Jun 102018

A lot of the best opposition research on Gavin Newsom centers about his drinking and out of control behavior as Mayor of San Francisco.

Now, Newsom, aided by others is seeking to re-write history.

A recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle reveals some nuggets that should bother anyone.

Gavin Newsom says alcohol isn’t a problem anymore: ‘A little wine’ is fine.

This tells me two things. 1. Gavin Newsom never worked a real program and 2. The whole rehab thing was a pity-gathering endeavor to try and ameliorate the fallout from he behavior as Mayor. This included a fling with a 19 year old (he was 39, think Roy Moore here), betraying his campaign manager by sleeping with his wife and showing up drunk to events.

Normal drinkers don’t show up drunk to events.

Now, aided and abetted by moral relativist people in the therapy business the spin is that somehow an alcoholic can become a normal drinker again. That is priceless. If this garbage was true, then why work a 12 step program, or go to meetings? If this was true 30-90 day inpatient programs would have a much higher success rate. But some of these same progressive “therapists” are also saying pedophiles can be rehabilitated as well.

It appears that this article by Newsom’s buddies in the SF Chronicle was an attempt to get out ahead of what they know is coming.

As someone who is 15+ years sober and who knows quite a few others in sobriety, no one I know believes that once you’ve crossed the line that you can go back over it.

It is clear when you start reading the article that Newsom is trying to re-write the narrative claiming he never went to “Rehab”. It is kind of like arguing the definition of Is.

This nuance is disturbing, and when you get to the end of the article and see the political spin about “second-chances” for criminals (think P47 and P57) you know 100% there is no repentance or remorse for his behavior despite the article’s inclusion of quotes about being a “better man”.

It is the opinion of this Sober Alcoholic that Gavin Newsom is a ticking time bond on a personal level. He is no business drinking at all and worse appears to be unrepentant about his behavior.

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  1. Agreed Aaron. As we both know, once you “leave”, you can never go back because if you do, you pick up right where you left off.

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