Nov 182018

Please Note – I have endorsed Travis Allen for CAGOP Chairman, and will be authoring a series of posts about the CAGOP Chairman’s race in an attempt to inform my readers and CAGOP Delegates of the machinations of a Chairman’s Race.

In the aftermath of an electoral bloodbath, the dust is settling for the CA GOP and now new Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is looking to consolidate a base within his home State of California.

There is a term I have used to describe what is happening within the CAGOP – “Controlled Failure”. Who cares what happens, as long as we are in control. Welcome to an expose’ of two members of the shrinking oligarchy of Controlled Failure.

First – let me drop some knowledge on you related to Steve Frank, the elder statesman candidate who emailed me:

Just one correction in your blog.  I have NOT been involved in politics since 1968.  I started walking precincts for Nixon in 1960.  Was on the Nixon for Governors speakers bureau in 1962, was an office manager for Goldwater in 1964 and a regional Youth Chair for Reagan for Governor in 1966.  Del Becarro introduces me by the following, “Steve Frank has been around since before the Beatles….pause..the life form, not the singing group.”
I have been going to CRP conventions since July, 1966.
He did not correct me when I wrote that he is 74 years old. He was 58 in 2002 when I met him while he was working for Bill Simon. I think I remembered that correctly.
I was born in 1971, which means Steve Frank walked precincts for Nixon before your intrepid blogger, Andy Vidak, Jeff Denham, Travis Allen and Mimi Walters were born. This underscores the future versus past comments about Mr. Frank.
Your Intrepid Blogger was informed today that it looks like Former Congresswoman Mimi Walters is looking at some sort of post Congress career and not the CAGOP Chair. I was also made aware within the last 24 Hours that Jeff Denham is being talked about. Denham is also a former Congressman. Both lost re-election in 2018. This effort makes it clear that David Hadley, the current Vice-Chairman of the CAGOP has been unable to get off the ground for his Chairman’s Campaign.
Why were/are Mimi Walters and Jeff Denham being promoted as replacements for Hadley? Luis Buhler and Kevin McCarthy. Why not endorse Andy Vidak?
I was forwarded a “Draft Mimi Walters” email that had very familiar verbiage and sentence construction. I have a 95% level of confidence it was Luis Buhler. Buhler is a liberal Republican overlord. He was the top adviser to GOP Billionaire Donor Charles Munger. Buhler has few real friends within the CAGOP structure as most people simply tolerate him and loathe the power he gained due to Mr. Munger’s largess. This is the conclusion I have drawn from conversations with multiple people of all ideological stripes on condition of confidentiality.
Buhler and McCarthy are also reputed to be close. Top establishment GOP operatives like Jessica Patterson and David Stafford Reade are also close to both Buhler and McCarthy. There is nothing wrong with that and I am not alleging wrongdoing. What I am saying is that the operatives are used to earning some money doing the bidding of “GOP Leadership” at every convention and were set to do so working for David Hadley. Now they need a new client, and apparently, Andy Vidak ain’t it.
Buhler needs to retrench now that liberal Republican hero Catherine Baker has been unseated (I guess being a Northeastern style liberal Republican did not help, did it?) and Mr. Munger is withdrawing to other ventures. Cross-sect that with Kevin McCarthy who would have been Speaker of the House had the electoral drubbing of the House GOP Caucus not occurred in 2018. McCarthy is trying to control his surroundings and Buhler needs a new nexus of influence.
With Buhler writing Draft “Congressman X” emails, the dots are connected.
Also consider that my guy, Travis Allen will never be supported by Kevin McCarthy, Luis Buhler or their operatives. (Despite Mr. Allen having received a check or two from Mr. Munger)
Also consider that Kevin McCarthy despises Andy Vidak. Vidak endorsed a DA Candidate in Kern County that was running against the McCarthy Machine. It had also been put to me for several years that Vidak did not get along will with McCarthy’s crew in that area. McCarthy is alleged to have interfered with efforts to try and help save Vidak from the 2018 onslaught that unseated him.
Connie Conway? Team McCarthy has wanted to burn her house down for years. Worse, she is from Tulare County, which may as well be Mars in their eyes.
Now you get why Buhler and McCarthy have been attempting to “Draft Congressman X”. McCarthy is even alleged to have interfered and torpedoed efforts by high-profile wealthy Republicans to run for US Senate and/or Governor for fear he would be overshadowed by them. John Cox was not within that orbit and eventually McCarthy threw in because Cox making the runoff was thought to have been a boost for vulnerable Congressional Delegation Members.
Further, so you understand the stakes – when Buhler was at the zenith of his influence and the entire GOP Caucus was afraid of Munger dropping a gigantic independent expenditure against them (Remember, he spent $2MM attacking Rico Oller and $3MM attacking Prop 8 Author Andy Pugno at the behest of Buhler) – Buhler took aggressive action against several conservatives.
Buhler made it clear that merely talking to Jon Fleischman, Mike Schroeder and others would put you on the outs. Buhler is also alleged to have threatened people related to your intrepid blogger even going so far as to demand people disown me or else face retaliation. It is this web of control that should give everyone pause regardless of weather you like my guy Travis Allen or not.
Andy Vidak should have been a lights-out choice for the establishment, but they are trying to find another candidate with David Hadley being mortally wounded politically by the entry of Andy Vidak in to the Chairman’s Race.
In a world that has most rational GOP Activists looking for answers as to why we got slaughtered at the ballot box in 2018 – read this post through as many times as necessary. Then ask yourself why any sane people would be trying to control the results of upcoming CAGOP officer elections. Ask yourself who has been in control the last 10 years or longer within the CAGOP? Then ask yourself what results have they gotten? How have they behaved? Why do they deserve to stay in charge of the CAGOP?
My blog has gotten nearly 2.2 Million hits in 2018, that has been my protection from people like Luis Buhler. Your protection from people like him is to reject the backroom deals and the candidates churned out by the shrinking oligarchy of Controlled Failure that has been the CAGOP for years.
Travis Allen for CAGOP Chairman, break the chains of control. No more Controlled Failure.

  5 Responses to “CAGOP Chairman’s Race Update: Luis Buhler and Kevin McCarthy Scrambling to Find Their Own Candidate”

  1. We will have a new chair in 2019….It will not be Travis Allen. I am supporting Steve Frank but ‘Team Munger’ controls a lot of current delegates…however there will be a somewhat new delegate mix in 2019 with new appointments. I don’t know whom ‘Team Munger’ will throw support to. But the conservatives I know will be supporting Frank. I just had a meeting with one this AM who also will be appointing 5 new delegates.

  2. Wow. Republicans just love staying irrelevant don’t they? You need new blood in your party! Stop putting in the same people! Sad. Travis Allen all the way or watch more middle class leave your state while you rest on your “laurels”.

  3. Aaron you know the Web here. Luis is brother of Roman who use to work for Congressman Thompson (Day job was house oversight council, night job was political hack for Thompson and the Abernathys – Thompson’s COS/Consultant). McCarthy was a staffer for Thompson and took his seat in Congrees with Thompson retired with Abernathy help. Is there a link between McCarthy and Buhler????? Welll…daaaaah….LOL ( and you can throw your new buddy Ose in with that group)

  4. And your info may not be correct. I am hearing that Denham is going back to his families firm. Word on Walters is she going after a different career path.

  5. I don’t like R I N O S I will vote for people that will support President Trump.

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