Sep 272018

Now that we’ve learned that Gas Tax Karen Speigel loves her some Vehicle License Fee Hikes, Gas Tax Hikes, State Money, Closing Down Local Businesses, and High Speed Rail… you’d be shocked to learn she does not like doing paperwork.

Gas Tax Karen is a bookeeper by trade. This makes these two incidents even more curious in the grand scheme of things.

She was fined five times by the Fair Political Practices Commission for failing to do her paperwork properly. While the fine was $500 total, it could have been far worse.

Apparently, she did not report her husband’s source of income correctly. Whoops. Was this done to conceal the fact that he runs the local Chamber of Commerce?

While an administrative fine may not be a big deal by itself, when combined with other actions, it does indeed matter. It is part of a long-term pattern of her conduct suggesting that the rules are for everyone else, not her.

In addition, Spiegel got a lien for an equally small amount. $334. Why? She didn’t pay her bills.

The lien may still be active for all I know.

The issue here is that with Riverside County in serious financial condition despite the uptick in the economy, we need someone who is consistent.

When Eric Linder was in the Assembly, he had consistent marks from taxpayer groups.

Gas Tax Karen Spiegel supported the Gas Tax Hike, stuck her hand out for the money from the tax hike, supported High Speed Rail and has a pattern of personal irresponsibility.

On fiscal issues, it sure looks like Karen Spiegel is missing in action. If I had a vote in this race, I’d take Eric Linder.


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  4 Responses to “Gas Tax Karen Spiegel Update – Paperwork, I don’t need no stinking paperwork! Fines and Liens…”

  1. Gas Tax Karen don’t pay her bills, fails to report income, and she thinks she can work for a County with over 2 million residents? All she will do is run the county into the ground. We don’t want Gas Tax Karen in the glass palace in downtown Riverside, her place is a mobile home, and Keren Spiegel skipping out on her bills only proves she resides in a double wide.

  2. If Karen Spiegel gets the seat on the BOS, the first person she will help is herself, BUT, the second person she will help out is Aaron ”Brady material” Kent, and we don’t want that, so vote no on Karen Spiegel.

  3. Do NOT vote for Spiegel, she is just another politician who doesn’t do the right thing. She narrowly missed being recalled from the city of Corona and does NOT deserve a seat on the BOS.

  4. No nee taxes! A vote for Karen is a vote for more taxes. It is as simple as that!

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