get 30,000 door hangers from Mike Osborn instead of being able to pay for them with his own county committee’s money. (Maybe he should have called candidate #3 for help while he was at it…)

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