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In Part 1, we detailed a variety of liens and lawsuits related to the “Conservative” Johnny Tacherra. We also began to take a look at a darker, more disturbing pattern of the man that emerged in the 2014 run for Congress. Why was Johnny Tacherra sitting in a Tower District Bar (Livingstone’s, which has since closed) drunk and chasing women at noon in the middle of a Congressional Campaign?

It was not isolated, a Staffer for a legislator indicated that he happened upon Johnny Tacherra in a well-known Clovis Mexican Restaurant in the middle of the day in the same 2014 time period again, intoxicated and flirting with women that he was not married to.

Instead of Campaigning, he was at spots outside the district getting drunk chasing skirts. Tacherra lost by 1,314 votes in 2014. Imagine the difference had he been campaigning, or perhaps it was best for us all that he lost.

Now, what I saw at the early 2015 CAGOP Convention was not an isolated incident. It was part of a pattern.

When you are not a grounded individual, you begin to believe that you are entitled to do what you want. Witness this snippet from a 2016 article leading up to his third failed Congressional Campaign in 2016:

Several months ago, [Tacherra] said he had a short conversation with Rogers about clearing the way for a Costa rematch, which Tacherra felt he deserved after losing in 2014 by just 1,334 votes – or 1.4 percentage points. That obviously hasn’t happened. “I don’t get it, ”Tacherra said. “Since the last election we’ve never let up. It’s always been about Jim. ”Rogers said that kind of “entitlement attitude” from Tacherra shows why he’s the wrong person for the job. “That’s what’s wrong in Washington, ”Rogers said. “This idea that a position belongs to him. ”

The conversations I had with informants were so specific, detailed, graphic and disturbing that it is highly likely the accounts are all 100% true.

As I was beginning to finish this blog, more information came in like a firehose:

In 2013, following the successful completing of the Vidak Campaign – Tacherra was out to dinner with a couple guys (also confidential informants) at the Roadhouse Grill in Kingsburg. They left the bar to go to a party spot where they started cracking open beers. Tacherra, already intoxicated, was behaving in a bizarre manner. This included following a female who was part of the group to an outhouse, attempting to open it after she was in it and then circling it several times while she was in it. By itself, this story would seem bizarre – but when coupled with the stories above and the stories of a former campaign staffer (still owed at least $3,000), it goes from Bizarre to sexual deviance.

It was indicated to me that this staffer would meet Johnny at Bella Luna Bistro or Destino’s (the current name of that establishment) in downtown Merced to begin their campaign day. The staffer recollected several instances where the conversations turned graphic once Johnny started drinking (often before noon). The stuff related to me was quite extreme and such that it was impossible that the now senior citizen confidential informant could not be making it up. One extremely graphic and disturbing example was Johnny bragging to this staffer that he flips women over during sex and goes for anal while they are screaming in pain.

Conservative Christian?

The staffer ultimately quit (and still has not been paid the last $3K due) when Tacherra asked for oral sex. (Exact words was a Blow Job)

The staffer indicated that Tacherra would be intoxicated by mid day many days on the campaign trail and recollected a campaign event and other events at the Wool Growers Restaurant – a well known Basque Restaurant in Los Banos (I’ve even been there when I used to live in Fresno) – where his intoxication and graphic sexual conversations involved participants in the events. Instead of schmoozing potential donors, Tacherra was spending his time lining up new prospects for horizontal refreshment. Again, imagining a sober candidate that 1314 vote margin could have easily been erased.

The information given me by the informant was very specific and indicated that Tacherra paid for new tires on his car, Auto Insurance and School Pictures for his children with campaign funds. If proven, this could get Tacherra prosecuted. The informant also indicated that Tacherra used money out of his family business for his campaign, it is possible that the loans referenced in several news articles are one and the same as that money. It is also possible that it is not – in which case, that could be another FEC violation. These claims are clearly believable given that Tacherra has been liened, sued for not paying, and shows debts and delinquencies all over the place.

Were he to make the runoff with the Democrat in SD12, that State Senate Seat would be lost forever. Johnny Tacherra needs to go somewhere far, far away from office or the spotlight. He has gone from accidental candidate to a complete nightmare.

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