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It has been put to this blogger that the executive director of the LA New Majority, pictured below, has been a busy man. He is making calls and working actively to get Jessica Patterson elected chairman of the CAGOP.

I always thought Mr. Gimmecandy as a nice guy until he would not take a selfie with me

Recently, there has been some chaos in AD66 LAGOP Central Committees. An email thread obtained by your Intrepid Blogger indicates that the AD66 Central Committee attempted to vacate their chair Janice Webb. Enter the Los Angeles County New Majority. Howard Hakes, who is on the LA County New Majority Board of Directors and Andy Garakhani, the Executive Director of the LA County New Majority were featured prominently in the email thread.

The Officers of the New Majority as seen on their website

Richard Sherman, the LAGOP Chairman and a reputed acolyte of the New Majority and Andy Garakhani decided to send out an email laden with threats in an attempt to bottle up the AD66 Situation.

Remember – Sherman endorsed Jessica Patterson at the behest of Andy Garakhani. New Majority board member Howard Hakes is also a board member of Jessica Patterson’s employer (California Trailblazers #TRAILFAILURES) and the 1st Vice Chair of the LAGOP. (MY WHAT A SMALL WORLD.)

As such, the LAGOP will only recognize Chairwoman Webb and the officers elected on November 16th. We also have the official roster of the full AD Committee, along with the official Ex-Officios. The only meetings that will be considered official are those called by Chairwoman Webb; all other meetings are not official and the results will neither be considered nor sanctioned by the Party.

Richard Sherman tells the majority in AD66 to pound sand

In addition, only endorsement recommendations made by the the official 66thAssembly District will be considered by LAGOP, any other endorsement made will be considered voter fraud and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. All funds that belong to the 66thAD, will continue to be under the responsibility of Treasurer John Fleming and Chairwoman Webb. Only minutes submitted by Martha Logan will be considered official. 

LA GOP Chairman Richard Sherman threatened to prosecute the majority of the AD66 Central Committee who voted to vacate Janice Webb as Chairman.

I am not 100% party to the entire situation. I do know the players involved. It is clear that people on both sides of the argument are in the wrong – however – There was a County-wide LAGOP meeting scheduled for 2-9-2019 that was cancelled due to the fact that most of the executive board not being able to make it. I am now wondering if that was by design.

The first part of Rick Marshall’s reply is pasted here: (I emboldened and italicized parts for emphasis)

Mr. Chairman,
Bullying members of the 66th Assembly District Committee is unbecoming of a Chairman. As I’ve said before, the RPLAC bylaws do not give you the authority to intervene in the affairs of the 66th Assembly District Republican Central Committee. You have offered no rebuttal to that position. Your word Sir is not good enough.
Since we are at an impasse on that subject, I will confine this email to mostly to a correction of errors to the just received email directive that is copied below.
First, I’ve added your email address to this response because the directive did not come from your email address. It came from the Executive Director’s email address.  I don’t think that was an error on the Executive Director’s part. I think she was told to do this. I’m surprised that you would put so recent a hire (and such a nice person) in such a horrible predicament. That is not the way to keep excellent employees. I suggest you send these missives out under your own email and leave her out of it.
Second, I have left David Hadley on this reply even though he is no longer a member of the 66th Assembly District Committee.  This is out of respect for his position as Vice-Chair of the California Republican Party. That does not obviate the fact that his vote at the November, 2018 election meeting is one of the reasons I raised a point of order with then Chair Janice Webb. While not solely, it is one reason why we need a new organizational election.
You continue to ignore the fact of that invalid vote. A non-member does not have a vote deciding the Committee leadership for the 2019-2020 term. The vote for Chair was decided by one vote—the invalid vote. Frank Scotto, who is the ex-officio for the 66th Assembly District in the 2019-2020 term, was at the meeting but not allowed to vote. We are correcting that error this evening, of which you and the Secretary of the RPLAC have been notified.
Third, I’ve added the following members of the 66th Assembly District Committee to this reply who were left off your latest directive: My alternate Randy Shetter, Omar Navaro, Ex-Officio for the 43rd Congressional District, Dr. Ken Wright, Ex-Officio for the 33rd Congressional District, Joshua Scott, the Ex-Officio for the 32nd Congressional District and Larry Scott, Joshua’s alternate. I consider this an innocent mistake on the part of the Executive Director as she is still new.

It looks like LAGOP Chairman Richard Sherman had the executive director send out the emailed threat of prosecution. It also looks like David Hadley was allowed to vote on officers for the AD66 Cent Com despite no longer being the AD66 GOP nominee.

Bottom Line – David Hadley cast the deciding vote for AD66 Chair. He should not have been allowed to. Given the grotesque overreaction by Richard Sherman, it appears there are additional contributing factors here as well.

This by itself would not be a very big deal. These arguments happen all the time, however Sherman threatening to prosecute people is absurd. Andy Garakhani and the New Majority’s manipulation can not be ignored either. It is impossible to be objective when you are getting paid out of the political process.

There is something I also took note of. Sherman omitted CA-43 Nominee Omar Navarro from his email. This may have also been deliberate. Omar Navarro raised $1Million for his campaign against Maxine Watters. Some people think Omar may be nuts, but no one compares to Maxine Watters.

Maxine Watters

Well it appears that the LA County New Majority aka Andy Garakhani manipulated circumstances to forestall any meeting to consider an LAGOP Endorsement of Omar Navarro. Again, he raised $1 Million. Omar is a 30 something latino and could not get the time of day from the LA County New Majority.

I am also familiar with the de-chartering of the Beach Cities Republican Club, again in the same area. The circumstances are the source of debate. by itself, it would not be noteworthy. When laid out in line with other events, it is significant.

As I type this blog – delegates are being pressured and even threatened regarding their choices for party officers. Regardless of the mental health of some of the participants, some 30 something latino kid with a Million Dollars in the bank outraised several more sane Republicans in other parts of the state that got blown out of office. Yet the LA County New Majority couldn’t be bothered.

Bonus: Your Intrepid blogger is being told that AD36, AD38 and surrounding areas are being pressured and/or bullied to fall in line as well. Money is being cut off and they are being told who the next candidates for recently lost seats are going to be.

Threats. De-Chartering Volunteer Clubs. Ignoring well funded candidates outside of their small circle. Is this the LA New Majority? Or is this just the LA version of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure that has been destroying Central Committees, Volunteer Clubs and Candidates statewide.

I know David Stafford Reade personally – he and Jeff Randle are known for living by the rule “If you can’t control it, destroy it. If you can’t destroy it, try to break it up in to a million pieces so it can’t be effective”. Both these men have come after me more times than I can count. They stand to gain a ton of power if Jessica Patterson wins and what they did to your intrepid blogger will happen to others.

And, I guess the Los Angeles County New Majority, aka Howard Hakes and Andy Garakhani are of the same school of thought. The patterns just keep repeating themselves, and they remind me that the smears I have endured over the years are not unique. They are the price for standing up to the oligarchy of controlled failure. To Be Continued…

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