Aug 092017

Today, I received a notification that Chad Mayes had Melissa Melendez stripped of her committee assignments and moved her to the Beth Gaines office. (Known as the Dog house – a tiny 300 square foot office in the corner of the 5th floor of the legislature building)

Gaines held this office for an extended period until various and sundry legislators earned the wrath of leadership. Now, Melissa Melendez is in the doghouse for heresy. Note that Vince Fong and Jay Obernolte have also challenged Chad Mayes, but it is Melendez who is getting singled out. Is it because Chad Mayes has issues with women he can’t sleep with? Or is this an out of control ego episode from someone experiencing the devastating loss of control similar to March of 1945?

That said, it has come to my attention that my post (on this blog that no one reads, but everyone seems to react to) about David Stafford Reade leading the Chad must resign charge in Yolo County the other night has drawn a reaction. Mr. Reade has been telling insiders that Mayes and his entire staff need to go. (Note: I had written that Reade made the motion, that is inaccurate, it was Rob Olsen that made the motion in Yolo)

Does this mean that David Stafford Reade wants Joe Justin’s Job? Were Reade to get some sort of Assembly Caucus senior staff job, he’d be a king-maker and get $160-$175K a year salary versus the roughly $110k he is making now.

David Stafford Reade, like Steve Frank, ran for Assembly in 1996. Reade got hammered for having 3 DUI’s and was defeated by Sam Aanestad. Similar to Steve Frank, it appears that Mr. Reade has never recovered from that campaign. As I have documented on this blog, Reade has had a pattern of years of abusive behavior and ethical issues. However, Reade is a top lieutenant of “Republican Leadership” and would have the connections and be familiar to the power brokers fearful of real change in leadership.

While I rail on Reade, he is an ideological Conservative. In that regard he’d be an improvement over the young inexperienced staff brought in after the Kristen Olsen purge.

And, to be clear, Reade is doing nothing wrong by earning tens of thousands of consulting fees from PAC’s and Republican Leadership. Reade needs to focus on trying to build the Republican Party, but prefers to try to get even with your intrepid blogger by threatening people directly or bullying people through proxies or attempting to meet out retribution on anyone else that he deems to have crossed him. When your political life is characterized by a string of people in multiple counties that you’ve bullied, threatened, tried to destroy and the like, your effectiveness as a leader is diminished.

Mr. Frank on the other hand, languishes in irrelevance after a failed attempt to monetize the Tea Party. Having suffered a recent heart attack, he has spent his recovery from his health issues trying to settle personal scores rather than trying to rally Conservatives to oust Chad Mayes.

It is people like Reade and Frank that make me despair that the CA GOP is salvageable.

CA GOP Chairman Jim Brulte on the other hand has a five star mess that he could extricate himself from quickly. I will go on the record as saying I have investigated his consulting firm and his role in it and it is my belief that he has no conflict of interest. I do believe that Mr. Brulte should be much more demonstrative in his treatment of Chad Mayes and Kristen Olsen with regard to helping remove them both from positions of influence, and by not doing so he is creating the appearance that he supports what they have done.

While the Chairman has told me emphatically that he is not calling on Jay Obernolte’s behalf, I spoke to a legislator today and a legislative staffer today that indicated he has. I will be having follow up conversations with them both where I will request a three way call with the Chairman so we can hash out what is happening. This is creating an appearance that Mr. Brulte is trying to control an outcome, which then leads to speculation and questions about motives.

The main injustice here is that it is even a debate about weather Chad Mayes will survive the leadership vote on 8/22. I’m being told that he just might, and the King Jong Un move of throwing Melissa Melendez in the Dog House bears that out. The number of fake no votes on Cap and Trade also suggest that the Jay Obernolte (or anyone else) leadership drill may not succeed.

If Chad Mayes’ lack of personal integrity and his ego are so completely unbalanced that he stays in office, let alone leadership, after 8/22 he should be moved to the Dog House.

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