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When you got Jessica Patterson’s announcement, the intention was to inspire a reaction of all the endorsements leading you to believe she is a near-lock to win. (Uh, no… basic math shows that is untrue)

Others asked me how some conservative stalwarts like Senator Shannon Grove could be on the list. It is simple – Grove is from Kern County. You can’t run for anything in Kern County without the blessing of Kevin McCarthy. In the case of Grove, her Chief of Staff is Kathy Abernathy, wife of the Late Mark Abernathy who ran all of Kevin McCarthy’s election campaigns.

As you read RightonDaily.com you will learn that EVERYONE has entanglements and the oligarchy of controlled failure is very small. Knowledge is power and I intend to lay out 21 years of experience educating those of you that care about restoring the power of the “little guy” about what and who you are up against. 


Jessica Patterson touts her work with California Trailblazers as one of her primary qualifications to be elected Chair of the CAGOP. A quick trip to the website reveals the power behind Trailblazers. 

A check of the California Secretary of State’s Website reveals a list of donors. You will recognize the names of several people endorsing Jessica Patterson. You will also recognize the names of Chevron, the Dental Pac, the Realtor’s Pac, PG&E, SOCAL Edison and others – all have funded independent expenditures attacking Conservatives in favor of moderates that are willing to “cut deals” on things like Cap and Trade or massive tax hikes.

Vincent Fong, Shannon Grove, Jim Nielsen and Frank Bigelow are clearly displayed on the donor report. Charles T Munger Jr as well. Note that the New Majority is on the Report for well over $50,000 in the 2017-2018 cycle alone. (More on them soon).

While I do not know how large Mrs. Patterson’s salary is, (It appears to be $12,000 a month) what is clear are the donors paying for it. This is not illegal, nor am I accusing anyone of breaking the law – what I am saying however, is that the list of endorsements Mrs. Patterson is touting ring quite hollow as they are all interconnected and beholden to each other. It is not an indicator of independent support. Secondly, there is no way Mrs. Patterson could claim to be independent of any of this – which should concern anyone that wants a CAGOP Chair that will balance grassroots, donors and elections. 

It is quite clear that the swamp is fighting back against the grassroots that have been shoved out of the decision making of the California Republican Party. Jessica Patterson is the ultimate insider. 

Coming up in the next installment – get to know more of the puppet masters trying to control the outcome of the 2019 CAGOP Organizing Convention. 

P.S. Take a look at the 2015-2016 report. The same donors + about $400K from Mr. Munger

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  4 Responses to “Right On Daily Special Update Part 1: Get to Know the Players Trying to Take Over the CAGOP (aka the Swamp)”

  1. As a newcomer to the GOP, I am astonished at the swamp I have stumbled upon. I was raised a Democrat yet walked away as I grew more conservative and the Dems took a hard left. No longer could my Christian faith reconcile with the Democratic values. But, I had nowhere to go. I did not really like Arnold Swarzenneger. I did not vote Mitt Romney or John McCain. Something about them fell flat for me and I was left a conservative Dem, Independent, or just a nameless face that could not define who they were.

    Enter Donald Trump. He was a surprise candidate but felt real. He was quite blustery often blurting words we would all whisper in our corners. But I liked him and I did not know why. Until I started to watch and study. I discovered he was rejecting big donors so he could have independence. I knew he was a womanizer but he was embracing the Christian Community promising to let us out of the prison that Obama and other careless politicians put us in while attempting to be politically correct. I looked at old talk shows and was amazed at Trump’s wisdom talking to Oprah or Larry King from 30 years ago still ringing through in 2015. As time went on, I enjoyed his boldness and balked at how poorly many Republicans treated him. IT was not long before I jumped on the Trump bandwagon for I finally found a candidate that truly represented me. In early 2016, I joined his campaign, ditched the Democrats and signed up to be a Republican. I met so many like-minded people and we, having little experience, became Californians for Trump. We fearlessly brought street rallies back in style and battled on social media to win the hearts of those lost. We filled a gap that many from so many different backgrounds bonded with. The idea that a person wanted to fight for us was compelling.

