Aug 062017

As the lynch mobs have been burning the countryside in search of #CAPANDTRAITORS, your intrepid blogger is weighing in to provide some information:

My own Assemblymember, Kevin Kiley (AD06) said the following in an email:

Hi Aaron,
Thanks for the message. I was a firm no, and everyone was well aware of that. I’ve spoken against it strongly in all of my public remarks in recent weeks, such as yesterday’s Rocklin Chamber GRC breakfast and last week’s town hall.
I replied thanking him for responding so quickly and the email addresses I had for him and his Chief of Staff now appear disabled. I think that means he shut down the gmail accounts he was using for his campaign. Hopefully, I will still be able to reach him for comment in the future. As of the writing of this post, Kevin Kiley has yet to make a vote I disagree with. At the time of the writing of this post, I am leaning heavily toward early-endorsing Mr. Kiley.
Frank Bigelow (AD05): See the embedded screenshot of him liking a tweet by democrat Phil Ting extolling the virtues of the Cap and Trade agreement. He also retweeted Henry T Perea’s tweet of the SacBee Article. It appears a safe conclusion that Mr. Bigelow was a yes vote and voted no in order to avoid a lynch mob in his own district.
Brian Dahle (AD01): When I spoke to Marc Steinorth (AD40), who was a yes vote, he indicated to me that Dahle was supportive of his decision. I later spoke to Dahle’s Chief of Staff who indicated Dahle was never a yes and was adamantly opposed.
Jay Obernolte (AD33): He was the Republican lead on negotiating with the democrats on the Cap and Trade Deal. He had told several colleagues that he was close to voting yes on the deal and then decided to go hard no after the governor reneged on several promises and deal points. The other yes votes should have done what Jay did, talk then bail after good faith was decimated.
Dante Acosta (AD38): His chief of staff was on facebook throwing written barbs at opponents of Cap and Trade. He was mocking and ridiculing them, this is an indicator that he likely advised Acosta to vote yes. Update: He contacted me to correct the record that he advised his boss to vote no, and that Mr. Acosta was always opposed.
Philip Chen (AD55): I spoke to him. He was never a yes and voted “Hell No” on the bill.
James Gallagher (AD03): He was never a yes vote, despite being close to Chad Mayes and a likely vote to re-affirm Mayes as minority leader.
Marie Waldron (AD75): Again, a hard right no vote, yet is a supporter of Chad Mayes to retain his leadership of the caucus.
I’ve heard various things about Tom Lackey (AD36) but have been told by a member of the legislature that he was furious that the bill was pushed over the line by Mr. Mayes and crew. That is a pretty emphatic statement that Mr. Lackey was opposed. Note – Lackey is considered vulnerable and targeted. Unlike Marc Steinorth and Jordan Cunningham (AD35), he did not roll over on this, undermining a defense of Mr Cunningham and Steinorth. (They voted for this because they are in swing districts)
We will update as more information becomes available.

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  1. Another assembly member contacted me. The Assembly member may call you shortly.

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