Apr 172018

Update: According to inside sources, one of Penny Newman’s canvassers involved in this incident was on “PRCS” Supervision, the highest level of supervision available for an AB109 Felon released from Prison. This fact seems to have escaped Newman in her hysterical anti-cop rant. Why is she employing felons on her campaign?

Dear Penny – my name is Aaron F Park. I’ve worked on campaigns for 21 years.

That is me on the left at the October 2017 CAGOP Convention. The Hat is from the California Impact Republicans and I am wearing a Sticker for John Cox for Govenor (a Paid advertiser on this website). Hopefully, this does not trigger you, but I am afraid it does.

Allow me to share a few things with you from my background (other than being a stereotypical “Old White Guy Republican) since you seem to be fixated on race.

I’ve walked Precincts in over 50 cities, in two States. It might be close to 100 cities by now. Once I hit age 40, I stopped counting. I’m white as a sheet. I’ve been talked to by police and harassed by residents multiple times. I’ve been physically assaulted twice while canvassing. It comes with the territory.

One time while driving down the street – some college kids tried to run me off the road and were flipping me off and yelling at me because I had a Tom McClintock sticker on my Mustang.

This is why when I got a copy of your whiny letter about some of your canvassers, I did a double take for the real motive. Usually when people cry racism and run to their willing whores in the local media trying to get sympathy coverage to gain political advantage it is because they are feeling a loss of control about their campaign.

Let’s have a look at your “Letter” to the Corona Police Chief.

I am very concerned for the safety of our canvassers and how your department interacted with them. It was stated to them by your officer that the police were called on them because they did not look like they belonged in the area. This can only be interpreted as ‘2 black men looked out of place in this predominantly white neighborhood’. That is in itself  problematic. Corona is better than this.

Ummm… Penny, I’ve had the same thing said to me in Granite Bay, Roseville (the same city I live in), El Dorado Hills, Vacaville and Modesto. Secondly, your comment ads intent where there is none demonstrated.

You see, someone called the cops on the Canvassers and it turned out one of them had a misdemeanor warrant (meaning he was wanted), which is a common and legitimate reason to make an arrest. Another is described above.

We continue with the whiny screed from Penny:

Our canvassers had election material on them  and were working with mobile phone software that was very clearly specific to electioneering. The officer at that point did not need to continue to harrass, frisk, and then further detain our canvassers. Our canvassers had campaign materials with contact information to reach someone at the campaign, a simple phone call to our headquarters would have saved everyone unnecessary time, and taxpayer money, on such a trivial matter as an unpaid traffic ticket.

Upon learning what happened yesterday, my campaign attempted to contact the watch commander through local dispatch. It is now the next morning and we have had no return call. I am very concerned with how your officer handled this situation. I am also concerned for the safety of our canvassers as we cannot seem to get in touch with people in leadership positions within your department to give them a heads up that we will have canvassers out in the field.

If Penny Newman is elected supervisor, you can be guaranteed that she will advocate for lower sentences for criminals and even further expansions of Prop 47 and 57. Heck, why have traffic laws?

If Penny Newman is elected supervisor you can also rest assured in her mind the Police have nefarious intent and will be castigated until the facts are known. This is similar behavior to what leads to riots in large blue cities often times based on total and complete lies.

As she continues her ranting you can see that she spends too much time watching Jerry Springer practicing emotionally charged lines to get a reaction. I am sure that everyone in County Government can hardly wait to work with her…

I hope this letter opens a conversation that will lead to leadership in your department discussing with officers the problem of profiling individuals and how they can keep this from reoccurring. Also I am asking you to let your officers know that our racially diverse team of canvassers will be canvassing Corona for the next month or so leading up to the election. We are asking that they not be profiled or harassed any further by our Police Officers.

Got all that? This is where Penny Newman’s contempt for the police shows. She liberally throws out hyperbole including profiling and harassment like these are words she uses in her regular life. These are powerful words and used to have meaning until the American Left started using them to try and gain political advantage. This sort of behavior is not the kind of behavior of a confident candidate – rather it is a near hysterical reaction to normal police work in order to try and gain sympathy votes. (aka pandering to the lowest common denominator)

Having been “harassed” and “profiled” by police and residents of neighborhoods I’ve been canvassing in, I recognize this incident as something that happens commonly. Please don’t give me the “White Privelege” crap as I’ve had the cops called on me by Mexicans, Asians and White residents of neighborhoods I was in.

This sort of nearly unhinged rant laced with anti law-enforcement overtones is not what Riverside County Needs. Should Penny Newman somehow qualify for the runoff, I may take an interest in eviscerating her as she appears completely unfit to serve.

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