    We had Gays for Trump, Blacks for Trump, Latinos for Trump and most of all of my lifelong friends and family also left the Democrats to join the Republican cause.
    Only I found out Trump was not the Republican cause for everyone. Many Republicans found him offensive and dangerous. He was not elite but he was rich and could not be bought into their swamp. When Trump won in California. The GOP Party did little or no official party to rejoice in a long wished for victory for the party. It was as if they would rather have lost.
    Over time, they reluctantly welcomed us in and some were happy being so alone in a party that seemed to have left them too. Tea Partiers, CRA, and Trumpsters also bonded on the candidacy of Travis Allen as he asked our fearless leader West Walker if we would join his cause for governor. We voted to join and then we learned more reality as 70 percent of the GOP County groups all endorsed Travis Allen but the Party would not endorse him nor help us take down the TOP2 Primary system. I was so confused about my new party. SO dishearted. Oldtimers told me they had been suffering this for years and the only way to win was to get involved and dig in to be a delegate and lead in other GOP positions. We supported grassroots candidates for Congress like Aja Smith in District 41, Omar Navarro District 43 where Maxine Waters reigned. Again, I was puzzled as the insiders refused to support, offer to fund or endorse our great conservative candidates.

    To our further dismay, Travis Allen and all of his thousands of supporters were shut out of the Governors race by the Party leaders who said they knew better. They said TOP2 was good to drain funds of Democrats as they ran against each other (no one can drain the unending funds of Soros or Stein.) Then during the May Convention, John Cox who was a big donor to elites poured over 100k into donations, parties, and free rooms for insiders at GOP Spring Convention. Kevin McCarthy put a call into DC delegates and bought those proxies for Cox and while Travis Allen won a majority of all of the delegates that attended the convention, John Cox has supporters far more powerful than we in DC Proxies. The GOP dared not officially endorse Cox but McCarthy coaxed Trump to tweet sweet nothings about Cox which caused all the misinformed GOP voters to think if Trump likes Cox then they must vote for him. The trouble is that Cox did not even vote for Trump, did not like Trump nor agree with Trump policies. I wonder if McCarthy ever told Trump that?

    Travis and us rejected GOPs still helped get out the GOP vote but I fear some did not vote due to the anger they felt. Travis urged them that it is better Cox win than Gavin but it was not enough and the GOP got spanked hard in 2018. Now we sit here in tatters but one bright star Travis Allen decided to run as Chairman and bring our grassroots flavor to Sacramento. But we sit here tonight seeing Kevin McCarthy once again insert his choice into the mix to usurp us again! Jessica Patterson is a known sweet but swampy insider who had worked hand in hand with many never Trumpers is now trying to take our party over! My new GOP friends are getting upset wondering if they should even have registered a GOP. However, big change did happen in the 2018 election. Those grassroots candidates get to choose delegates. Now I am a delegate! A complete newcomer able to yield a tiny bit of power. Not only I, but numerous pro Trump non elitists are becoming delegates this session so some TRUMP Travis flavor will be filling those Convention halls. I just hope enough of the 1400 voting GOP delegates do not drink the bitter kool-aide of exclusion, elitism and collusion to shut Travis out again!

    Blogger’s Note: We can agree to disagree on John Cox… but thank you for your passion and comment.

  2. I agree mostly with Stephanie’s comments. However, I’ve written Travis Allen and asked if he’s still standing behind his “Recall Travis Newsom” Petition. I see it as a total waste of time and money. And, even though I supported Travis Allen in the Primaries, I wonder about this action on his part. Is this the best he can do? Is it just grandstanding and he has no intention of following through? I hope so, but in the meantime I’d like to know his stance on this. Do you know?

  3. Stephanie, Travis Allen is NOT grandstanding. According to california law, you have to wait 90 days before officially recalling someone. He just got the ball rolling and as stated in
    His platform for CAGOP Chairman, Travis has said we need to hold elected officials accountable for their mismanagement—-this is one way to do it when the
    Elected officials disregard the public voice. Travis’ platform has also called for : outreach to minority groups so all Californians can benefit from GOP policies, voter registration on a massive scale AND legal action against illegal voting activities. Travis is a visionary NOT a flake. If he says it is going to happen it will. I too was in the governors campaign rooting for him. But we have another shot now. Just watch.

  4. Agree that the benefit of a Travis Allen running the party is the ability to utilize the grassroots. This is needed not only in the age of ballot harvesting but also for any recall or petition initiatives. Travis alone is the one who can hold Newsom accountable, just ask Willie Brown! As Shawn Steel states, we need an “insurgency”- a revolution to counter the Socialist-Democrat agenda. Patterson simply does not have that experience, spark, or following beyond her bureaucratic leveraging. If we allow these Never-Trumpers to take control of our party, all enthusiasm will be gone and our demise will continue. We just got blown out, who would think this is “business as usual” with calm casual management style versus the energy and motivation to inspire all demographics and ages that Travis strongly brings to the party.

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