Oct 092017

Everyone is looking for reasons why the CAGOP is losing market share. There are a ton of them beyond the recent foibles of the legislature to look at.

Riverside County, once a county with 44% GOP Registration is now plurality democrat. In a search for answers beyond Chad Mayes, I went looking through the ranks of GOP leaders in Riverside County, and stumbled upon one of Riverside’s most “beloved” Republican Officeholders – Stan Sniff.

On the surface, Sniff looks like the prototypical GOP Sheriff. Once you take a closer look, you will agree with me that Stan Sniff needs to be retired.

I am told by GOP friends in Riverside County that Sniff is popular. I’d contest that for a variety of reasons, but there is one group Sniff is indeed popular with, the ACLU. The ACLU loved Sniff’s ieda of scapegoating the Riverside Sheriff’s Deputies with an extreme plan of implementation for body cameras. It appears that our Sheriff turned politician was trying to score points with social justice warriors.

Perhaps this desire to reinvent himself as a social justice warrior informs us as to why Sniff endorses democrats and tax increases in Riverside County, yet I am told he is popular. I will bet that Chad Mayes believed in his own popularity in Riverside County as well before he collided face-first with the reality of the desires of his constituents. I believe that once informed, the voters of Riverside County will help Stan Sniff have a similar collision.

It is my goal to inform as many people as possible about Stan Sniff based on the facts about a variety of issues as my investigation is turning up a non-stop cavalcade of disaster.

You can not simply declare war on your men and expect no consequences. For those of you on the right fixated on the “Sheriff’s Union”, allow me to give you a concrete, real world example – my Mother served 6 years on the local High School Board before resigning to move to Nevada. She is probably to the right of me, yet was proudly endorsed by the teacher’s union without compromising who she was. She was involved in a long contract negotiation where the Union got a fraction of what they wanted, but everyone left friends and on amicable terms. This is what leaders do, they tell people the way things are without insulting them or turning them in to permanent enemies.

Sniff apparently missed the memo on how to negotiate. He also appears to have cared more about his own office and massive compensation package ($330K+ a year in total stuff) then attempting to focus on staffing levels, trying to eliminate furloughs or resolve long term contracting issues.

Stan Sniff could have done a variety of things to try to mitigate some of the effects of the democrats obsession with undermining criminal penalties and incarceration, he did not.

It appeared instead that the Sheriff was content to refuse to cooperate with ICE, overseeing releases of hardened criminals by the thousands in excess of the already mandated releases, slow rolled the opening and staffing of the new jail, spending money on a variety of things not related to incarceration or enforcement of the law and of course a pathetically slow number of CCW permits being issued while Crime has been escalating by double digits in recent years.

Stan Sniff has not faced a sustained, funded and serious challenge to his failed leadership. Perhaps in 2014, he had a stronger platform to run on. 2018 is not 2014. Incumbents are on the line and the unwashed masses are awake and understand their government has failed them. Stan Sniff is about to experience this dynamic full force.

  4 Responses to “Welcome to the World of Stan Sniff, Riverside County Sheriff”

  1. All of this is true. There is a reason deputies are leaving in large numbers. Sniff blames it on “normal attrition” when speaking to the media but he is just polishing a turd. The exodus is because of the pitiful morale Department wide. With every Deputy that leaves, so does the taxpayer money spent training him/her. It is time for him to retire.

  2. Stan Sniff is the most qualified leader for the department. He doesn’t cave in to the union or the board of supervisors. He fights for funding and spends it judiciously where he should. If you can’t handle the way he runs things then you should leave. It was at his request that I resigned. He had good reason. I respect him because he always does what he feels what the people elected him to do. He is a good disciplined man.

  3. Sherriff sniff is the public administrator as well, did not follow government mandates of the unattended death and not seeing a Doctor. Did not do mandantory investagation and allowed a invasion of our families home theft of identity theft acured and submitted in the federal system for liquidations, along with but not limited to not taking the body to the medical examiner or hosptial, yet allowed a third body to destroy the evidence of a possible homicide and concealment of the death along with but not limited to Not notifing next of kin, after submitting these facts and these facts on paper the sherriff admitted to not notifing next of kin then stated through Profession standard beauro to sue, which would mean to sue a elected official which you can not do and stated to sue the tax payers for the elected official stepping way outside the priementer of law along with caused victumizing of the family along with civil rights violation of abuse and adversary of the family member presenting the problems, actions of invasion, concealment of a death, possible concealment of a homicde. desercrating our love one along with the savagery actions of what happened at the death sence. When a law enforcement can not seperate the duty and the monoply of proscution then helps these inflictions of crime and victumizing then the government is responsable. NOT THE PEOPLE MONEY. , for this sitution has corrupted itself and shall be presented to all for the knowledge of these corruptions and afflictions. to the government bodies which is in process. Sorry for the miss spelling.

  4. And if you are Trump agenda people as this paper says it will be around the corner for the DOJ in Washington to be alerted to these actions in riverside and concealments, in Sheriff Sniff office this is about being a Americian with intergerity and accountablity not doing the simplest part of your job, then use the tax payers money, for suit and continue the process of legal rackerterring. Sorry for not correcting the spelling you get the jest.

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