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May of 2016.

Please note that your intrepid blogger is directly, professionally helping the campaign of Travis Allen. (In case that was not obvious or you missed previous disclosure) Also, as you can see Corrin Rankin is an advertiser on this blog. I’ve also been making calls on behalf of Greg Gandrud and Randy Berholtz.

Yesterday, I wrote a second post about the 2011 CAGOP Platform Drill. It is my number one issue with Jessica Patterson, Luis Buhler, David Reade, Jeff Randle and the host of others. The platform is foundational to party identity. If you have no identity, you have no party. What Jessica Patterson did by getting paid to shred the platform was wrong and that reason alone would have caused me to pick a different candidate.

I also wrote about the $3Million Rampage of Luis Buhler and David Reade hunting down Conservatives off of Central Committees statewide. This is my second biggest issue with Mrs. Patterson as she is a paid operative of that same cabal. I fear that with Mrs. Patterson as chairman, the hunting of conservatives with big money will continue.

This is a change election for the CAGOP. The result will determine the fate of the CAGOP for a generation.

We’ve successfully defined the Jessica Patterson vs Travis Allen for CAGOP Chair race as insider vs grassroots. This is why recently, Patterson’s team of professional consultants are trying to re-define California Trailfailures as a grassroots organization – even while the logos of corporate donors are still displayed on their website. They have also sought to define her as a conservative, another sure-fire sign of problems. If you have to tell someone you are a conservative, you have an image problem.

Steve Frank, 71 is an old warrior for the conservative cause. He has added to the debate for sure. He has some extremely loyal supporters and that means something. He also publicly pledged along with Travis Allen to support Allen and the second ballot and Travis Allen has done likewise. This unity of purpose among conservatives is refreshing and rare.

If Jessica wins, what do Frank’s and Allen’s supporters do? Do they leave, do they stay and disrupt? Or do they cohesively participate? Will Reade, Randle and Luis Buhler retaliate and create blacklists as they have done for the last 20 years? What kind of committees will she appoint as the Chairman appoints Vol Orgs, Resolutions, Rules and others?

If Travis Allen wins, what will Jessica Patterson and team do? Will they withdraw completely to make Travis Allen’s job difficult to the extreme? Do they try to undermine him behind the scenes if they stick around? What about all the staffers appointed as delegates? What do they do? Will they run media drills against Travis Allen similar to what they have done against other political adversaries?

Repeat the same battery of questions should Steve Frank win.

The Stakes for the “Down-Ticket” races are less severe. It is the opinion of this blogger, backed up with evidence that the optics around Peter Kuo are disastrous for the CAGOP. While the level of passion in the Vice Chair Race is nowhere near the Chairman’s race – what will Kuo and his team do should he lose to Corrin Rankin?

Worse, even if you agree that Kuo’s many foreign businesses are legitimate, research of his facebook account shows he is gone 4-6 months out of the year on business. What happens then?

I have no doubt whatsoever that Rankin will accept the result and continue on regardless. I also know that she will be one of the most effective Vice Chairs the party has had in a generation should she win. She will be a full-time Vice Chair and available to all.

Treasurer? Kathy T has a lot of friends and a lot of history. As I type this blog, it looks like Greg Gandrud and Kathy T are evenly matched. Gandrud has support across the spectrum. Kathy has a lot of institutional support and the rumors that she was recruited by the establishment are still sticking. Despite said entanglements, Kathy T may be the most conservative candidate not named Randy Berholtz that is running.

Greg Gandrud is one of the most qualified CRP officer candidates we have to choose from in this election. Gandrud’s endorsement list is an impressive cross-section of the party from the far-right to the far-left. He has assembled this list of support despite implied resistance from the establishment.

In the Randy Berholtz vs Dan Trimble for CAGOP Secretary Race, the choice is simple. Dan Trimble is an out of the closet Trump-basher, recently complaining incessantly about the government shutdown. He is also one of those that cares more about Trump’s twitter account than policy. Unless he has scrubbed his social media like Mrs. Patterson did, it is all still there.

Trimble is also dedicated to lerching the CAGOP Platform leftward, he has long advocated to “Yank the Plank” as in removing the pro-life plank from the CAGOP platform (amongst others).

Randy Berholtz is the opposite, a Trump Supporter and a full portfolio conservative. He also happens to have a list of qualifications a mile long. Some of the top party stalwarts are promoting Randy Berholtz.

There are two contested regional vice chair races and three that are not.

In the North, Deborah Wilder is unopposed.

In the Bay Area, Jason Clark is unopposed

In the North Coast, Matthew Heath is unopposed

In the Central Valley, Lisa Moreno AD11 nominee is running against Dean Haddock (from Kern County aka McCarthy Country). Our pick is Lisa Moreno.

In the Central Coast, Vicki Nohrden is running against Career Staffer Lindsay Stetson. Our pick is Vicki Nohrden.

So this is my concluding message to CRP Delegates:

I know 100% that the information on this blog regarding the CRP elections is accurate to the best of my knowledge (and yes I have corrected a couple of posts – which is why I write under my own name). I also there will be consequences to me personally for writing them. I’ve long since made peace with that. But, here’s the thing – almost everyone in the CAGOP universe has read some or all of what I wrote. Now, they get to choose what to do with it. The candidates have all made their case. To the best of my knowledge all the rules have been followed and while some of the stuff going on looks bad, nothing I have seen is a violation of any applicable rules.

I will accept the results of the election and will be available to any and all of the above who win in order to help them and the CAGOP succeed. Will you join me? Will those that win and lose the above races join me?

One last note – I am calling on all delegates to be polite and professional this weekend. Please do not repeat the confrontational style of the Governor’s race convention. There will be a lot of news media present. Secondly, aggressive behavior will alienate the small number of truly undecided delegates that are going to be present.

This convention will be one of the most well-attended conventions in a long time. Let’s have our debate, keep it polite and then agree to move forward with the best interests of the CAGOP at heart.

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